"The people understand that the problem is not with Putin." Why a revolution in Russia is impossible

Recently, our domestic journalism has been overflowing with the groans of couch revolutionaries about our slave and wordless people. Well, how the power over him - by the people - is not mocked: he starves, he stifles his mouth, and he brought education with health care to the handle, but he endures everything and does not go out into the streets, does not overthrow Putin, or even votes for United Russia ... Well, pure slaves!

In order not to be unfounded, I will give just one typical quote from whole volumes of similar groans: “A people unable to stand up for themselves against an unfit ruler who built a cannibalistic system is doomed: they will be devoured. Not our own feudal lords, but the migrant workers whom Putin is now catching up to us. " Such statements strongly give off not only squeamish contempt, but also complete ignorance and misunderstanding of the deep essence of the Russian people. Most of all it is striking that such opinions have to be heard from people who are clearly intelligent, educated and have not flown to us in Russia from the countries of the prosperous Benelux (Benelux). Most of them are the soil, hereditary part of this people.

Indeed, our people are far from homogeneous, and when we talk about the majority, we should perhaps resort to the term coined by the Russian statesman with the reputation of an infernal intellectual Vladislav Surkov in an article published by Nezavisimaya Gazeta - “deep people”. Probably, the deep people are the very poor, strong in practical mind and extremely tenacious layer of our population, which, in spite of all cataclysms, gives our state a unique survival rate. Understand the psychology of this largest social group of the population for politicians just necessary. However, the people are deep because they do not come into their hands - they are cunning. By participating in opinion polls, he pretends to approve of this and that, but he himself may not believe in anything and demonstrate cynical consumer behavior. It is difficult to look directly at the deep people, representing the so-called popular majority, because it is customary for them to have a double bottom, a fig in their pocket. The latter circumstance among many notorious revolutionaries and advanced politicians gives rise to the opinion about the natural stupidity and "trough" psychology of the deep people.

Best of all, the mentality of the Russian people is represented in Russian folk tales. It should be noted that among such positive traits and characteristics are patience and peacefulness, which for many foreigners creates the image of a Russian person who is ready to endure any inconvenience, remaining incapable of "open rebellion". But at the same time, it is curious that the above-mentioned qualities in the appearance of the main characters of Russian fairy tales are often supplemented by such traits as quick wit, enterprise and adaptability (the ability to adapt to circumstances). So are those who consider the Russian people stupid slaves really right?

I don't think this is the case. Everything is much more complicated. It is worth remembering that the Russians only in the 20th century participated in 4 revolutions, survived 3 large and several small wars and staged many riots. It is unlikely that this is within the power of a slave people. So why, then, well, our people do not rise in any way, despite all the fiery appeals of "fighters for the people's happiness" to fight the "rotten Putin regime"? This question should be answered with a quote from one typical representative of the deep people, who, when asked about the extension of the terms to Putin, philosophically remarked: “Well, they will put another one, what will be better? Zhirinovsky will be put on, it will be even worse. " This is probably the reason for such popular political passivity. Too often, our people found themselves a plaything in the hands of all sorts of political adventurers who, under the demagogic slogans of people's happiness, freedom and equality, led them to innumerable upheavals, victims and suffering. Let's remember the recent past. With what enthusiasm in the 90s we rushed to destroy our country, recklessly believing all kinds of political crooks. And what did our people get in the end? The acquired experience of Russians tells us not to take the word of every kind of revolutionaries until you understand with your deep practical mind that this is the right and only way.

Well, now let's move on from an abstract conversation to the specifics of today's Russian political reality. What are offered to us - the "deep people" by various numerous parties and political movements. I specifically revised the political programs of most of our parties once again, which are designed to "move" political and social progress. And here we have to agree with the unflattering opinion of V.V. Putin about the political establishment in general and the parties of our country. Lacking a clearly developed political platform, worked out as a political basis for their social activities, a coherent ideology, Russian parties are mainly focused on the proclamation of social slogans and demands for specific social benefits. The party bureaucracy, tightly welded to the state bureaucracy and corporatocracy, deliberately leads the people into the shaky field of exclusively social proposals.

Well, let's suppose, having succumbed to the persuasions of political troubadours, we go out into the streets and demand the overthrow of the current government. But after all, someone should organize the same exit to the street. And these are dozens, maybe hundreds of activists who need to be armed with convincing arguments and hellish patience, that is, the belief that their cause is just. Have any of those fiery revolutionaries who are spreading hot slime across our media in accusatory anger about the slavish obedience of the people, have they even touched a finger to do something in terms of organizing popular protests? And here again one should refer to the above quote: "Well, they will put another one, what will be better?" The interview of the famous politician Maksim Shevchenko is very indicative as an example of such political shortsightedness. To the question: “What should be done in the current situation in the country?” Shevchenko replies that it is necessary to remove the Government and appoint other “good” (personally known to him) people.

