Theft of equipment from the Il-86VzPU: where the tracks lead

A few days ago, a blatant crime in its insolence took place in Russia: like a banal "hut", the top-secret nuclear facility of the Russian Defense Ministry, the so-called "Doomsday plane", was "fenced off". How did this even become possible, and where can the tracks lead?

First, it is necessary to say a few words about the aircraft itself, which bears the name Il-86VzPU (Air Command Post). There are only four of them in our country, they are intended for the evacuation of the top military leadership in case of a nuclear war. This is a fallback option if the other command bunkers are hit and the troops will have to be controlled from the sky. The aircraft have increased durability and protection from radiation, and can be refueled in the air. Their most important value is the electronic filling, which allows the president or the minister of defense to issue an order on a counter-nuclear strike and unblock nuclear warheads right from the plane. It was the equipment that was stolen. This raises a number of natural and extremely unpleasant questions. At the moment, two basic versions emerge.

Metal addicts?

According to information available in the press, the abductors opened the plane's cargo hatch, dismantled and took out radio sets, as well as electronic boards. In doing so, they reportedly acted rather rudely, leaving fingerprints and footprints. The simplest explanation is a group of some "metalworkers" who steal equipment that contains valuable metal, including gold or platinum, for acceptance. Judging by the execution of the crime, these are amateurs, possibly drug addicts who need money for a dose. However, this version starts to crumble if you start asking uncomfortable questions.

At first, but how did the thieves even know about the plane? He is based in the Moscow region and flew to Taganrog for a short time to undergo maintenance. Due to the secrecy of the Il-86VzPU, information about its movements is not available to the general public.

SecondlyHow, in fact, were the criminals able to enter the protected area of ​​the airport? There are fences everywhere, CCTV cameras, security guards. There should be a personal sentry with a machine gun near the plane, and more than one.

Thirdlyhow did they know what exactly to take?

All this suggests a possible involvement in the theft of employees of the enterprise itself, who could give a tip and admission of criminals to the protected area. Let us remind you that TANTK regularly appears in criminal the news... Either one of his engineers poisoned his colleagues with thallium, then his head received a criminal sentence for breaking a contract with the Russian Ministry of Defense, or his successor was too free to dispose of the funds allocated to him. But the case of the "Doomsday plane" is simply egregious. If the employees of the plant were involved in it, they could not help but understand that military counterintelligence would be involved in the investigation of the case. And this forces you to think further.


We are consoled by the fact that the Il-86VzPU is just a safety option in the unlikely event of a nuclear war. But everything is much more complicated. Its stolen filling is of the greatest value for the country. Recall that the crime took place just a few weeks after President Putin boasted the creation of some kind of new command bunker in case of a nuclear war. Secret equipment was stolen from the Il-86VzPU, among which there could be radio transmitting and radio receiving devices, equipment for classifying speech information and encryption devices. If such equipment is not melted down, but in the hands of foreign special services, and the secret codes are deciphered, this calls into question the very nuclear security of Russia.

It should be borne in mind that the crime took place in the Rostov region on the border with Ukraine. It is no secret that there are many people there who have close ties with a neighboring openly hostile state who could have helped in the commission of a high-profile crime. And they could have rudely inherited at the crime scene specifically to divert their eyes.

Bringing NATO partners on a silver platter the nuclear secrets of the Russian Defense Ministry - what could be more tempting for the SBU? If this is true, then the carelessness of those responsible for protecting the aircraft could cost us a nuclear shield.
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  1. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
    Just a cat (Bayun) 9 December 2020 14: 32
    Well, at least the whole plane was not hijacked, like a fighter in the USSR.
    1. ODRAP Offline ODRAP
      ODRAP (Alexey) 10 December 2020 14: 01
      Who needs it .., they disdained.
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  2. Xuli (o) Tebenado 9 December 2020 14: 46
    After Nord-Ost, Budennovsk, Beslan and some other events, I have already ceased to be surprised at anything in this country.
  3. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 9 December 2020 14: 48
    the crime took place in the Rostov region on the border with Ukraine.

