Why Russia and Egypt decided to hold exercises in the Black Sea

The Russian military department announced last week that the Russian-Egyptian naval exercises "Bridge of Friendship-2020" will be held in the Black Sea. According to a number of experts, the Russian-Egyptian naval maneuvers are another step in Moscow and Cairo's demonstration of their power capabilities, heating up the already hot situation in the region, according to Al-Monitor.

In the opinion of Cairo University professor Tarek Fahmi, the joint naval exercises of the Russian Federation and Egypt are an eloquent signal for Turkey, which cherishes its colonial ambitions. It can also serve as a sign from Moscow that the Turks will not be allowed to invade regions of geopolitical importance for the Kremlin.

Relations between Turkey and Egypt have escalated after the signing of a security and shipping memorandum between Ankara and the Libyan PNC last November, a treaty rejected by Cairo and several other countries in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The exercise sends a preemptive deterrent to Turkey or any other country threatening Egyptian national security

- noted Fahmi.

Mohammed Soliman, a researcher at the Institute for the Middle East, believes that the "Bridge of Friendship-2020" demonstrates the readiness of the Egyptian army to enter the Turkish zone of strategic interests.

This is a message from Cairo that it can respond to Turkey's actions in Libya by entering its strategic space

Soliman emphasized.
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  1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 21 October 2020 16: 20
    Why Russia and Egypt decided to hold exercises in the Black Sea

    -Well and ... -Why ???
    -Is that ... a kind of analogue of the "Paralympic Games" ... -lame and clubfoot decided to put on a show ...
    - Interestingly ... -and who is the third ??? - So that absolutely ... as in the fable of I.A. Krylov was ... "Swan, Pike and Cancer" ...
    -Probably Turkey itself would have looked good "third" ...
    - Probably the "third" will be invited "mighty Greece" ... - So ... - lame, club-footed and bow-legged ... - they will just make a team for these "Paralympic games" ... ... -that will amuse ... -that's for sure ...
    1. boriz Offline boriz
      boriz (boriz) 21 October 2020 17: 34
      And Greece does not need to be invited, she is always ready, like a young pioneer.
      And why the third? France also outlined its position. And the Arabs will catch up to take part, who with what.
      And as for the "mighty" Greece, I advise you to read about the Greek-Turkish war of 1920-1922. The Greeks reached Ankara. And if it were not for the very substantial help of the Bolsheviks (both in gold and weapons / ammunition and diplomacy), there would have been no Turkey for 100 years. So it's time to fix this mistake.
      Erdogan hopes for Great Britain, so she will not go to war, not those times. Will betray Erdogan as he betrayed Assad and Putin.
    2. bear040 Offline bear040
      bear040 21 October 2020 19: 04
      During the First World War, the Greek fleet had the Turks, as it wanted, and in Cyprus the Turks would have been killed if the United States had not harnessed for them, which is why Greece withdrew from NATO for several years. Today, the United States made it clear that in the conflict between Greeks and Turks, it will support Greece ... So Turkey now most of all resembles Pug, which had a quarrel with half of the World.
    3. Russobel Offline Russobel
      Russobel (Andrei) 26 October 2020 19: 38
      -Is that ... a kind of analogue of the "Paralympic Games" ... -lame and clubfoot decided to put on a show ...

      I didn't understand something ?!
      What a derogatory use of the "Paralympic Games" ...
      People with disabilities, people with tremendous willpower, and you are a vagabond and a poor spirit.
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. John Hart Offline John Hart
    John Hart (John Hart) 22 October 2020 00: 33
    Horsho is still smoking while being repaired, otherwise this Russian aircraft carrier would have shown how to drop planes into the sea)