We often hear the opinion that the inefficiency of the management system in our country is only a consequence of the extremely erroneous tactics of its organization and the unsuccessful selection of specific executors. It is believed that the problem of the effectiveness of the existing management system can be solved by reforming it only on a different political and ideological basis (Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the movement "For New Socialism"). But is it? I want to remind those who yearn for the socialist people's past about the shooting of the workers of the Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant in 1962 only because they fought for their economic rights. This is perhaps the most shameful page in the history of the CPSU and the USSR. Such a harsh use of force against the people - the true master of the country, took place in both Novocherkassk and Tbilisi in 1956. There were interethnic protests in Grozny, and a pogrom of the regional committee in Krasnodar, and Temirtau, and Biysk. Why did the "people rebelled"? Maybe, as the party and economic nomenklatura claimed, they were "hooligans and criminals." Did the workers have reasons to protest? Certainly. The most compelling. The Politburo decided to raise labor production rates at the same salaries. Apart from prices and scarcity of everything, workers were most outraged by the way of life of the party and economic elites.

Summing up everything that has been said, it should be stated that, unlike the notorious revolutionaries, our deep-seated people understand very well that the problem is not in Putin or personally in this or that member of the Government. The problem is in the system that was created in the country a long time ago. Let us finally frankly admit that despite the fact that we live in Russia today under capitalism, even now a wide class of national producers is not really allowed to power. We live in a pseudo-democratic society of manipulative democracy, where through the media, manipulation of social benefits and electoral technology, power is usurped by the bureaucratic class and a narrow group of oligarchs and corporatocrats consolidated with it (eng. corporatocracy - the appointed or elected joint-stock corporate bureaucracy of transnational monopolies, which influences and forms the political system and the system of government in personal and corporate interests). Precisely a class that has all the class characteristics according to Lenin's definition (Lenin V.I. The Great Initiative // ​​Poln. Sobr. Soch. T. 29. S. 388.), and an international character (cosmopolitan corporate bureaucracy). The class of "distributors" will objectively always solve all managerial issues (consciously or intuitively), proceeding primarily from their class interests.

Look, in whose interests these or those laws are being adopted in Russia. While the class of bureaucracy was not so wealthy, the country had a progressive scale of taxation. But as soon as the bureaucratic class became "prosperous", a law was immediately dragged through to abolish the progressive scale. Why don't the laws on natural rent or on the nationalization of infrastructure-significant industries (oil, gas, energy) "pass"? Because quite a few top government and party officials have substantial stakes in the raw material monopolies, and their nationalization would cause financial harm both to them personally and to the entire class of bureaucracy. And corruption cannot be defeated, since the latter is a bureaucratic administrative rent collected according to objective economic laws by the class of bureaucrats. The conflict of private, group and class interests of the state bureaucracy and corporatocracy with the interests of the entire people in the absence of effective mechanisms of public control will always be resolved not in favor of society.

The eternal mistake of the elite is to keep the people in political ignorance and away from government, arguing that management and decision-making require special knowledge, experience and the necessary level of awareness. Yes, this thesis is correct. But Lenin's statement, deliberately perverted beyond recognition that “any cook can rule the state” (in the original, “... any laborer and any cook are not able now to take over the government, but we demand an immediate break with the prejudice that to rule the state, to bear everyday life, the daily work of management is only able to be rich or officials taken from wealthy families ”) is used by the ruling elite as a sarcastic commentary on calls for the formation of mechanisms of true democracy. And therefore, those who are avidly nostalgic for the USSR are very cunning. Yes, the command-administrative system in the USSR until a certain point was very effective, but, in the end, the party-economic nomenclature, in essence - having usurped power in the country, removed the broad masses from the process of management and decision-making. That is why the USSR collapsed so easily.

Summing up all of the above, it should be said that the true state of affairs is perfectly felt (precisely felt, not realized) by our deep people. That is why the largest and most active part of our population openly and defiantly ignores the elections, not wanting to participate in the fraudulent game of the system against its people. And the people understand very well that a simple change of power personnel cannot radically change the situation, and it may well be worse.

But what should the noted fighters against the regime do in this situation? Shut up and focus on discussing the glamorous adventures of our creative elite? No! The people themselves are unlikely to be able to spontaneously realize the deep essence of the necessary reforms and effectively self-organize. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to understand that calls for protest alone cannot improve the situation. A deep reform of the entire political system of the country is required. Its revolutionary demolition, which will inevitably lead to serious social and political upheavals, is inadmissible. Our "friends-partners" abroad will not fail to take advantage of this. There is no doubt that the reform must be carried out on a fundamentally new political and ideological basis.

Today, there is a growing crisis of capitalism and the collapse of liberalism, as the ideological formulation of the classical capitalist socio-economic model of society. V.V. Putin in his 2019 interview with the Financial Times: “The liberal idea is outdated. It came into conflict with the interests of the overwhelming majority of the population. " As you know, ideology is not only a theoretical formulation of ideas about the laws of development of society, but also a system of values ​​and norms that set guidelines for social development and state building, since the concept of a public administration system is largely determined by state ideology. We must consistently and persistently, without political chatter and noisy social slogans, educate and convince the people of the consistency and lack of alternatives of the proposed ideological constructions and structural models of the state government system. It is required to gradually involve and convince the most active part of the population to permanently work on the implementation of the elements of the proposed system in the social and political life of our country.