    If these were "metalheads" they would have already been found. Until then, silence. Stop playing good Vanyushka. We are called occupiers, and we also trade with them. The border must be completely closed!
    1. Xuli (o) Tebenado 9 December 2020 19: 53
      I believe the border is not "closed" because they understand that it is practically impossible to do this. Before the annexation of Crimea, the Russian-Ukrainian border = 2295 km, of which 1974 km is land, 321 is sea. It is only partially labeled. I don’t know, it’s hardly a matter of delimitation.
    2. ODRAP Offline ODRAP
      ODRAP (Alexey) 10 December 2020 14: 02
      Minefields, KSP and "Trezor and I are on patrol."
    3. polev66 Offline polev66
      polev66 (Alexander) 11 December 2020 06: 38
      you were not asked who to trade with
    4. Mikhail Fridshon (Mikhail Fridshon) 11 December 2020 20: 42
      And it is necessary to close ALL borders tightly. And put a concrete fence SIX meters in height. With Ukraine, the Baltic States, with all the Central Asian republics, with Georgia, Azerbaijan, etc. And also turn off the entire Internet and create your own, patriotic Internet. As when they created the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Communist International.
      1. ODRAP Offline ODRAP
        ODRAP (Alexey) 14 December 2020 14: 05
        And then, inside the fence, pour concrete over everything ... repeat
  4. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 9 December 2020 16: 01
    Well. They just reported on a new remog, and here it is.
    It happens.
  5. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 9 December 2020 16: 19
    Shame !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. Taras on Parnassus (Taras on Parnassus) 9 December 2020 17: 33
      Quote: Valentine
      Shame !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Shame !!!!!!
  6. Cudgel Offline Cudgel
    Cudgel (Dubina) 9 December 2020 18: 12
    Nonsense, no cause for concern at all!
    Now, if Peskov's watch was stolen or the wheels from Aurus were removed from Putin, then it would be a tragedy. Putin all the same now sits in the bunker all the time, why does he need a plane.
    1. polev66 Offline polev66
      polev66 (Alexander) 11 December 2020 06: 39
      how do you know where Putin is and what he is doing?
    2. Mikhail Fridshon (Mikhail Fridshon) 11 December 2020 20: 44
      The bunker can be dismantled and moved to this aircraft.
  7. Gennady1959 Offline Gennady1959
    Gennady1959 (Gennady) 9 December 2020 18: 43
    Putin squandered the country and is protecting the thieves-oligarchs. Why can't some warrior steal some secret iron. What is the pop, so is the parish.
    1. rotkiv04 Offline rotkiv04
      rotkiv04 (Victor) 10 December 2020 14: 44
      So it was not the warriors who guarded it, Shoigu and Co. have nothing to do with it
    2. The comment was deleted.
  8. Teacher Offline Teacher
    Teacher (Wise) 9 December 2020 20: 57
    A great country has unhappy leaders. And everyone is like that. The chief picked it up according to his own principle. People will spit on their graves.
    1. Starishok Offline Starishok
      Starishok (Novel) 12 December 2020 14: 04
      And when did a great country have decent leaders, if only Peter 1 and Catherine 2.
      1. Egg Offline Egg
        Egg (Michael) 12 December 2020 15: 32
        Quote: Starishok
        If only Peter1

        It was from Peter 1 that the attitude towards his people as to "little people" of whom there are a lot in Russia, but not enough, "women still give birth" How many people he ruined in the swamps of St. Petersburg ...
  9. oracul Offline oracul
    oracul (leonid) 10 December 2020 07: 16
    It is absurd to qualify a crime as carelessness precisely because it is about the country's security.
  10. kirillovleva_2 Offline kirillovleva_2
    kirillovleva_2 (Kirillov Lev) 10 December 2020 08: 40
    First, how did the thieves even know about the plane? - They work at the airfield.
    Secondly, how, in fact, did the criminals manage to enter the protected area of ​​the airport? There are fences everywhere - every fence has a "hole".
    Third, how did they know what exactly should be taken? - they took whatever they had to, without really thinking.
    For comparison, a few years ago, when checking nuclear facilities in the United States, they discovered a brick-locked door to a silo-based missile control bunker and nothing ...
    In Moscow, the Special Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to steal people and nothing ...
    1. Marzhecki Online Marzhecki
      Marzhecki (Sergei) 10 December 2020 13: 43
      Quote: kirillovleva_2
      First, how did the thieves even know about the plane? - They work at the airfield.
      Secondly, how, in fact, did the criminals manage to enter the protected area of ​​the airport? There are fences everywhere - every fence has a "hole".
      Third, how did they know what exactly should be taken? - they took whatever they had to, without really thinking.

