Why is the US connecting its Marine Corps to the hunt for Russian submarines

"Cold War-2" in the Old World is reaching a new level. The United States intends to intensify its hunt for Russian submarines by connecting its Marine Corps (ILC) to this. Presumably, the American military presence in Norway will only increase after that.

The commander of the ILC, General David Berger, on the pages of a specialized military publication, stated in plain text the following:

Submarine combat will be so critical in the High North and Western Pacific that the Marine Corps should be part of it.

Several conclusions can be drawn from this one proposal: the United States considers the Arctic region to be of critical importance; they fear not so much our surface as the submarine fleet; they are ready to fight it in any way they can. The fight is understood as a set of measures for their preventive detection and escort with the aim of destruction at any time after receiving the appropriate order.

To date, the most real threat to the US Navy is posed by a series of Russian Project 885 M Yasen-M nuclear submarines. Their cruise missiles are supposed to sink warships and convoys leaving US soil to help NATO allies in Europe in the event of hostilities there. In order to track the entry of the Russian Northern Fleet's nuclear submarines into the Atlantic, the Americans created during the Cold War-1 a whole underwater defense line of many hydrophones. However, their SOSUS system is outdated and no longer adequately meets modern challenges, therefore it was largely mothballed and switched to automatic operation.

Now the US Marine Corps will be involved in the search for our submarines. US Marines will begin installing DIFAR-type radio buoys and hydrophone arrays associated with NATO coastal bases. Upon receiving the signal, they will practice pursuing Russian submarines and pointing naval fighters at them. The close interaction of the US Navy and the ILC will create an additional headache for the RF Ministry of Defense. Unfortunately, these are not the only new threats.

Most likely, the Pentagon is using this pretext to increase its presence in Norway. Recall that since 1949, this northern country has conducted policies a ban on the deployment of foreign military bases on their territory. However, after the events in Crimea and the Donbass, Oslo asked Washington to help ensure its safety. In response, 700 American Marines were deployed to Norway, which caused great displeasure in Moscow. Recall that during the "Cold War-1" one of the tasks of the ILC in the Arctic was the capture or destruction of Soviet military bases, sabotage activities and the operational deployment of airfields.

Last August, Washington decided to withdraw almost all of its Marines from Norway to redeploy them to Asian countries, where they should strengthen the containment of the PRC. However, then Oslo said that at any time for conducting exercises on a rotational basis, their number could again be increased. During this period, NATO forces in the region will significantly outnumber the 700 Marines that the Americans have withdrawn. Judging by the statement of the Corps Commander, now such "exercises" will take place constantly, which means that the potential threat to the Russian Northern Fleet will increase from Norway.
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  1. 123 Offline 123
    123 (123) 7 November 2020 16: 14
    Everything is as usual. smile An endless search for who, where and what problems or threats can create for us, both real and imaginary. winked
  2. Dimy4 Offline Dimy4
    Dimy4 (Dmitriy) 7 November 2020 18: 18
    I'm not a specialist, but that all these systems cannot be secretly broken, and then thrown off with your hands?
    1. General Black Offline General Black
      General Black (Gennady) 8 November 2020 12: 21
      So the Marines will break. There are now a dime a dozen of gifted and tech-savvy people.
  3. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 7 November 2020 20: 42
    This is ordinary news, only it is presented in a strange way.
    To put it simply: the new sensor system will not be installed by technicians, but by the marines.
    At the same time, they will practice.