But these proposals concern not only political parties and movements, but also all thinking people. The main thing is to learn to think independently and, keeping in mind the precepts of Ilyich, one should say: study, study and once again learn to be responsible citizens. We must learn to listen and understand who and what logically sound and correct organizational things are proposing. We must learn to be responsible citizens and not to hand over our fate and the fate of our children thoughtlessly into the hands of all political movements there, no matter how beautiful slogans their banners are gilded with.
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  1. Sergey Tokarev Offline Sergey Tokarev
    Sergey Tokarev (Sergey Tokarev) 8 October 2020 07: 42
    Strongly, in contrast to some non-bloggers who think they are experts.
  2. Zhsq Offline Zhsq
    Zhsq 8 October 2020 08: 18
    Competent analytical article. Indeed, many modern fighters against the "Putin regime", including party leaders, utter only slogans and engage in criticism, without proposing any specific program for the country's development.
    1. snark1876 Offline snark1876
      snark1876 (snark1876) 8 October 2020 18: 12
      You yourself speak in slogans. straight from the manual. You are sure that "they" are not offering any specific program for the country's development. G ....... is a gift from God, but it should not be abused
    2. isofat Offline isofat
      isofat (isofat) 14 October 2020 22: 23
      Quote: Zhsq
      they utter only slogans and engage in criticism, without proposing any specific program for the country's development.

      The specific program is very simple:

      1. Build capitalism until its contradictions hinder the further development of the country.

      2. Start building the next state system that scientists have been talking about for a long time.

      3. The second point will be made by people who do not have crooked views, left or right, but specialists who are well versed in the capitalist mode of production.

      PS. Modern technologies have made our world very fragile. It is foolish to follow the revolutionaries, and especially the "colored" ones. We do not live so badly as they try to convince us. We need to deal with youth.
      1. polev66 Offline polev66
        polev66 (Alexander) 18 October 2020 09: 17
        and what are such specialists? so far I only see talking populists such as kerchiefs, navalsons and other modest lovers
  3. Oyo Sarkazmi Offline Oyo Sarkazmi
    Oyo Sarkazmi (Oyo Sarkazmi) 8 October 2020 08: 28
    And, in my opinion, empty talk. Ineffective leadership quickly leads the country to total collapse. Examples over the past 30 years are a dime a dozen. Starting the economy should be economical with a flag in the form of Gorbachev, Zimbabwean quadrillion for a loaf of bread, an Iraqi family contract, to Ukrainian independence.
    The Moscow member correspondent, with a home-bus-monitor outlook, has no idea even about the life of its neighbors, let alone about life in the country. Sits in a kennel of his convictions, frightened by CNN and disappointed by the mourners from Echo of Moscow, and extrapolates his spleen to Zamkadye.
  4. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 8 October 2020 09: 24
    Wow. Really an analyst, not a manual.

    True it is

    We must learn to be responsible citizens ...

    - for 5 years even the "cautious" leftists have been pronouncing them, moreover, with recipes (see Dmitry Puchkov with friends), and the professors have only gotten to it now and without prescriptions, but simply with "condemnations" ...

    Maybe a training manual? Remember the "deep state", but there are many similarities here -

    deep people


    ... said V.V. Putin in his interview with the Financial Times ...

    Said, and ...? He said the opposite at least 4 times ...
  5. Sergey A_2 Offline Sergey A_2
    Sergey A_2 (Siberian Yuzhanin) 8 October 2020 09: 28
    A competent article, the author correctly stated everything. Only now every ukram and zapadentsem does not understand this from them other values. So it would be figs with them, but they climb and impose ...
  6. antibi0tikk Offline antibi0tikk
    antibi0tikk (Sergei) 8 October 2020 09: 44
    Eh, beautifully said

    We must consistently and persistently, without political chatter and noisy social slogans, educate and convince the people of the consistency and lack of alternatives of the proposed ideological constructions and structural models of the state government system. It is necessary to gradually involve and convince the most active part of the population to permanently work on the implementation of the elements of the proposed system in the social and political life of our country.

    An intelligent and intelligent person is immediately visible! (I say this without sarcasm).
    For myself, I have long understood that an IDEA is needed for the peaceful development of the country. Here in the article it is more abstrusely said - the proposed ideological constructions. Now in our country, BABLO is proposed as an IDEA. If you want money, go to work, study (improve your skills), in general, spin as you can. Those who cannot or does not want to earn money, the state will not let them die of hunger, but they will not be able to show off either. Personally, I completely agree with this, the example of Germany is very indicative, when they put millions of parasites around their necks and it is easier for a simple hard worker to put a bolt on his job, get an allowance (about the same size as his salary), and stay at home.
    Only with this idea (BABLO) is also not so simple. It's like in classical literature: the conflict between fathers and children. So it is here: the conflict between the boss and the subordinate. The boss believes that the majority of the hard workers are loafers, and the hard workers believe that all the bosses are drunk and do not understand nichrome. The hard worker has painted the fence and wants one hundred million pounds sterling for this work to buy a Bentley, an apartment, a country house, a mistress with three boobs, etc., and the boss pays him only five thousand rubles, in principle, as much as this work costs. And before that, the boss had to run around here and there, find out who needs to paint the fence, negotiate a price, find a hard worker, buy brushes and paints, etc. etc. in general, too, to do a rather big amount of work, for which he would also like to receive money. Personally, I know little of those who have found mutual understanding in matters of making money: the boss is looking for orders, the hard worker is doing the work, while the hard worker is doing this work, the boss is looking for the next order. What they earned was shared in a brotherly way.
    I got carried away. As they say: krtk. -sisters. tal-ta !!! what
    In general, I think so, while in our country as an idea - BABLO, everyone should do their own thing: a builder - to build, a collective farmer - to sow, a teacher - to teach, a boss - to lead, well, to kick up (everyone, not just the boss) with legontsuha (not like Efremov), too, it is necessary to be sensitive so that the brewer does not remain without work. And there will be an ideologist who will offer another, more interesting IDEA for the development of the country, and we will think about what to do next with this.
  7. Hodor Offline Hodor
    Hodor 8 October 2020 10: 04
    A revolution in the Russian Federation is impossible because Putin, fearing competition, made every effort to be the only possible presidential candidate, leaving only all sorts of marginal clowns like bulk. And then, of course, - "Who if not Putin?" Only now everything can end as in Belarus, people will be for anyone, as long as only against him.
  8. Jarilo Offline Jarilo
    Jarilo (Sergei) 8 October 2020 11: 41
    Putin, if not the reason, then the support of the existing regime. There are no options.
    1. kapitan92 Offline kapitan92
      kapitan92 (Vyacheslav) 8 October 2020 20: 59
      Quote: Jarilo
      Putin, if not the reason, then the support of the existing regime. There are no options.

