Syrian media spoke about the unusual activity of the Russian Aerospace Forces

Russian aerospace forces are conducting intensive reconnaissance in the southern and western regions of Idlib province in response to a militant attack on Russian military police near the city of Sarakib last week. The agency AMN News writes about it.

According to reports from the Hama province, unmanned aerial vehicles and reconnaissance aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces are showing unusual activity in the Jebel ez-Zawiya region in southern Idlib.

The reports indicate that the Russian aerospace forces did not carry out air strikes, but their attack is quite possible in response to the injury of the Russian military personnel in the attack near the city of Sarakib. While no organization claimed responsibility for the attack, a SAR army source pointed to the involvement of militant groups close to Ankara. This coincides with information from the Center for the Reconciliation of Warring Parties about "pro-Turkish gangs" that attacked Russian troops in Idlib province last week.

The activities of ISIS (an organization banned in Russia) do not stop in Syria either. For example, on the evening of January 3, militants attacked a military bus of the Syrian government forces, as well as civilian transport. According to preliminary information, about two dozen people were wounded and killed during the attack.

The remnants of the defeated ISIS troops are located in the Badiya Desert, where the Russian Aerospace Forces were sent in response to the terrorist attack in order to search for and deliver strikes. The SAR command also sent new combat units to the region.
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  1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 4 January 2021 14: 48
    Until the thunder strikes, the man will not cross himself.

    If we do not know how, do not know or do not want to work ahead of the curve, why arrange a truce? Now the lives of the soldiers cannot be brought back. I, such a strategy, will never understand.
  2. Petr Vladimirovich (Peter) 5 January 2021 18: 05
    A great movie. Johnny Depp is a good CIA, Russell Crowe is bad. Evil Syrians are going to take Depp hostage, Crowe is watching from the satellite. Four black Kruzaks drove up and started driving in circles. Dust up to the sky. We went in different directions. The assistant asks which car to watch? Crowe - for none. This I mean that the local bandyugans do not ride donkeys to meetings, but also Toyotas ...