Global politics in 2021: what to expect from the coming year

Let's summarize the brief results of the year (only the most important events) and make a small forecast for 2021. In this article, we will consider only the external behind-the-scenes - the elections in America, the arrival of Biden, how it will threaten us and what legacy Trump left him. We will also assess the global risks facing humanity, in particular, we will figure out what the covid is facing, where it came from and who is behind it. From which it will become clear whether you will wear masks in 2021 or not.

Global politics and what does Covid-19 have to do with it

We'll have to start with the global policybecause it affects everything. The world has plunged into the greatest recession in recent years, and we are now only seeing the beginning. Many people consider the sudden outbreak of a pandemic as a universal evil that must be experienced, not realizing that it is just a consequence of this recession and in this way the world is trying to get out of it, tightening the screws and lowering the standard of living for the snickering part of the population (I mean the same golden billion). Previously, such crises were resolved with the help of world wars, but now this option is not possible for obvious reasons. The enraged world has nowhere to expand and it is forced to devour itself, starting with the weakest.

Believe me, if Russia did not have a decent weapon, they would be happy to start with us. By the word "they" I mean the last world hegemon, who resists with all his might to maintain this status. He has already imposed sanctions on the Russian Federation from all sides, trying to kill us (and even well-fed Europe, it is next in line) economically, but the nut has turned out to be too tough for him.

Notice how the world is degrading. And I'm not even talking about the dominance of LGBT people, legalization of soft drugs, parents # 1 and # 2, harassment, transgender people, and so on. transvestites. I'm talking about the end of the scientific and technological revolution era. Technological progress has stopped. The last major discoveries date back to the 70s of the last century. And it is on this element base that all your newfangled gadgets, smartphones and so on are built. devices, the slaves of which you have become imperceptibly for yourself. Where are the new steam engines, self-propelled carriages, internal combustion engines, airplanes, cinematographs, television and light bulbs, finally? Of the latest technological breakthroughs, I can only recall the electric car, but oil-oriented market players (and we, by the way, are one of them) are trying to "strangle" it. Otherwise, the Internet has become a replacement for everything. You were digitized and enslaved unnoticed by yourself, and you did not even notice it. You live on Facebook and Instagram, and in the event of a fire, you will be the first to take out your smartphone from the fire, and only then remember that you forgot your child and cat there. You will soon switch to digital currencies and the process of your digitalization will end, you will become completely controlled by those in power.

The world is rolling into the abyss and you are with it. He has nowhere to expand, all places on the planet are already taken, all zones of influence are divided, he can no longer maintain the standard of living you are used to, so he is faced with the task of reducing your consumption level. The pandemic is the first step towards this. In 2021, it will not end, but will only mutate. There are too many extra eaters in the world, there is not enough work for everyone (especially in the conditions of robotization and automation), and they are all used to eating from the belly. It is impossible to feed everyone, so the task is to lighten the load on the soil (and the budget) due to the natural decline of the population (especially of retirement age) and reducing the level of consumption of those who remain by driving them into a digital stall. If a wolf is a forest orderly, then a kovid is a budget orderly (especially a pension one). It's nothing personal, it's just business.

The world has passed the era of modernity and is entering postmodernity, i.e. from capitalism-socialism is rolling back into feudal society. Have you seen the movie "Back to the Future"? Now you will take part in the filming of the series "Back to the Past." Nobody is going to ask your consent or disagreement. Only totalitarian regimes (communist and fascist, the latter in the good sense of the word, if any) can refrain from sinking into a feudal, and for some even a slave-owning society. China will survive. Russia ... About her next time.