      He, the "dad" of this regime!
  9. Misha Mihalkov Offline Misha Mihalkov
    Misha Mihalkov (Misha Mihalkov) 8 October 2020 11: 51
    All right, in the mind.
  10. Yuri Nemov Offline Yuri Nemov
    Yuri Nemov (Yuri Nemov) 8 October 2020 13: 30
    None of the reforms and even revolutions will make people happier, immediately after the reforms, the people will begin to whine in the same way that they say they did it wrong, they deceived us, they promised rivers of milk, but we still do not have enough money. It is necessary to learn one thing - There are always few material benefits for everyone, no matter how much you give. People are whining in Europe and America. And they will always whine, at least twice a year carry out reforms. This is a human essence, everyone thinks that his poor man is being deceived and not given enough, and the rest are all fattening. It has been and will always be so.
    1. vvnab Offline vvnab
      vvnab (Vitali) 13 October 2020 11: 39
      But I have enough money, but I'm still unhappy! What is wrong with me?
      Dissatisfied with the system of education, science and medical care. Dissatisfied with the loss of Russia's cultural influence. I am dissatisfied with the lack of a positive image of the future of my country.
      And yes, I VERY dislike a lot of poor people, even though I'm not one of them. Poverty is cultural and intellectual degradation, a high level of crime, drug addiction ... I don't want my children to live in SUCH society!
      Perhaps it is not worth measuring happiness only by the level of personal consumption? Many people perceive reality a little differently!
      1. polev66 Offline polev66
        polev66 (Alexander) 18 October 2020 09: 20
        so change the situation, the couple whine in the comments?
  11. Eduard Aplombov Offline Eduard Aplombov
    Eduard Aplombov (Eduard Aplombov) 8 October 2020 14: 49
    In Russia (in this case), rarely does anyone mention one important point, in a short time (100 years) in Russia there are layers or generations that have caught the Great Patriotic War, Stalin, Khrushch, Brezhnev, Gorbachev, Yeltsin, and finally Putin, t .e such a conglomerate or simply a compote of ideologies, convictions and attachments in the minds of whatever to say or write in a fairy tale, Russia experienced a grandiose experiment of socialism-communism that almost buried the country.
    Time must pass so that at least in peacetime all this will settle and be digested in generations, the heirs of some ideas will leave and a generation free from any imposed ideologies will be nurtured and the same Putin (with all his minuses) does not impose ideas on society, he, like Moses, tries without wars to lead the country and everyone to the realization of themselves (realizing it or not, I don't know) whether we will succeed or not, there are too many of those who are trying to destroy all this and impose their ideology, acting from the simplest denial of what has been achieved to the lie that there are those who will build a new communism instead of the current regime (and after all, they believe, as the Ukrainians believed, they want to believe part of Berorussia, etc.)
  12. Nikita Medvedev Offline Nikita Medvedev
    Nikita Medvedev (Nikita Medvedev) 8 October 2020 18: 39
    An attempt to integrate into the current system with new ideologemes in the hope that part of the elite will be ready for a compromise of the format "let's not be in the revolution, but we will share" - IMHO is doomed to failure, because without this very threat of revolution there will be no need for compromise.

    The evolutionary tools will leave us lagging behind, for the revolutionary there are no prerequisites and forces.
    As long as the principle "die you today, and I tomorrow" works, it will not work

    But you have to learn ... including thinking.
  13. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 8 October 2020 19: 56
    Those who consider Russians, or people of any other nationality or race, to be stupid slaves, are, in fact, outspoken nationalists and Nazis.
    The term “deep people” is a political slobber, designed to blur the class character of society.
    Any state is stable as long as the ruling class provides the slaves with the level of existence accepted in this or that society.
    The problems of the ruling class lead to a decline in the standard of living of slaves.
    This provokes the slaves to spontaneous performances, during which a leader appears and demands are made.
    The demands of the slaves are never fulfilled in full, and the leaders are put under pressure or bought, offering a price that cannot be refused.