      If these people work there, they must understand what a secret nuclear aircraft is and how not the Interior Ministry operatives will be fooled for it.
      1. boriz Offline boriz
        boriz (boriz) 15 December 2020 16: 39
        What does "nuclear aircraft" mean?
  11. Stalnov I.P. Offline Stalnov I.P.
    Stalnov I.P. (Stalnov Ivan Petrovich) 10 December 2020 12: 18
    All this only confirms the complete failure of domestic policy, especially the economy, personnel. Lack of discipline and responsibility are the features of today's high inmates. I'm afraid the leader might be secretly taken out of the Kremlin. That will be a laugh.
    1. rotkiv04 Offline rotkiv04
      rotkiv04 (Victor) 10 December 2020 14: 46
      Tall inmates and their main one is balabols and PR people
  12. Dear sofa expert. 10 December 2020 13: 11
    It all looks like a carefully prepared operation. If there were "Ukrainian hands" there, then the head of these hands is probably from somewhere far away.
    The set-up of "drug addicts" for confusing the investigation, of course, is rude, but in order to gain a little time, it is good.

    The equipment, most likely, was stolen, even before the plane got to Taganrog, and apparently it has already fallen into the hands of those for whom it was stolen, and it is already being studied. Sadly, it will be a good lesson for those responsible.
    1. Boa kaa Offline Boa kaa
      Boa kaa (Alexander) 11 December 2020 00: 23
      Quote: Dear sofa expert.
      The equipment was most likely stolen, even before the plane got to Taganrog,

      Drink some water, calm down! stop
      The VKPU on the IL-80, when sent for repairs (PPO and PPR, or, as they say in the Army, maintenance), was removed from the DB forces. When sent to the plant, all secret equipment is removed from the aircraft. The receiving and transmitting equipment remains, and the closing one (ZAS) is removed and handed over to the "secret part" (to the communications warehouse). Therefore, by definition, there should be no damage to "secrecy".
      Next. Blocks with precious metals or tantalum condics were removed from the equipment. can operate at high temperatures without breaking down.
      They could have done it only OWN employees, Tagansko-Taganrog factory workers. There they are now digging "organs."
      The head of the VOKHR, the nachkar and all the guards of this parking lot will be torn to pieces. The rest - in descending order. If there is someone "on the hook", then this situation is used to settle accounts: fired, suspended, sent down, etc.
      The moral aspect of the situation is ugly: it is a resounding slap to the fanfare, puffed up like toads in a swamp.
      Somehow, however.
      1. Dear sofa expert. 11 December 2020 01: 51
        When sent to the plant, all secret equipment is removed from the aircraft. The receiving and transmitting equipment remains, and the closing one (ZAS) is removed and handed over to the "secret part" (to the communications warehouse). Therefore, by definition, there should be no damage to "secrecy".

