Trump fell victim to a conspiracy. Who cheated the US president in the election

On December 3, 2020, the then-then 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, delivered a 46-minute speech that was broadcast by major American television channels - ABC, CBS, CNBC, NBC, as well as USA Today. But in the 5th minute of his speech, when the incumbent president started talking about the facts of violations and falsifications in the last elections, they interrupted the broadcast one after another.

Liberal media against

Even 4 years ago, it was impossible to imagine something like this when the speech of the current president was interrupted. If Trump himself had been told about this 4 years ago, he would not have believed it either. But over the past 4 years, America has gone such a path, or rather, sank to such a bottom that you are no longer surprised at anything. I just want to say: "And after that these people dare to teach us how to live ?!"

Here, in fact, this speech (with translation into Russian). You can listen to it yourself, Trump said nothing new or unusual for us. But this is for us! For most Americans, a lot could be a revelation (but it did not, because the president was cut short in mid-sentence). Speaking against the backdrop of the American flag from the White House Diplomatic Room, the president said it was “statistically impossible for him to lose,” calling the November election a “total disaster,” Trump complained about voting machines and ballots that came on election night, calling for The Supreme Court overturned Biden's victory. “Even what I am saying now will be humiliated and defamed,” Donald Ibrahimovic predicted, setting out his claims, and he was not mistaken. Because MSNBC presenter Brian Williams interrupted the incumbent president already in the 5th minute of his speech with the words: "We are again in an unusual position: not only interrupt the US president, but also correct him." And his colleague, CNBC host Shepard Smith, echoing him, or rather some unspoken training manual, summed up, disconnecting Trump from the air a minute later: "What the President of the United States says is largely completely wrong."

But Trump did not say anything special. In his, according to The Guardian, "long, incoherent and unsubstantiated statements" that America's electoral system is "under a coordinated attack and siege," Trump, speaking from the Diplomatic Room, said that this "may be the most important speech that he ever uttered, ”and then tried to prove that the election was rigged and that the results should be reversed in many states where Democratic candidate Joe Biden got more votes. The incumbent then called on the Supreme Court to intervene. Naive Trump, he still believed in the US Supreme Court then!

Pay attention to the presentation of the material. The Guardian seems to be quoting Trump, but immediately questions what he said. This is where the dog is buried! Inappropriate and incorruptible democratic media, even when they are not able to shut up the incumbent president, serve his words from a certain angle, which should form the listener's / reader's point of view, while the listener / reader himself remains in complete confidence that he is himself came to these conclusions on the basis of objectively obtained information. But you and I understand the level of this objectivity. Trump is known to have repeatedly reported fraud, dead people voting, mysterious anomalies in voting machines and alleged manipulation of Democratic votes in big cities by Joe Biden. But we know about this, and the Americans can only guess.

This election was rigged, Trump complained in his speech. “Everyone knows that. I don't mind if I lose the election, but I want the election to be fair. What I don't want is to be stolen from the American people.

A few hours later, Trump's team announced that the president had filed another lawsuit challenging the election results in Wisconsin. Trump is personally suing the state, including the Wisconsin Election Commission, and officials for "illegal and unconstitutional actions" during the electoral process. The complaint alleges that state officials thwarted the election by disregarding "safeguards to prevent falsification of absentee ballots." The lawsuit reiterates many of Trump's accusations against mailed ballots that he has made in other lawsuits - such as ballot fraud and lack of voter information certificates.

Trump delivered this speech the day after U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr said there was not enough evidence of fraud to disprove the 2020 election. This is another official from Trump's entourage who defected to the side of the Democrats, without even waiting for the final election results to be announced. But it was his position that helped the democrats legitimize the falsifications and make this process irreversible. And naive Trump still believes in the justice of the Themis, trying to revise and reverse the election results in vacillating states. How disappointed he will be.

Many people in the media and even judges still refuse to accept this, the American president says. “They know it's true. They know it is there. They know who won the election. But they refuse to say: you are right. Our country needs someone to say that you are right. " Trump "hopes" that the US Supreme Court "sees this" and "does what is right for our country." “This isn't just about paying tribute to the 74 million Americans who voted for me,” Trump said. - The point is that the Americans can believe in these elections. And in all future elections.

But this, most importantly, as Trump said, his 46-minute speech was never destined to be watched and heard by American voters. It was cut off the air during the broadcast by some of the most secluded and democratic media in the world - NBC, ABC, CBS and USA Today. How else to convey to the American voter that his choice was rigged? If the incumbent president of the United States does not succeed in this, then who else is able to fight the democratic opposition thirsting for revenge, which lost its last elections and does not intend to repeat the failure of 4 years ago in the current election campaign? I just want to say: "And these people forbid us to pick our noses ?!" Even before they had no moral right to teach us how to live and how to conduct our elections, and now even more so! Let them teach this to their natives in the territories under their control in their overseas banana (cannabis) republics.