    Let us finally frankly admit that despite the fact that we live in Russia today under capitalism, even now a wide class of national producers is not really allowed to power.

    All the author's verbiage from a misunderstanding of the essence.
    Socialism is a transitional stage, and the essence is not to destroy the capitalism world, which was restored to the ground after the coup d'etat of 1991, but to reform it step by step, helping and supporting the big capitalists and, as their capital grows, put the main elements of capitalism under state control and regulation : monetary sphere, pricing, production of means of production, defense industry. Illustrative examples of this are the massive spread of mortgages, motorization of the population, price regulation, incl. for gasoline, etc.
    This is one of the differences between socialism and capitalism, that under socialism big business is placed under the control of the state and serves the interests of the state, and not the state is an instrument of big business. The most obvious example is the People's Republic of China.
    Under capitalism, big business runs everything, its leading group at this time - hires the government through contributions to the electoral campaign of formally democratic elections, which conducts a policy in the interests of those who unfastened more money for the electoral campaign.

    PS “The class of officials” is utter nonsense.
    The USSR collapsed due to the following main reasons:
    1). Theoretical illiteracy of the leadership of the CPSU and the state
    (As Vladimir Putin once said, they did not know what to do)
    2). Their isolation from the people
    (A class of so-called "untouchables" was formed, and membership in the party became a condition for career growth)
    3). Formal socialization of production
    (Everything is collective farm, everything is mine)
  14. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 8 October 2020 20: 02
    - Why write so much and supposedly try to sort something out "on the shelves" ... - Who is it for ???
    - And why reinvent the wheel ???
    -Russia (like no other state) has experience, has a ready-made instrument; and even people - several generations who lived during this period ...; and the entire built economic foundation and society ... - I'm talking about the socialist economic path of development ...
    -That's why we need to specifically talk about how to restore this economic socialist basis of the state ...
    -And not that, they say ... -that people will take to the streets and will not know where to go ... -What kind of profanity ??? - So ... sit really little people at home and wait for the weather by the sea ??? -What is this provocation ???
    - You can continue to rely on "little Tsakhes" ... and praise his "brilliant" moves and deeds ... - but nothing will change from this ...
  15. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 8 October 2020 20: 38
    "The people understand that the problem is not with Putin."

    For some reason, such professors will never say that it is not about Lenin or Stalin. On the contrary, they will prove that the whole point is in them.

    ..Well, Putin, oh what are you,
    Putin is just great ...

    ... how the power over him - the people - is not mocked: it starves you, it grips your mouth, and has brought education with health care to the handle, but he endures everything and does not go out into the streets.

    Well, what's wrong here? And I thought after that, the professor would at least provide evidence that it would not be so. But you can see such professors, only for the "Novice" they demand proof, and for the rest, they offer to take a word for it!

    A people unable to stand up for themselves against an unfit ruler

    If this were not so, then we would not elect deputies, governors, etc. The people would have done well without them! Think back to the 90s. People were not paid a salary for six months, but they worked. The people can stand up for themselves, but it needs someone to organize it! That is why liberals hate Lenin and Stalin. The professor grew up in greenhouse conditions, since he does not understand such simple "things".

    ..Russian parties are mainly focused on the proclamation of social slogans and demands for specific social benefits.

    Apparently, therefore, Putin never participated in one-on-one debates. He's a man of deed and word. I wanted to give my word, I wanted to take it back. For people, I have not fulfilled a single promise.

    ... Everyone in Russia firmly knows
    the most important argument,
    is not responsible for anything in
    state president.

    I want to remind those yearning for the socialist people's past about the shooting of the workers of the Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant in 1962.

    Well then, remind about the shooting of the Supreme Soviet in 1993. About the default of 1998 Or about January 9, 1905.
    Something the professor has some sort of selective memory! I remember here, I don't remember here.
    I'm tired of reading this nonsense. One petty toady. This professor, with a purchased education, did not even bother to give an example of at least some of Putin's achievements. To praise on specific examples and that education was not enough. But so many shouts: "Halva! Halva!"
  16. Netyn Offline Netyn
    Netyn (Netyn) 8 October 2020 21: 54
    We live in a pseudo-democratic society of manipulative democracy, where, with the help of the media, manipulation of social benefits and electoral technologies, power is usurped by a class of bureaucracy and a narrow group of oligarchs and corporatocrats consolidated with it (English corporatocracy is the appointed or elected joint-stock corporate bureaucracy of transnational and monopolies, which affects forms the political system and the system of government in personal and corporate interests)

    Professor, member and all that and does not understand commonplace truths.
    There is no pseudo-democracy, because it is all and everywhere the same and this is the so-called democracy
  17. LeeSeeTsin Offline LeeSeeTsin
    LeeSeeTsin (Stas) 8 October 2020 22: 28
    An article that should calm me down. Well, we have no one but Putin. You, the "deep people" somehow be patient until tomorrow. And "tomorrow will be better."
    But I don’t believe a single word. I have such a right - to believe or not. Both the System of Power and our media have discredited themselves to such an extent that to believe them is to deceive ourselves.
  18. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 8 October 2020 23: 46
    Why a revolution in Russia is impossible