        It may be correct, and I would like it to be what you say. But I heard that all the onboard instruments were in place at the time of the aircraft acceptance. The ZAS may have been removed, but based on the equipment remaining (and then stolen) on board, hypothetically, it may be possible to find out how the transmission of instructions on the leadership of the country and the armed forces in the event of a potential conflict is technically carried out. And this is a leak of top secret information.
        1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Mikhail Fridshon (Mikhail Fridshon) 11 December 2020 20: 45
      All this was stolen at the time of the plane's ferry to Taganrog.
  13. ODRAP Offline ODRAP
    ODRAP (Alexey) 10 December 2020 14: 00
    Yes bullshit!
    We have already said that the equipment was outdated and had to be replaced!
    Grenades, wrong system!
  14. Valentin Polyansky (Valentin Polyansky) 10 December 2020 14: 31
    Where aviation begins, order ends there. It has always been. And he also served in the Strategic Missile Forces, because the entrance to the storage facilities was guarded as expected, but from the taiga side there was a thin plywood door with a lock from a mailbox and, of course, a piece of paper with a seal and a list.
    1. ODRAP Offline ODRAP
      ODRAP (Alexey) 14 December 2020 14: 09
      But no!
      Paaaprashu here, "land fuel oil," do not slander aviation! laughing
  15. Galina Medvedeva (Galina Medvedeva) 10 December 2020 14: 59
    A truly egregious case ....
  16. amateur Offline amateur
    amateur (Victor) 10 December 2020 15: 01
    Dmitry Andreyanov, a former engineer for the technical operation of flying ships, says that the source who told reporters about the theft of 39 radio stations was most likely mistaken, and it is about electronic components.

    - There cannot be such a number of radio stations even on a special plane, but 39 electronic units can certainly be found there. After all, we are talking about special equipment for controlling the army, says the specialist.

    According to him, on average, the electronic unit of such equipment can be the size of a standard shoebox and is indeed valuable to thieves.

    - For example, the standard radio altimeter unit, which is in every plane, is not interesting to thieves, there are crumbs of precious metals. But the block of satellite government special communications - yes, from there you can pick up gold. This is a special communication, there are used gold-plated contacts, special microcircuits, still Soviet, with a high content of a gold-plated substrate, conclusions: all this is done from precious metals, because the contact must be "eternal", not subject to corrosion.

    Andreyanov also notes that the phrase "opening the cargo hatch" is surprising for people familiar with the IL-80 device.

    - Such a hatch cannot be opened with a crowbar or crowbar - the maximum will be able to break the skin, then the so-called. "Power set" of the hatch, and through it there is no way to break through.