Lame hegemon. Biden

America is the source of all our and not our problems, so let's start with her. With the arrival of the new 46th Democratic President, the "haplyk", as many here hoped, did not come to her, so this same "haplyk" Biden will try to arrange for us. And for this he has everything. With the end of the 2020 election campaign before the 2022 midterm congressional elections, he has complete carte blanche. Donkeys control both chambers of parliament. In the lower House of Representatives, according to the results of the last election campaign, they managed to maintain an advantage, however, only five votes, but, nevertheless, the House is behind them. And in the upper house (in the Senate) they reached parity in the number of votes with the Republicans - 50 "donkeys" against 50 "elephants", in this situation the decisive 101st vote becomes the vote of the vice president, and he, or rather she, "donkey "(That is," donkey ").

In this situation, I do not expect anything good from Biden in 2021. He will continue to tighten the screws, increasing sanctions pressure on Russia on all fronts. Only very naive comrades can expect from him a thaw in relations. At best, he will prolong the START III Treaty, which expires on February 5, 2021, and may still return to the Open Skies Treaty (OON), from which Trump withdrew in November 2020. But the latter is unlikely. Rather, the United States will return to the nuclear deal on Iran - the so-called. The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (Treaty on the Iranian Nuclear Program), from which they withdrew on May 8, 2018 through Trump's efforts. This is where the positive for us ends. For the rest, I only expect a deterioration in relations, which are already at the level of the baseboard. I do not exclude the aggravation of conflicts in the immediate underbelly of the Russian Federation, for example, in Transnistria. Moreover, the United States will fight, as always, by the hands of others. We need to be ready for this.

Collapsed empire. Trump. Outcome

In principle, I am satisfied with the results of Trump's work, he justified all our hopes. Unlike all previous US presidents, his words did not disagree with the deeds that he promised, then he tried to implement. Fortunately for us, the 45th President of America, whom we "helped" her to choose 4 years ago, turned out to be a complete isolationist, completely devoid of imperial thinking. And imperial thinking dictates to all who profess it, the need to achieve maximum results.

An empire, and therefore an empire, because it cannot afford to lose, even in small matters. The outcome of any conflict that she enters into is possible for her only "with a shield." Because in the opposite case of leaving it - "on the shield" or retreat, there is a real threat to get a "domino effect". Because, if an empire retreats, it very often turns into flight for it, followed by inevitable collapse and inevitable fragmentation.

You can give more than one example from ancient history, but the most revealing one, which most of you still remember, was the collapse of the USSR after its withdrawal from Afghanistan in 1989. It is clear that there were many factors, but it was this brick that became the last, after which the empire collapsed. Whether in 2019 the withdrawal from Syria became a benchmark for the United States, we'll see, but if we proceed from the position of the American empire, it was a rather risky step. Although Trump tried to give this defeat the appearance of success, he did not find the proper understanding even in his kingdom. All smart people understand that failure, clothed in the form of a strong-willed decision, still remains a failure, so the imperials opposing Trump tried to do everything to slow down this process. But, nevertheless, the process began, the empire cracked, moreover, from the inside and everyone saw that the king was naked, having drawn the appropriate conclusions for himself.

We will see what Biden will do, but everything suggests that in order to maintain his hegemonic status, he plans to return to the banks left by Trump. At the very least, the appointment of Brett McGark as director of the Middle East and Africa Sector at the National Security Council is suggestive. Let me remind you for those who have forgotten, this is the same McGark who, under Trump, resigned from the post of ambassador to the global coalition to combat IS in protest against the boss's order to withdraw the American contingent from the Middle East.

And if you remember that the Pentagon recently canceled Trump's order on the withdrawal of the strike aircraft carrier group from the Persian Gulf, then I can already smell a small victorious war somewhere in this region to rally the divided American society and distract it from internal problems. At least the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier CVN 68 Nimitz with escort ships and multipurpose missile submarines remains indefinitely near Iranian territorial waters, and the Pentagon is urgently transferring six B-52 strategic bombers to the American airbase on the Diego Garcia island in the Indian Ocean. Why and how Biden will dispose of this, we will see in 2021.