YouTube, Facebook and Twitter against

But the TV was not limited to. The last time the Democrats lost to Trump was not the TV and print media, which were already for them. Then they ceded to Trump the fight for the brains of citizens in the virtual space, the importance of which was underestimated. Now they took into account their past mistakes and tightly cut off the oxygen to Trump on the Internet, since all these YouTube, Facebook, Google and other tweets were on their side.

Video hosting YouTube said it will remove any material alleging that the US presidential election was rigged. And he kept his promise. Thousands of channels around the world have been banned. Social networks have also declared war on the president. Twitter not only stopped broadcasting Trump's speech, but also began to mark the tweets of the current president of America, published after election day, with a plaque as “misleading”, which completely covered the author's text. Facebook and TikTok began to block hashtags that "spread false information about election fraud" and accompany all controversial materials about the American elections with a note that "the material contains incorrect information."

But even this was not enough for them. It was necessary to deprive not only Trump of access to the Internet, but also his potential voter of access to reliable information. And they did it! How? Easy!

If you, for the sake of interest, try to google some information in the Google search box, for example, "the lawsuit of the Texas Attorney General in the US Armed Forces", then the search engine will give you on the 1st page of the search results a number of randomly selected News, where this phrase is repeated the most times. And you will be completely sure that the machine did it arbitrarily, solely relying on the frequency of mentioning the key requested words. But this is by no means the case! You can easily find the difference by making a similar request, for example, in Yandex. On the 1st page of the issue, the car will give you completely different news. Moreover, others with political points of view. And the point is not so much that different search engines (Google and Yandex) rank news in search results in completely different ways, but that the search settings were not set by a machine, but were manually written by developers. Even in the Russian-language version of Google, the search engine, for some reason, on the 1st page of the search engine places politically correct news of either Russian liberal channels, such as jellyfish, rain, RBK, merchant, BBC, dw (German wave), or non-profit Ukrainian media with the appropriate feed material. On Yandex, the picture is completely opposite. At the same time, the reader is fully confident that he himself chose the information and made an objective picture of it. The American reader is not even aware that he does not know even half of the truth. I am not even talking about those who are not interested in politics at all or get information from TV, they are already victims of the liberal media with their brains on their one side.

Deep State versus

The fact that Trump and the Republicans consecrated by his charisma won the election, despite the covid and its negative economic the consequences are obvious not only to the President of the United States, but also to all people who can think with their own heads. This was noticed, in particular, by the influential Republican Senator Lindsay Graham, who was re-elected to the Senate from South Carolina with a huge majority of votes. This simply cannot be, he told Fox News, for the party to achieve great success in the House elections, retain control of the Senate and all state legislatures where it dominated, adding three more to them, but losing the presidential election. ... Graham wished Trump courage and sent a check for half a million dollars for legal fees in order to protect the election from fraud.

It is already known and established that about 2 million non-existent voters took part in the presidential elections, and there was massive falsification in at least five key states for their outcome. A study by judicial observers ahead of the election showed that only 29 states had 1,8 million more voters than their demographic records showed. Whole cemeteries voted for the Democrats, led by a citizen born in 1823. Thriving, as in the previous elections, "electoral carousels", when the same persons for money voted at two, three or more polling stations. What happened in those of them where the Democrats ran is a big secret. Although, judging by the fact that the approaches to them for observers were blocked, as, for example, in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), and the cameras monitoring the work of personnel, were turned off for a long time, as in Arizona, one can assume what was happening there. Those who moved from one state to another voted immediately here and there, including by mail, and, naturally, for the Democrats. The mail-order forms were issued with a large margin, and the party that relied on falsification of the elections took full advantage of this.

Mail fraud is a separate story. There is ample evidence that in the states of Michigan and Wisconsin, postal workers were ordered to stamp the ballots sent on November 4 with the preceding date (at this point it was already clear how they voted and what the spot ballot should be) or fill out the mail ballots for voters. All this was done in the interests of the Democrats.

This explains the media reports that the post office allegedly "lost" hundreds of thousands of ballots at first, and then "found" them. By the way, in one of these states, where Trump defeated Biden, while the vote was relatively fair, 89% of registered voters voted, which is almost impossible. On the national average, this figure was around 70%, and this was an unheard-of record.

In addition, it turned out that the software of the voting machines in the states with the most forgeries belonged to a company associated with the Democratic Party. Therefore, at the right moment, usually at night, it "failed" in favor of the Democrats, supplying them with hundreds of thousands of fake votes - this was the case in Wisconsin, Georgia and other states. When Georgia manually recounted the number of ballots in a district that was Republican but suddenly became democratic, it turned out that 59% actually voted for Trump, 41% for Biden. In all this state, which should have gone to Trump with a margin, but ended up behind Biden with a scanty margin, the recount continued until the end of November, as a result, Biden won anyway (who would doubt it!).