    In general, "either he stole, or it was stolen from him." But the scandal was fanned by a cool one.
    1. ODRAP Offline ODRAP
      ODRAP (Alexey) 14 December 2020 14: 10
      Yes, there are half of the blocks still tube, what a "shoe box" ....
  17. igor.igorev Offline igor.igorev
    igor.igorev (Igor) 10 December 2020 17: 19
    Only factory workers and no one else could crap. In any case, with the direct participation of workers from the factory. It is they who are jumping, that they are paid little, so they decided to earn extra money. They should work for 5-10 years, there the problem with food will be solved.
  18. Ghjcnj Offline Ghjcnj
    Ghjcnj (Anatoly Soshin) 10 December 2020 22: 14
    I didn't get it. What are the tears of Yaroslavna and all this kipish. Was there a boy? The airplane was brought in for repairs, reconstruction, modernization a year and a half ago. Before that, it was also somewhere in a sump before this iron got to Taganrog. If a decision is made to take something out of service for repair, modernization, utilization first of all, everything that has value at the moment is dismantled from this unit. Scientific, technological, military value. It has a certain stamp. And everything else is written off. Despite the fact that in the opinion of the average person there may be something really valuable (gold and platinum coatings, waveguides, etc. ... But this is junk and after the write-off it ceases to exist on paper. It does not exist. As this aircraft has equipment developed in the 60s and 70s, then what you can talk about. It's just that some reporter, to show his aplomb, blew up a censer and plays on emotions. the country has enough canned. And more abruptly devices stand in abandoned sedimentation tanks. Nobody knows, except for those few who made the decision to modernize this airplane, what is in store for him in the future. water for extinguishing fires.Any technique, like a human, would have bones and meat will grow
  19. alex-sherbakov48 11 December 2020 11: 34
    Only in our country is this possible, because criminals are not shot and they are not afraid for their lives, and the money they receive for this crime will more than provide them and their relatives with a comfortable existence somewhere in warm countries. After interrogation, the entire security and management of the airport must be destroyed with passion so that they will never again use the fruits of their crime. The same applies to their relatives, who under no circumstances could take advantage of the fruits of their traitorous relative !!!
    1. Crankshaft Offline Crankshaft
      Crankshaft (Vladimir) 12 December 2020 11: 03
      I completely agree with you, but I want to complement the fault of the FSB and the military counterintelligence in the city, no less, if not more. Such an object is their direct business, while the plane is at the airport in the city.
  20. Vladimir Kukin Offline Vladimir Kukin
    Vladimir Kukin (Vladimir Kukin) 11 December 2020 12: 59
    And the tracks lead to Avito.
  21. Monax Offline Monax
    Monax (Hermann) 11 December 2020 14: 38
    You need to search among your own people, at the top .. It's so easy to get into a specially protected area - this is on the verge of fantasy.
  22. endless Offline endless
    endless (KU-KU) 12 December 2020 09: 56
    I would not be surprised if the plane was taken to the plant plundered. Surely there was no acceptance or delivery
  23. Crankshaft Offline Crankshaft
    Crankshaft (Vladimir) 12 December 2020 10: 58
    And the nuclear briefcase has not yet been "attached"? Well, okay, there are standard methods of protection - sentries, video cameras, but the object of increased secrecy did not cheer up the FSB and the military counterintelligence in the city in any way? Or do such objects land on the city's airfield every day? With such methods of keeping state secrets, the entire Kremlin will be taken out along with Putin and Shoigu.
  24. auriga-d Offline auriga-d
    auriga-d (Dmitry L) 13 December 2020 17: 05
    Unfortunately, in the last 15 years, there has been a complete neglect of professionals in all areas. The situation with the salaries of spacecraft designers is especially annoying - 25 !!! tr. Responsible positions are assigned to incomprehensible people who frankly do not care (judging by what is happening) at all of us. It is necessary in the near future to begin to radically change the situation. Otherwise, under the leadership of the "thieves" we ALL, including them, will quickly complete our earthly labors.
  25. Vasily Golubev Offline Vasily Golubev
    Vasily Golubev (Vasily Golubev) 13 December 2020 22: 01
    And we have force majeure. We have no time for a massacre
    You play war there yourself without us.
    In Taganrog, imagine at night sometimes
    The steering wheel and compass were twisted in the plane.
    If it was a civilian plane
    And God would be with him, with the plane.
    Their autopilot leads them along the course
    Why do they need a control wheel?
    Well, here without a steering wheel, don't joke with that!
    This Il, "judgment day" turned out to be.
    Moreover, the compass was dragged away by the enemies
    Well the fuselage at least remained.
    Don't give a damn about the steering wheel and the rusty compass
    Our pride has been trampled into the mud today!
    Doomsday is canceled. Excuse us
    I'll run until everything is stolen….
    1. ODRAP Offline ODRAP
      ODRAP (Alexey) 14 December 2020 14: 12
      Super. drinks dragged away to the collection.
  26. Flower Offline Flower
    Flower (Flor) 14 December 2020 11: 25
    Metal-addicts? Maybe pop-addicts, "actresses" who are without coke for a day? The author, in view of scrap metal workers, then write that?
  27. Chingachgook Offline Chingachgook
    Chingachgook 14 December 2020 11: 41
    I don’t understand who will be awarded?
  28. cpez-lin Offline cpez-lin
    cpez-lin (Michael Anokhin) 15 December 2020 09: 38
    Spit-pyr again! About nothing!
  29. mainlion Offline mainlion
    mainlion (Sergei) 15 December 2020 11: 45
    In Soviet times, all the ZAS equipment was taken from the KUNGs after the exercises, taken to the secret room, where a sentry stood at the door. If this aircraft was inside the ZAS, it must have a sentry.
  30. inflow Offline inflow
    inflow (vvl) 15 December 2020 20: 20
    Deputies, positively influencing the Serdyukovs, freeze promotions. As long as you take power, then they will not give it.
  31. Anatoly Shandybo (Anatoly Shandybo) 16 December 2020 06: 20
    In our country, you can do everything for money .. for a lot of money, all the more so .. to penetrate the object or ask to be taken out .. regrettable but I think so