Sanctions, counter-sanctions, pain points and growth points. MS-21 and Northern Sea Route

Speaking of sanctions, it should be understood that they are introduced not for their own sake, but to achieve certain specific goals. If under the Republicans the United States pursued one policy towards Russia, then under the Democrats it will undoubtedly seriously change. For the "imperial" Trump, our country with its 3,2% contribution to world GDP was not of particular interest, his main efforts were focused on curbing the development of China. Nevertheless, Russian gas exports "flew in" to Europe, which represented real competition for the supply of expensive American LNG.

The result was sanctions against Nord Stream 2 and Turkish Stream. Washington also introduced restrictive measures against astronautics, nuclear energy, defense sector enterprises and the domestic civil aircraft industry, which has just begun to raise its head with the promising MC-21 medium-range airliner. Donald Trump's priorities were clear: preventive containment of any attempts by the Kremlin to revive those high-tech industries in Russia that could represent real competition for American industry. As a result, we created our own engine for the MS-21, and the export of agricultural products came in second after the export of hydrocarbons, overtaking even the arms trade in monetary terms. Thank you Comrade Trump, for the work done, more sanctions, good and different!

Under Joe Biden, things will be somewhat different. Globalists are interested not so much in returning our country to the Stone Age, but in taking it back under full control and returning it to the world system of division of labor as a peripheral raw material colony led by a leadership loyal to the States. To do this, it is necessary to put “your little man” in the Kremlin, but Vladimir Putin is not going to go anywhere, so there is an obvious conflict of interests. The situation is aggravated by personal enmity between the leaders of the American Democratic Party, which has returned to power in the United States, and the Russian president. From all that has been said, it follows that the "hellish sanctions" under Joe Biden will continue and will aim at regime change in our country. But in this matter nothing shines for them.

As nothing shines to prevent us from developing our North, the Arctic treasury, full of hidden natural resources, which our "partners" have already shown their mouths to, claiming our shelf zone. And also encroaching on the right to pilot their ships through our ice-free Northern Sea Route. Let them temper their appetites and build at least a couple of icebreakers capable of operating in these latitudes (we have 40 of them!). The answer to their claims was the strengthening of our Arctic group of forces. Welcome to visit, gentlemen of the imperialists, we have been waiting for you for a long time. I promise nothing good, funeral at the expense of the institution!

This is where I finished a small review of the current situation; we will talk about Russia's internal problems next time.
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  1. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 13 January 2021 11: 03
    Technological progress has stopped

    Scientific and Technological progress are two sides of the same coin. Scientific discoveries are pouring in from a cornucopia in physics, chemistry and biology.
    The task of the state is to create conditions for scientific discoveries to increase productive forces and naturally change production relations without delays and delays.
    Technological progress is very clearly demonstrated by the production sphere and all others, including the domestic one.

    you will become completely controlled by those in power

    Humans will become completely controllable after the creation of a chip that replaces all existing gadgets, electronic keys, passports, passes, etc., supplemented by many other functions and, most importantly, implanted in humans from birth, like cattle on advanced farms.

    the task is to reduce your consumption level. Pandemic is the first step towards this

    A decrease in consumption leads to a decrease in the income of big capital, and covid-19 has clearly spurred the so-called. “Digitalization”, profits and growing influence of IT corporations.

    In principle, I am satisfied with the results of Trump's work, he justified all our hopes

    Putting any hopes on your main strategic enemy is a sign of dementia and your own powerlessness when this enemy, in the person of Secretary of State Clinton, openly set out to “defragment” the Russian Federation on “democratic” state formations and does everything in his power to achieve the set goals, and the change of US presidents, at best, can only change the methods of achieving the goal.

    the most significant, which most of you still remember, was the collapse of the USSR after its withdrawal from Afghanistan in 1989. It is clear that there were many factors, but it was this brick that became the last, after which the empire collapsed