    Revolutions are different, there are no preconditions for either the bourgeois, let alone the proletarian.
    A coup is another matter. The precariousness and vulnerability is that the entire domestic and foreign policy of the Russian Federation rests on V.V. Putin, and he, as president, is outside the political parties, as if by himself. This does not happen and cannot be. Apparently the party is being replaced by the environment, which is subjected to external pressure. For this, Western “democracies” are introducing personal sanctions on his associates and oligarchs in order to hit their pockets and induce them to oppose the current government, personally associated with V.V. Putin. The closure and reduction of jobs at their enterprises leads to unemployment, a fall in the economy, a decline in living standards, social instability and other delights fueled by "democratic" media of all stripes and internal "democrats" such as those who have avoided answering since the time of the machinations with Kirovles - bulk, a candidate to the presidency of a democrat in a hearse - a Sobchak lady, to other protectors of the state and the people.
  19. Oleg Rambover Offline Oleg Rambover
    Oleg Rambover (Oleg Pitersky) 9 October 2020 01: 42
    Feeling that he was falling into disgrace, Surkov wrote an article, and in it he invented some kind of mythical "deep" people. And now this nonsense is being repeated by anyone.
  20. StentoR34 Offline StentoR34
    StentoR34 (Andrei) 9 October 2020 19: 39
    The people of Russia understand that it is not about Putin

    - neighing heartily. The author, I don't know where you are from, but take a ride across Russia and talk to the people. It's not worth joking about whether a revolution is possible at all, especially now. It's like with the word "devil", it should be pronounced as little as possible. We have such self-confident people who shouted that revolution is impossible in the history of the country. Degradation and extinction are proceeding at a colossal pace, simply terrifying.
  21. Rojer coke Offline Rojer coke
    Rojer coke (Rojer Coke) 11 October 2020 15: 30
    And most importantly, our "radiant guarantor" for all 20 years of rule has not done anything to remove Russia from the raw material needle. On the contrary, everything has been done and has been diligently done and continues to be done in order to make the country stronger on it. It is not just that production, agriculture, animal husbandry, fisheries, science, education, now medicine and social services were almost completely destroyed. During the time of Serdyukov-Ivanov-Shoigu, the defense capability was simply reduced to zero, despite the external props wrapped in beautiful candy wrappers. And so it is in all sectors and spheres of life of the Russian state. All allies were systematically merged or even disposed of, banking and any financial activities, and even industry (Deripaska, etc.) were farmed overseas, everything was made dependent on the dollar and the euro, everything was specially and in advance prepared so that we all found themselves in the current situation and as less prepared as possible to repel the main attack. All this was done by the agent of the CIA and the Jewish Mossad, bald Putin. That is why the Americans threw him here so that he, under the guise and under the cover of a "patriot", would successfully destroy the remnants of statehood. And as we can see from the result, he did it quite successfully all these years. Not a single real promise "to improve or introduce something useful" was so fulfilled, and everything was done exactly the opposite. One continuous demagogy and populism. But work was carried out to dismantle the state and state systems and industries to please the enemy and by order of the enemy, though cleverly hiding behind the mask of "patriotism". Well, about the number of terrorist attacks, murders (including mass), accidents, disasters, landslides, drug addiction, debauchery, alcoholism, conflicts, migration, corruption, all kinds of crimes and banditry, including especially Muslim-Churkovskiy, and it is not even necessary to speak ... Everything is in plain sight and everything has long been obvious.
    1. nkvil Offline nkvil
      nkvil (Nathan Kvil) 14 October 2020 06: 31
      Are the Jews to blame again? We have almost all left your anti-Semitic Russia, calm down and drink hawthorn. Soon Putin will raise your prices for electricity :)
  22. Rojer coke Offline Rojer coke
    Rojer coke (Rojer Coke) 11 October 2020 15: 30
    Putin's two main principles:

    1) "Promises to promise"

    2) "To promise is not to do!"

    Here are specific examples and constructive justifications of Putin's vile constant lies and hypocrisy (as he himself asked):

    If you had the opportunity to listen to what I said live on television recently, then you know: I am opposed to raising the retirement age. And I repeat - while I am president, this decision will not be made.

    V.V. Putin (October 2005)

    By 2020, Russians will receive an average of $ 2700 a month, have at least 100 square meters for a family of three, and the middle class will make up more than half of the population. At the same time, annual inflation will drop to three percent.

    Vladimir Putin 18.03.2008/XNUMX/XNUMX

    I believe that the most important element in strengthening Russian statehood today is stability. Stability in the country and in society cannot be ensured in any other way than through the stability of legislation and the country's fundamental law - the Constitution. Therefore, I do not intend to change the Constitution under any circumstances.

