A model of a Russian single-engine fighter accidentally caught in the frame

During an interview with the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia for the defense industry Yuri Borisov to RBC correspondents, a model of a new single-engine fighter accidentally fell into the frame of operators. The head of Rostec Sergey Chemezov spoke about the development of such a combat aircraft at the beginning of December.

As conceived by Russian designers, the new combat aircraft should include the possibility of unmanned control. At the same time, Chemezov noted that the corporation has not yet received an order from the defense department for the development of such a fighter, but Rostec is confident in the feasibility of creating such an aircraft, the project of which can also be implemented with the help of foreign partners with further plans to sell the fighter in foreign markets.

Three years ago, the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov spoke about the plans to develop a light single-engine fighter of the fifth generation. According to the head of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) Yuri Slyusar, Sukhoi Corporation and RSK MiG will participate in the project.

According to the executive director of JSC UEC-Klimov, Alexander Vatagin, the Russian military-industrial complex may resume the production program for light jet fighters, the engine for which can be created on the basis of the existing RD-33. The Air Force of the Russian Federation refused to create such a combat aircraft in the 90s of the last century - then the Su-17M, MiG-23 and MiG-27 were in service in various modifications.
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  2. 123 Offline 123
    123 (123) 23 December 2020 10: 23
    a model of a new single-engine fighter accidentally got into the frame of operators

    This is hardly an accident. Grand pianos in the bushes usually do not stand.

  3. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 23 December 2020 13: 36
    The model on Borisov's desk looks more like an old variation on the MiG LFI theme, product 4.12.
    And the model on the table and the computer picture (I don't know who painted it) do not look like a real 5th generation plane.
    The air intake from below - completely falls out of the existing trend of "side air intakes" of all existing and developed aircraft of the 5th generation, which reduces the height of the aircraft, lowers the RCS from the side view, and makes room for the hatch of the compartment for the internal arrangement of weapons.
    The abrupt transition from a round fuselage to a wing remained in the distant past. The transition from fuselage to wing becomes more and more smooth. This reduces the EPR and creates additional internal volumes for the deployment of weapons. Suspended armament transfers the aircraft to the 4th generation. This tendency is especially noticeable on the Su 57. The shape of the aircraft approaches the flying wing.
    The wing is devoid of root inflow, which is typical even for the latest 4th generation designs.
    Yes, in fact, instead of lengthy arguments, it is better to remember the C 70 Hunter. These are the trends for a light single-engine fighter.
    1. I am not a robot (Simple) 11 January 2021 23: 43
      Sorry, but you please write nonsense!
      - T.N. The "bucket" air intake on this model almost completely repeats the air intake of another aircraft of the 5th generation: the X-32 JSF - though the remaining prototype (which did not win the competition against another X-35 JSF prototype, which later became the F-35). This design is especially effective for highly maneuverable aircraft designed to maneuver at high angles of attack!
      - The root inflow is just one of the means of implementing "vortex aerodynamics" - they can be replaced by many other design options: from the flattened front of the fuselage (F-22), to the (deflected) "lips" of the air intake (Su-57) - or non-deflectable , like the MiG-25/31. But even more often for these purposes the PGO is used (which is present in this scheme!) - like in Efrofighter, Grippen and Raphael!
      - A flying wing is not only an aircraft with an "integrated" fuselage (then you should have included other fighters of the integrated circuit, such as the MiG-29 and Su-27 families, as an "almost flying wing"!: -), but, most importantly, also and without plumage (front or rear)! And the Su-57 has a very large plumage area!
      Moreover, the integrated circuit (the very "smooth coupling") does not create any "additional compartments for weapons"! This is another illiterate nonsense (there is always one main compartment - at the bottom, and can be supplemented with small side ones - like, for example, in the J-20).
      - Plus, the Hunter is not a fighter IN THE SMALLEST DEGREE! This is a heavy (lighter, cheaper, as in other countries, it was not possible to make in the Russian Federation) IMPACT drone!
      So far, no one has a single serial fighter-flying wing (without a keel!). Moreover, all, absolutely all structures of this type are purely subsonic, which makes their use as full-fledged fighters almost impossible.
      In short, please turn down the pathos and try to at least a little enlightenment in the issues in which you have deigned to speak with such aplomb. : -)
  4. Cyril Offline Cyril
    Cyril (Kirill) 23 December 2020 16: 13
    I wonder if this project is implemented - will the "patriots of Russian weapons" call him "penguin"?
  5. shinobi Offline shinobi
    shinobi (Yuri) 13 January 2021 18: 33
    Something doubtful. The whole world is coming to the scheme of a heavy multi-role fighter + drones of various configurations. Lightweight somehow does not fit here.