Putin gave the Ministry of Economic Development a week to stop the rise in food prices

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave the head of the Ministry of Economic Development Maxim Reshetnikov a week to stop the rise in food prices in the country and take measures to normalize the situation. The head of state announced this on December 9 during a meeting on economic issues, part of which was shown on December 13 on the air of the Moscow, Kremlin, Putin program on the TV channel Russia-1.

Decide within a week!

The president demanded.

Putin drew attention to the serious growth in food prices in the world. For example, vegetable oil has risen in price abroad by 30,8%, while in Russia the price has increased by 23,8%. This means that if this process is not controlled in Russia, then domestic prices will also rise, the Russian leader reasoned logically.

And you are telling me tales that you worked with exporters and manufacturers. Your work has nothing to do with it. I look forward to effective measures and results in the near future

- he noted.

The President believes that the rise in prices for flour, sugar, pasta and other basic products is unacceptable. He was outraged by what was happening and criticized Reshetnikov for "experiments" with prices, in particular, for sugar, which increased in price by 100% over the year.

People limit themselves because they have no money for basic products. Where are you looking? This is the question! This is not a joke

- Putin said.

Our people are simpler and they eat pasta like a navy. And not made in Italy, but ours

- Putin emphasized.

It is necessary to react in a timely manner

- added the president, referring to the issue of exporting products from Russia.

Putin pointed out that officials should think about how and what citizens eat, and how much money it costs.

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  1. Borisych1973 Offline Borisych1973
    Borisych1973 (Borisych1973) 13 December 2020 20: 36
    And it was impossible to give this scolding to the minister without wide publicity? Or is it necessary that all media channels show and tell what kind of caring president we have, who cares about the people? He remembers pasta and butter, etc.
    1. beeper Offline beeper
      beeper 14 December 2020 00: 21
      Why, Borisych 1973, have we read in Ukraine and envied the expressed concern of your President (especially if within a week the issue of rising prices for critical products is resolved accordingly!)! yes
      In Ukraine, for a long time, none of the ukropreziks (neither constitutional nor anti-constitutional-Maidan) raised the issue of curbing food prices for the population! request
      Even the "best prime minister" Mikola Yanych Azarov was remembered for the fact that he "imperceptibly collected his first million" and urged the workers "not to skiglity" about the rise in prices and non-payment of wages, but to grow cabbage under the windows of high-rise buildings in order to "fully eat" it (after all, Medvedev's "no money, but you hold on" - this even sounded somehow more humane than the ugly edifying demand "not skiglity" and the mocking proposal "to plant cabbage for food" on the asphalt under the windows of high-rise buildings ?!)! wassat
      About those who replaced the old "good regionals", their young colleagues, the Maydauns, from the klepto "w / Bandera", I don't even say, these scumbags are complete, they brought, doderibanil and dodeindustrialized, pre-Ukrainian "the agrarian derzhav" to poverty and Holodomor! fool
      So, Borisych 1973, appreciate what you have, because

      what we have, we do not store, having lost, we cry!

      In Ukraine, we were constantly unlucky with dill - all of them turned out to be inadequate and quite small grass!
      There the iodine-deficient "svidomye" farmers even in their "dog sons", imprisoned in the Maidan, anti-constitutional idols - Dioxin, Trupchin, Giblets and Clown themselves were disappointed, they swear, they say, vile deceivers turned out to be, they shook themselves, and they, "parasitic" revolutionaries just a little bit thrown "for services in the coup"! fool