    V.V. Putin (2005)
  23. Rojer coke Offline Rojer coke
    Rojer coke (Rojer Coke) 11 October 2020 15: 31
    The states are creating a ring of fire around Russia (Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan), and in the meantime, Putin's CIA and Mossad agents are finishing the country with all their might from the inside, including through the NATO operation called "epidemic coronavirus ", sabotage in Norilsk, Kamchatka. And Putin. as an accomplice of the enemy and a CIA agent, he is doing everything to merge Russian interests everywhere, both on the external front, and to destroy people on the internal front.

    it is the capture of the country

    Read here: (although they tried to erase some of the pictures on purpose, but by last names you can find, if you wish, the entire text):



    Putin is a CIA and Mossad project

    everything is obvious there. and what is being done by Putin is all for the good of the enemies. any of his decisions and actions for verification.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  24. Rojer coke Offline Rojer coke
    Rojer coke (Rojer Coke) 11 October 2020 15: 34
    God knows better what is possible and what will happen. And everything is possible for God. But it is already obvious that one of the main things for Russia now is to eliminate enemies from the authorities, otherwise it is definitely inevitable death. it's like chopping off gangrene, chop off, you will suffer, of course, but if you endure it, at least you will stay alive and you can even partially or completely return to a full life, and not chop it off, just torment yourself and "hello" in the end, you die from sepsis or other complications. and with Putin's infection.
  25. Kolya Pivovarov Offline Kolya Pivovarov
    Kolya Pivovarov (Kolya Pivovarov) 14 October 2020 10: 13
    We don’t need to invest in television manuals. Putin’s management has long been on the decline. If after Yeltsin’s indifference there seemed to be some improvement, now everything has returned to the same as it was, only before anyone stole, but now PZHiV. For the people it’s even In the end, nothing has changed. Putin is to blame for being and is a puppet, not an independent leader. How can a country run a country with the nickname “butt, underdog?” These are KGB klikuhi, and not invented in the 00s.
    1. novice Offline novice
      novice (Andrei) 14 October 2020 20: 29
      Personally, I see the results and I don't want them, so hard earned, to be poured into the toilet.
      For fun ... well, there is someone here, it's a long time ...
      In Ukraine, the president is a clown. The result is what it should be - "rzhaka" through the tears of the people (
      The clown and the clown in Africa.
      1. Beelzebub Offline Beelzebub
        Beelzebub (Sergey Shaptsev) 14 October 2020 21: 30
        In Estonia, the President is a baba accountant !!! So Estonia is now TENTH IN THE WORLD in terms of living standards of its people !! This is even recognized by the UN !! Well, we are 67th !!! With all our minerals, which are NOT available in Estonia !!! So the woman - the accountant of our Putin did it at once !! Where are her people and where are the people of Putin - the numbers speak about everything ... Ukrainians are near - 69th !!!
  26. novice Offline novice
    novice (Andrei) 14 October 2020 20: 20
    Strong, but long! When will it reach these werewolves? As there: it is better to be the first in the village than .... eleventh in the city. This is not taking into account that the "village" OGO-GO! -1 ; there are citizens - oligarchs, bureaucrats and others ... beupots - nobody needs you -2. Unless as police officers, overseers of their people.
    Open your eyes, those in power! Option 2.
    1. Everyone is drowning for Russia. Curb your appetite "brush"
    I don’t know how to call these freaks (on which something depends, but they without restraint "FSE ... lie) ...
    2. Everyone .. OPA, he's ..... You are smart guys, of course, you thought of everything (where to live, how much money will be enough for great-great-great-grandchildren, etc.)

    But nobody needs you there. All the locals know who you are and where you are from. And you will live according to their laws. It seems that the money "earned by back-breaking labor" will turn out to be "very muted" then everything is banal ...
    Option 1 - to fight off enemies and create a prosperous state seems more reasonable. In other words: helping to bend Russia, Russian bureaucrats select a stall where it will be possible to bend down unnoticed from others, who, perhaps, with excellent behavior, will bend in their personal stall. But nothing else. Nobody needs you or your children there. Its full.
    There won't be money and power for strangers for sure.
  27. Beelzebub Offline Beelzebub
    Beelzebub (Sergey Shaptsev) 14 October 2020 21: 15
    I will answer one thing - the country is going up the ass! So one 84-year-old grandmother at the bazaar answered the question about the path of development of Russia !!! This is the answer of a DEEP PEOPLE ... With a pension as much as 8500 !!! So EVERYTHING is slim ranks to Putin's paradise ...
  28. novice Offline novice
    novice (Andrei) 14 October 2020 22: 00
    In our Russian! This is the main thing! And what about Navalny or Sobchak, there are still options ... They will put things in order in three days! Do they live well in Latvia? And what else does someone live there? And thank God! Let them live well!
    And that's why those who do not live well do not do their own life, but want to do everything else "better" .... and more often .....
  29. novice Offline novice
    novice (Andrei) 14 October 2020 22: 14
    And everyone cares about us: well, why are you not going there? You should strive for prosperity, and we will show you how ...
  30. novice Offline novice
    novice (Andrei) 14 October 2020 22: 17
    Indignant straight! Extremely unhappy with this!
    Isn't it an indicator of the generally correct direction?
  31. osemyonoff Offline osemyonoff
    osemyonoff (Oleg) 17 October 2020 12: 48
    Even a lawless man, suffering from boundless arbitrariness, Sobyanin - put on Moscow by Putin
  32. denisov2008 Offline denisov2008
    denisov2008 (Alexander Denisov) 18 October 2020 23: 47
    I love reading such texts. Almost true. I am sure many will like it.

    A small question for the author. Little like that. When the three-hundredth anniversary of the Romanov dynasty was celebrated, there were no questions about revolution in public discourse at all, absolutely. So what?

    After a few years, what happened?

