Armenia has lost almost all the Russian-supplied air defense systems "Tor"

In the first couple of weeks of the war in Karabakh, the Armenian armed forces lost four of the six Tor-M2KM anti-aircraft missile systems supplied to Yerevan by Moscow. Half of the entire air defense of Artsakh was disabled in the first quarter of an hour on September 27. Samvel Babayan, former secretary of the NKR Security Council, announced this.

Of the six Buk air defense systems, only one was operational. In addition, at the very beginning of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, Azerbaijani forces destroyed 10 Osa air defense systems, as well as one S-300 air defense system.

According to Babayan, at the beginning of the fighting, about 70 percent of the officers of the Armenian armed forces were not in their places, and there is evidence of cases of flight from the battlefield. All this testifies to the deplorable state of affairs in the army of the unrecognized republic for the last ten years.

Everyone who has been chiefs of staff, ministers, commanders-in-chief over the past 10 years - everyone is responsible, you need to open a case of high treason and investigate them. The war is not lost by the soldier, not by the people, the leadership is losing the war

- Samvel Babayan notes with bitterness.

The former secretary of the Security Council of Karabakh also said that at the state level no support was provided to the head of the republic's defense department, Jalal Harutyunyan. Among the participants in sabotage groups and officers, there was talk that “this is not our war, and we lost it anyway” - again, such cases need to be investigated.

While about 20 thousand people took part in the first military confrontation in Karabakh, 8 thousand mobilized people took part in this conflict, of which 3 thousand were absent, "sitting in Armenia."

There was no weapon. Air defense at zero. There were 6 TORs (SAM "Tor-M2KM"), of which 4 were destroyed in the first 15 days. They can provide a maximum of 45 km. Out of 6 Buk installations - 5 were inoperative, a repair team was awaiting from Moscow to get it into operation by the 10th

- states Babayan.

In his opinion, it is no longer necessary to sign any agreements with Baku, and all efforts should be concentrated on building the armed forces.
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  1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 14 December 2020 16: 51
    I looked on wiki, and Armenia is a rich country.

    Armenia's economy was based mainly on industry - chemicals, electronics, mechanical engineering, processed food, synthetic rubber and textiles; it depended heavily on external resources. The mines of Armenia produce copper, zinc, gold and lead.

    The Soviet government did its best, and there is industry and energy. Unlike Russia, they have a constant GDP growth of at least 5%. It is not for nothing that the Americans put their eyes on it. In general, our government has lost its "scent". The country is very dependent on Russia and only parasites - mediocrities - can not have money from this. If Putin had been a statesman, Armenia would have been in "hands" long ago and perhaps there would have been no war in Karabakh, and there would have been no need to spend money on weapons. And most importantly, people would be alive!
    1. greenchelman Offline greenchelman
      greenchelman (Grigory Tarasenko) 15 December 2020 00: 18
      It will be more difficult with gold there now ...
    2. Xazarin Offline Xazarin
      Xazarin (Xlor) 15 December 2020 03: 50
      Armenia is not needed in FIG to get your hands on it ...
      A suitcase without a pen!
      1. Bitter Offline Bitter
        Bitter 17 December 2020 01: 45
        ... in figs is not needed to clean up her hands ...
        A suitcase without a pen!

        Something around, wherever you look, all the suitcases around without handles. Maybe you are grabbing the suitcase from the wrong side, or you are used to wearing a round, square roll and opening doors with your feet.
        1. Xazarin Offline Xazarin
          Xazarin (Xlor) 18 December 2020 19: 12
          Quote: Bitter
          ... in figs is not needed to clean up her hands ...
          A suitcase without a pen!

          they are used to wearing round, rolling square and opening doors with their feet.

          I am used to the budget of my country being spent on the citizens of this country, and not on those who spit in our face. Something like this...
          1. Bitter Offline Bitter
            Bitter 19 December 2020 18: 17
            I wonder where it is and when did you get used to it? They would have written, "I really want to." It would seem like the truth.
            How quickly you glue the stamps to everyone, everyone around is to blame. A very narrow-minded look, this is very typical of some wearers of leotards with extended knees. If it doesn't stick, it might be worth analyzing and changing your attitude to business.
            The budget will be distributed without you, it will not be enough for one more pension reform or whatever is more interesting.
            1. Xazarin Offline Xazarin
              Xazarin (Xlor) 22 December 2020 18: 53
              I suggest that you settle "refugees" from Armenia in your apartment.
              You can give them your salary.
              Then you will wear leotards with outstretched knees.
              And for other citizens, the retirement age will be increased.
              1. Bitter Offline Bitter
                Bitter 25 December 2020 13: 39
                So it was necessary in due time to hit the table with a boot in time and the Azerbaijanis with the Turks would sit quietly under the rug.
                There would be no refugees, no humanitarian catastrophe in the region. Why do diplomats and scouts eat bread and sip wine?
                Surely no one knew about such an event, as it is not particularly hard to believe.
                But no, the rulers decided to educate the renegade Nikol and their people in this way, that's all.
                Now Azerbaijanis and their Turkish allies will squeeze the Armenians somehow, the peacekeepers will indirectly help them in this.