      You, the Russians, whatever one may say, but President Putin was very lucky (however, like the Belarusians in 1994 with the early President Lukashenka, who had not yet merged, who had not yet become srusophobic, and even now, if they throw off the "hateful butt", there will be "skigliti "longingly recalling his many decades of blissful" social lukanomics ", completely concocted for generous Russian subsidies and irrevocable Russian loans to this" Russian with a quality mark ", which he did not snatch, like all his Ukrainian colleagues, but really invested most of it in the Belarusian economy , education, health care and social services, increasing prosperity and maintaining the standard of living the entire Belarusian population, and not just a handful of confidants!) - even our maydauns sincerely acknowledge that, judging by their predominant "bazaar", your V.V. Putin is the first after God, or even the first, after all, our "svidomo", most often all, Vladimir Vladimirovich, right with some kind of superstitious fear, after all, oh and "in vain", commemorate! yes
      They add their prayer songs about him and sing mournfully (like the Hare Krishnas, but at the same time our skakuas rhythmically "jump with their feet", "must all at once"!), Having gathered in a large herd in front of the Russian embassy in Kiev! winked
      And after all, even on their own "cars (" euro plates "and local)"
      drivers with "Svidomo" pro-Putin inscriptions, amulets everywhere write! Encrypted in six "sacred letters", with a humiliated entreaty-incantation to the all-powerful living Deity-Putin (PTN), so that with his incomprehensible Will and magical Power he bestows upon them, "slave-like" pan-ameroeurocholus slaves, eternal nirvana (PNL of all) "dupami" straight ON their coveted "erotic totem"!)! yes
      Here so! wink
      1. Borisych1973 Offline Borisych1973
        Borisych1973 (Borisych1973) 14 December 2020 11: 08
        1. Ukrainians, Belarusians, Americans and Papuans will figure it out on their own.
        2. Any leader, especially the president, should build the System, and not deal with the handbrake. The range of products is huge, as is the list of other problems. The top leader should not decide every particular issue.
        3. Populism for the president is the loss of his face, the edge and degradation.
        1. beeper Offline beeper
          beeper 14 December 2020 16: 46
          hi Thank you for your response, Borisych 1973! good
          I did not write anything that would prevent you and the rest of the Russians (as well as the rest of the Papuans, to put it in your own words) from dealing with their own problems and their President!
          I only drew your attention, Borisych 1973, to the fact that the Russians and Belarusians were still lucky, the second time, with the Presidents, while in our country, in the former Ukrainian SSR (both in the past dominated American "project Ukraine", and in the current post-Maidan colony "Ukraine"), with dill full of seams and it is certain that the degradation of "nasty" is always worse than the "cut-outs"! yes
          Regarding your, straightforwardly youthful (1973 ???) maximalist, "loss of face" and "edge for the president" is by no means in populism, but if he loses touch with reality, loses the reins of government and gives-loses the initiative ( including, and if it does not manifest it in reasonable populism, after all, in politics one cannot do without this very populism, it's just a matter of scale, for example, compare yourself - the opening of the epochal Crimean bridge across the Kerch Strait by Russian President Putin and the solemn one with online broadcast to the whole "derzhava", "opening" by our numb "maidanoprezik" Giblets of the repaired supermarket building in some regional center of provincial Zadryshchensk! yes )!
          Honestly, I don’t know your, Borisych 1973, experience as a leader, how, by whom and under what conditions did you manage (lead) ?!
          But from my experience I know very well that it is not always possible to "build" everything as intended, because it is impossible to take into account the whole variety of "factors" and "personal nuances", there are also unforeseen "force majeure"!
          What can we say about such a Giant Multidimensional (and "huge commodity" including!) Complex Power, like the current Russian Federation-Russia, even if such a "perestroika" in "independent" Kazakhstan recently "offended" by the reminder of the generously donated, artificially created by Lenin-Stalin KazSSR, vast Russian territories ?!) ?!
          Therefore, the System is a System, and without the Handbrake and the bossy Roar, the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin cannot manage, with a stick and a carrot, this is for any, more or less realistic, the leader is clear and understandable (but, categorically, not for you, Borisych 1973 ?! wink )! yes

          As for the "turnover of the rise in prices" - time will tell, time has ALREADY gone, after all, today is the first working day of the "deadline" week given by Putin! winked
          So let's see, Borisych 1973, we (the Papuans and other Ukrainians and Belarusians), together with the Russians, what was this “populistic thing about a showdown with food prices for ordinary Russians” ?!
          As they said in my non-Leningrad "gateways of growth" - "you need to answer for the market", because the voice of a man is not a cry of a parrot ?! smile
    2. ODRAP Offline ODRAP
      ODRAP (Alexey) 15 December 2020 14: 36
      It is impossible.
      Show must go he, people must see care.
    3. Bitter Offline Bitter
      Bitter 17 December 2020 01: 31
      ... to go quietly?