    The collapse of the USSR is based on the lack of understanding of the Leninist essence of Socialism as a Transitional (!) Stage with the inherent elements of two different social systems.
    This misunderstanding led to the elimination of private property, the formal socialization of production, the formation of an untouchable class and its isolation from the rank and file members of the party and the population, which could not create an upsurge in productive forces that was observed after the victory of the Great October Socialist Revolution and the years of Industrialization in the USSR, observed in the PRC from the beginning of Deng Xiaoping's reforms to the present under the leadership of the Communist Party of China and in the Russian Federation under the leadership of V.V. Putin who does not have any support from a political party with all the ensuing consequences.
    Lenin warned that defeat on the economic front was more serious and dangerous than anything else, much more serious and dangerous.

    This concludes a small review.
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 13 January 2021 14: 23
      Putting any hopes on your main strategic enemy is a sign of dementia and your own powerlessness when this enemy, in the person of Secretary of State Clinton, openly set out to “defragment” the Russian Federation on “democratic” state formations and does everything in his power to achieve the set goals, and the change of US presidents, at best, can only change the methods of achieving the goal.

      do not confuse God's gift with scrambled eggs! Trump and the out-of-mind grandma Clinton are not the same! with the arrival of cheerful Joe, you will see this difference.
      1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 21 January 2021 17: 01
        Cheerful Joseph Biden (a natural Democrat from the Jews) suffers from senile dementia and previously had problems with the brain - the tumor was operated on, therefore he is no longer able to personally do anything, that's how the talking puppet of the kahal will act in full force. For the US kagal, the kagals of the whole world will work, including the kagal of Russia, which is quite widely represented, both in the government and the higher ranks, and in the oligarchy ... ..
  2. Bakht Offline Bakht
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 13 January 2021 12: 27
    Is the withdrawal (withdrawal of troops) a sign of the collapse of the Empire? I don’t think so. In any case, the withdrawal of American troops from Vietnam did not lead to this. So you can always find the pros and cons.
    Lowering consumption is not a bad thing in principle. As Diogenes (or Socrates don't remember exactly) said while walking through the market - "How many things in the world are there that a person can do without." But the program of the second (maybe the first) economy of the world suggests otherwise. China's economic program talks about inclusive development and increasing consumption for 400 million people.
    One fact was correctly noted, but the conclusion is somewhat ambiguous.

    He already imposed sanctions on the Russian Federation from all sides, trying to kill us (and even fed Europe, it is next in line) economically

    It is more profitable for globalists to kill "well-fed Europe". What can you take from Russia or China, where the level of consumption is already low? It is necessary to rob the "well-fed". It is only from this point of view that I consider the UK's exit from the EU. In London, the precransos know who they will communicate. In addition, Russia and China have nuclear weapons. Europe has it only in theory. The states need to prevent Europe from uniting with Russia and China. This is where their main headache lies. While European officials are running the show in Brussels, the States have nothing to worry about. In any case, Russia needs to ensure the supply of energy resources to Germany directly, bypassing any transit countries. And to ensure the work of the Silk Road. This will create the basis for (economic) rapprochement between Germany, Russia and China. It is necessary to support "old Europe". And in no case should the "new Europe" develop. And then "kirdyk" will come to the Atlantists, that is, the Heartland will take over.
    1. Oleg Rambover Offline Oleg Rambover
      Oleg Rambover (Oleg Pitersky) 14 January 2021 00: 02
      Quote: Bakht
      And then "kirdyk" will come to the Atlantists, that is, the Heartland will take over.

      Sorry, but could you clarify the essence of Heartland's idea? What is the point of owning the middle ground?

      Who rules the Heartland, dominates the World Island; who rules the World Island, dominates the world

      It sounds painfully mystical, like owning the holy grail or the ark.
  3. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 13 January 2021 23: 21
    It is confusingly written. And what for the author new locomotives, airplanes and electric bulbs?
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 14 January 2021 10: 55
      do you still ride horses? I sympathize...