What follows from this? At first, Biden was forced to win in criminal ways, the real winner is Trump, who does not tire of repeating this. His voters are well aware of this, too, who are enraged that their victory was so impudently stolen from them. Many of them hardly met Biden's supporters before the elections, and after the elections it turned out that their cities and all districts were simply crammed with them.

Secondly, democracy in the United States will end if the Democrats manage to steal the election, because then this technology will be used indefinitely, and the window of freedom, already narrowed to voting day once every 4 years, will finally close.

ThirdlyThe United States seems to be turning into a country, of which there are many, where the authorities can henceforth "draw" to themselves any results of popular will that are dear to their hearts, so there will be no point in going to the polls. Before the last elections in America, everything was more or less fair. And now "colonial democracy" is coming to the United States.

From this you can do fourth conclusion and the most important. The power of last resort in the United States was not the administration of President Trump, which in this whole dirty story looked like the opposition, but the very Deep State. The pseudo-liberals and leftists shouted and shamed us that this was a "conspiracy", that there was nothing like that in reality. However, there is. At a difficult moment for its existence, in no way to prevent a second term for Trump, this monster of globalism came out of the shadows and, spit on any democracy, handed the "victory" in the elections to Sleepy Joe. After all, only the Deep State with its colossal resources could succeed in such a systemic falsification that discredited the elections themselves.

From what follows fifth conclusion - President Trump and his administration, which are the official power in the United States, have become victims of a coup d'etat by the unofficial government, which operates on top of party and other differences, having its adherents and supporters in both parties, at the state level, in addition to strong support due to frontier. This is the power of globalists who do not want to lose the United States and are ready to sacrifice the national interests of the country for their own, using for this both the external behind-the-scenes and corrupt liberal media that shape public opinion in the way they need. Now, who will be the president of the United States is decided not by the people, and not even by the Supreme Court, but by the media - whoever will be named will be.

How it all ends, we will find out on January 6 at the session of the US Congress, where at a joint meeting of the House of Representatives and the Senate the results of the Electoral College vote held on December 14 (where Joe Biden won 306 votes to 232) will be approved. The precedent when Congress did not approve the electoral college vote was in 1876. The chances that this can happen again now are minimal, given that the Democrats have a majority in the lower house, and the vote on non-recognition of the election results is carried out separately, i.e. the lower house can always block a positive decision, even if the Senate gives the go-ahead.
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 24 December 2020 09: 33
    Trump is known to have repeatedly reported fraud, voting dead people

    Hollywood has so often shown the intervention of zombies and the dead in the life of the United States that it finally became a fait accompli? The whole US president is talking about this.
    1. Monster_Fat Offline Monster_Fat
      Monster_Fat (What's the difference) 24 December 2020 09: 51
      In fact, there is no need to be surprised at Trump's loss - in the political circles of the US they believe that if you have the media and banks in your hands, then you can generally lie on everything and everyone, because this is real power. Trump does not have all of this and he was doomed to failure. I wrote earlier that Trump's victory was unexpected for the "deep state" of the Banuirs and media moguls, who already believed that victory was in their pocket and missed control of the vote counting process, but next time, they will not make that mistake again. And so it happened.
      1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
        Bulanov (Vladimir) 24 December 2020 10: 00
        It turns out that Lenin's slogan about the seizure of mail and telegraph can now be corrected with the slogan about the seizure of the media and banks? It is proud of the Great Hacker Revolution. "Hackers of all countries ...!" - paraphrasing the leader of the World Revolution ...
        1. Monster_Fat Offline Monster_Fat
          Monster_Fat (What's the difference) 24 December 2020 10: 02
          And so, in fact, it is, which is why the "deep state" is so preoccupied with hacker attacks and hunts for serious hackers all over the world.
          1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
            Bulanov (Vladimir) 24 December 2020 10: 06
            Well, if at the beginning of the XNUMXth century Marxists were conventionally called hackers, then who exactly then represented the "deep state"?
            1. Monster_Fat Offline Monster_Fat
              Monster_Fat (What's the difference) 24 December 2020 11: 20
              Those who are still called bankers, industrial oligarchs, media owners, land lords, etc. moneybags - then they used the Marxist movement to overthrow autocracies and replace them with controlled democracies-parliaments, where only the interests of these groups would be represented. Nothing has changed now. Basically, all this was done and is being done in the interests of the Jewish capital - individual families. It's just that now there are fewer of them than then, the competitors were destroyed. Watch a good historical film "The Last Judgment" with Christopher Lambert - it clearly shows what a "deep state" is.
              1. Uneven Offline Uneven
                Uneven (X) 25 December 2020 19: 07
                If we talk about Russia, then everything was absolutely the opposite: it was the Marxists who delivered the country from Kerensky's "democrats" who had been imprisoned by the West. At present, the pro-Western "Kerens" have taken revenge under the Vlasov banner in Russia.
  2. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 24 December 2020 14: 12
    It's different with us. 130 and 99,9% of the votes - and no doubt about it.
    Envy, Baydan.