    The author deliberately confuses the audience. The deep people and the revolution are as connected as "There is an elder in the garden, and there is an uncle in Kiev."

    A revolution is a product of “some processors in society” + a leader.

    Today, apparently, there are some processes, otherwise we would not have such texts.

    There is no Lenin, no Trotsky.

    I repeat, the product of certain processes in society, primarily in the capital.

    As for the deep people, then ...

    Celebrating the 10 October Revolution, as it was called at that time. A large village on the border with China in the Blagoveshinsk region. More than 10 inhabitants.

    There is a demonstration in honor of the holiday along the main street. 30 people. 20 people, this is the class of my mother, who, being a teacher, took her class to a demonstration and 9 people from the village administration.

    Hence, the deep people have always been deep, but it is not for them to determine where the state will go and whether or not there will be a revolution.
  33. Alexander Maltsev17 (Alexander Maltsev) 19 October 2020 08: 39
    The article is excellent, only the author did not make specific suggestions - only general words.
  34. Www Xxx Offline Www Xxx
    Www Xxx (Www xxx) 20 October 2020 10: 13
    Of course, the president and his chosen entourage are not to blame for anything, the people understand that the people themselves are to blame for the fact that there are persons in power who are not guilty of anything (I mean the complete destruction of all structures by the authorities to ensure the work of the state apparatus and its development) ))) After all, there are much more important tasks such as timber removal, this is when volumes do not go into any gate, oil sales, volumes in unrealistic figures that belong to the people, but the Russian corporation owes nothing to anyone, you can continue describing the facts for a long time, but intelligence in power will not appear from this.
    Putin .. I "believe"))) you are innocent, and those ghouls that are in your environment and even more so.
    Forgotten criminal case V.V. Putin's number 144128 - oh, this is where it came from .... the president is not your fault .... I know and believe ...
    This text is not a criticism of the authorities, all characters are fictional, any similarity is an accident.
    Putin .... you are not guilty ...
  35. vladimost Offline vladimost
    vladimost (Vlad) 21 October 2020 09: 12
    How many words to justify a person who scoffs at the Constitution at the same time as election riggers trying to present the fraud as "the will of the deep people."
  36. MasterPeace Offline MasterPeace
    MasterPeace (..) 21 October 2020 13: 03
    It is foolish to ask the people to rule a country that does not belong to this people. First, return the country to the people. And it is not necessary to say that you would be happy, but do not know how to do it. Announce the collapse of the Federation. And then, in each piece, forces will begin to appear that will pull their piece. And wait for the appearance of the new "Muscovy", which will be the most wealthy among the rest of the pieces, will be able to break out into the people and conquer the rest of the pieces. You need to rebuild the country again. For centuries, one thing and then another was glued to it. Tinted. Latali. Restored. They were amputated. And here is such a "miracle-Judo-Frankenstein" happened. All the insides stuck with cancer. And life is now artificially supported in it.
    An artificial country cannot exist. We live in a greenhouse, nursery, reserve. We need to set us free, into the real world. But that's exactly what we don't want. Our ancestors have already conquered this piece of the planet. We can only reap the benefits, which, in fact, we are doing. Yes, bad, but poor. But a bad life is better than a good death.
  37. Signeur Tomato Offline Signeur Tomato
    Signeur Tomato (Signeur Tomato) 25 October 2020 11: 52
    Stop hovering in illusions, trying to explain everything in different ways. Depths, surfaces. Everything is simple, everything is written by Lenin. And brain-eating, the sowing of all doubts, leads to disasters.
  38. Ekaterina K. Offline Ekaterina K.
    Ekaterina K. (Alexander Kovalev) 25 October 2020 12: 23
    Since when did doctors of medical sciences begin to professionally understand the political sphere ?! Is Covid bad for the brain?
  39. Konstantin Buntsev (Konstantin Buntsev) 26 October 2020 07: 28
    Well, let's wait until the people become literate. The only pity is that if you wait, then it may be too LATE to do anything.
  40. James mariarty Offline James mariarty
    James mariarty (Dima Klimanov) 2 November 2020 01: 42
    A very strong, speckled, clearly described article and according to the reaction of the "deep people" and our people are actively well-read and with steel eggs, waiting ...
  41. Ilya Mironov Offline Ilya Mironov
    Ilya Mironov (Ilya Mironov) 2 November 2020 22: 15
    Putin is not the problem, he is doing everything right. People need to change, both simple and those that sit in the State Duma. Then we will live.
  42. First name Offline First name
    First name (Name) 30 January 2023 19: 21
    Why did such a situation arise, or rather, why was it fabricated!? The answer is simple, the insatiability of sinfulness in the delusions of one's ideals, namely one's own, cannot lead people to the prosperity of spirituality and the scientific progress of society as a whole. Everyone understands who is inherent in this greed. Opening the eyes of the people to the insatiability of their servants should encourage the people to act and strike dishonor not with a sword, but with a word, those who have forgotten about spirituality. But you need to help the king who is not indifferent to human torment, because for this he said, “I am your King,” but God raises Kings, from this it is clear to people that he is the true King. In his hand is the shield of Faith, and in the other sword is Truth. thieves to return the debt to God,
    and overthrow the false Kings that I drink people like water, remembering the honor that is not alien to them, but given from birth.