      No way. Firstly, this is not a self-evident action, therefore it is necessary to illuminate it in every possible way. Secondly, Russian business, which is reckless, no analytics, statistics or any other science can keep up with it, so you have to manually set prices for the "mountain brake". It’s probably even difficult to imagine how ashamed the ministers became.

      ... officials should think about how and what citizens eat ...


      In the morning I smear a sandwich -
      Immediately thought: what about the people?
      And the caviar does not climb into the throat,
      And compote does not pour into your mouth!

      I will stand at the window at night.
      And I stand all night without sleep -
      All worried about Rasee,
      How is it, poor, is she?
  2. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 13 December 2020 21: 43
    Him every year, live, 2-4 million complaints. The next show will be back soon. Now fans will rush to protect and admire our "benefactor".
  3. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 13 December 2020 22: 59
    And look, after the 16th, something of the prices will rise or not.

    How they boasted about cheap sugar in the summer, and now it's not at all cheap
  4. Afinogen Offline Afinogen
    Afinogen (Afinogen) 14 December 2020 10: 00
    A cry for help from the earth came to the gods from Olympus. And it was necessary to show in all the media that the gods care about mere mortals. It is impossible to fix everything so simply without hype, or even better not to allow it to happen. We need to show everyone that the gods are doing something. And the fact that the whole country is vegetating in poverty they do not see (or do not want to see) may need to be conveyed to them (as with pasta), because they will not hear. And what is most offensive we live in the richest state on the planet Earth.
    1. ODRAP Offline ODRAP
      ODRAP (Alexey) 15 December 2020 14: 39
      2% of world GDP.
  5. Tamara Smirnova Offline Tamara Smirnova
    Tamara Smirnova (Tamara Smirnova) 14 December 2020 10: 31
    Prices need to be reduced, i.e. return to the previous level, and they were "frozen" for 3 months. A bottle of oil costs 110 rubles, and in the summer it cost 70 rubles. And was it only these two products (butter and sugar) that prices rose? What about vegetables? And what about dairy products? And what to expect in 3 months - a sharp rise in prices by 1000%?
    1. ODRAP Offline ODRAP
      ODRAP (Alexey) 15 December 2020 14: 40
      Do you want to be like in Ukraine ?!

      1. Tamara Smirnova Offline Tamara Smirnova
        Tamara Smirnova (Tamara Smirnova) 15 December 2020 15: 26
        like in Ukraine

        - NOT applicable for Russia: people live here, not ...
  6. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 14 December 2020 10: 40
    Here, high bank loans are to blame for everything. Do entrepreneurs need to give them away somehow? it is time to reduce interest on loans.
  7. Piramidon Offline Piramidon
    Piramidon (Stepan) 14 December 2020 12: 48
    in Russia, the price increased by 23,8%.

    Eggs have risen in price by one and a half times (from 54 to 75 rubles). But we will still be told that inflation does not exceed 4%
  8. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 14 December 2020 17: 17
    I thought they would defend and justify Putin, but the fans themselves screamed from the rise in prices. You will decide on your orientation. And it turns out that Putin is not to blame, these "boyars" are bad.

    ..... Everyone in Russia knows
    the most important argument,
    not responsible for anything
    in the state the president ...

    (the Internet)
  9. Polente the Wanderer 14 December 2020 18: 10
    All prices are, to one degree or another, tied to the cost of fuel (gasoline, diesel fuel). And our gasoline is growing in price and will continue to grow. All prices should be considered only as a complex and not in an emergency. And there is no way to temporarily (as now) stop growth, and then allow to inflate the price or pay (again at our expense) the difference in the lost benefit to sellers, manufacturers ... And the main thing is to roll back prices (by a few months) and fix the previous no one is going to prices ...
  10. ODRAP Offline ODRAP
    ODRAP (Alexey) 15 December 2020 14: 35
    "train, stop, one or two!" lol