Six geopolitical strikes against Russia: five of them have already been delivered

The next (the third in a row in 15 years) "Maidan" in Kyrgyzstan, which caught many observers and experts by surprise, is actually not just a natural, but an absolutely inevitable next "link" in the chain of events aimed at inflicting a comprehensive and a crushing geopolitical defeat. And there is, alas, absolutely no conspiracy at all - all current events are outlined in black and white in the report of the US national security research corporation RAND "Extending Russia: Competing from Advantageous Ground" published back in 2019.

One of the most successful translation options is: "Overstrain Russia: A Strategy of Competition from Superior Positions." It is the step-by-step and very accurate implementation of the strategy proposed by the corporation's analysts to their customers - the Pentagon and the US CIA - that is being carried out literally before our eyes. As the same Americans say - here and now. What will further events lead to if they are allowed to develop within its framework? Absolutely no good for our country ...

Six geopolitical strikes - five already delivered

Naturally, I will not retell the content of a very voluminous report and present its postulates. Moreover, this work of American analytical thought was at one time quite vividly discussed in the domestic expert community. Some people have taken the liberty of being quite caustic about the fact that the "stupid Americans" and our history do not really know, and in their assessments of modern realities they have managed to make a bunch of "blunders". The advisers also looked for ... Well, how to say. They are stupid, maybe stupid, who would argue. However, to those who, in fact, was the main addressee of the document under discussion (and probably received it in a much more detailed form, supplemented by details that were not widely publicized), it did not seem stupid or divorced from reality. Such a conclusion can be drawn at least from the fact that the measures proposed by RAND to "overstrain" Russia in order to inflict maximum damage on it are carried out by the relevant organizations and structures of the United States with the diligence of schoolchildren.

Judge for yourself: Chapter 4 of the report, entitled “Geopolitical Measures”, contains exactly 6 points, and in this particular order: 1. Granting lethal weapons to Ukraine; 2. Stepping up support for the "rebels" in Syria; 3. Organization of regime change in Belarus; 4. Using the potential to create tensions in the South Caucasus; 5. Decrease in the level of Russian presence and influence in Central Asia; 6. Termination of the presence of Russia in Moldova. These are the brief theses - with appropriate recommendations for each item, of course. And what, tell me, from this list has not been fulfilled? Well, yes, the last point. So the presidential elections in Chisinau on November 1 ...

The level of military support for the "non-profit" from the United States has recently risen to an unprecedented level even in the "hot" 2014-2015 years. There is no doubt that any type of weapon may be in the clutches of warriors from the Armed Forces of Ukraine at any moment. They would have already turned out, if not for the completely justified fear of the "curators" that they would be robbed or spoiled. However, when it is necessary in the "lavas" of the "nezalezhnoy" army, "the right weapon" will appear in the "right" hands. The country has long been controlled not only by the US State Department, but also by the Pentagon a little more than 100%. With regard to Syria, the plan is also being implemented quite successfully. Well, perhaps the Americans have somewhat reduced their own efforts in this area, proceeding from purely pragmatic considerations: why bother if Turkey is coping with the task of creating a constant and ever-increasing headache in this region for Moscow? Moreover, in Libya, in addition, he is trying not out of fear, but conscientiously ... The special operation to "change the regime" in Minsk is in full swing.

Those who believe that the local "Maidan" has been defeated or tamed are naive and overly optimistic. Nothing like this. The corresponding mechanisms have been launched and the confrontation can last for years, and with a very unpredictable ending. Exploded not just by a local conflict, but by a full-scale and bloody war, Nagorno-Karabakh perfectly fits the definition of "using local hotbeds of tension", and the use is undoubtedly to the detriment of Russia, which risks getting serious geopolitical problems in any, in practice, development of this conflict. How much it? Four out of six points? Shall we continue further? Why not…

Everything goes according to plan…

So far, many are inclined to consider the events in Bishkek to be a primitive struggle of local clans, an eternal battle of savages "political elites "of the North and South of the country. In the end, the overthrow of presidents and governments really turned into a national amusement for the Kyrgyz. However, if Molotov cocktails are lit, then somebody needs it. There is no need to wonder who exactly. Domestic politicians, by the way, reacted quite correctly to what was happening, calling the next violent change of power in Kyrgyzstan "an attempt to rock the situation in the country, inspired and coordinated by external forces." Naturally, completely unfriendly to both the Kyrgyz people and, first of all, Russia.

Alas, even the most elementary logic does not allow to consider the political crisis and the escalation of violence in Bishkek as “other people's problems” that have nothing to do with our country and its vital interests. The fact that representatives of both opposing camps (the parties of the current head of state Sooronbai Jeenbekov and ex-president Almazbek Atambayev) are considered seemingly "pro-Russian" politicians does not change the matter at all. Moscow has reasons to worry, and more than weighty. To begin with, Kyrgyzstan is a member of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), which is already undergoing a not-so-successful test of strength by the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh. To completely destroy this structure is the crystal dream of all NATO strategists and not only it. Note that more than serious problems hit three of the six countries in this bloc today. Accident? Coincidence? I don’t think so. Rather, it looks like a global special operation to destroy it.

Considering the Kyrgyz “peculiarities of the national political struggle,” which are now unfolding in front of us in all their “glory”, the matter may come to a much larger-scale conflict, or even, God forbid, to a civil war. At the same time, proceeding from, again, the local flavor inherent in this region, it should be remembered that at the moment of any turmoil in it, the most dangerous and aggressive force - radical Islamists - immediately rears its head. It is not excluded that external players striving to destabilize Central and Central Asia, it is on them that the stake is being made in this particular case. If such a scenario is implemented, no one will be in good luck - neither neighboring Kazakhstan, nor Uzbekistan, with which, by the way, Kyrgyzstan has long-standing and to this day unresolved territorial disputes. Tajikistan will also not be able to stand aside, where, by the way, presidential elections are to be held in the very near future. The favorite (to put it mildly) on such is the current national leader Emomali Rakhmonov, in the field of "political longevity" to Alexander Lukashenko, not only is not inferior, but perhaps even superior to him.

Here's something I have anxious forebodings about this ... The local "opposition" is already trying to muddy the waters there too. One way or another, but if it is not possible to find the fastest and least violent way out of the crisis that has arisen in Kyrgyzstan at the moment, the entire Central Asia can quickly turn into such a blazing madhouse that will give a hundred points ahead of the same Syria, where about the world and peace has long been forgotten in principle. With the only amendment that this will not happen "somewhere out there", but at the very borders of Russia. With all, as they say, the consequences arising from this fact.

The most interesting thing is that surprisingly few measures of a purely military nature were proposed in the report I mentioned above - despite the fact that it was addressed, as already mentioned, primarily to the Pentagon. At the same time, all of them are also carried out rigorously: the maximum redeployment of the US Army Air Force, as well as the US Navy to the borders of Russia and the all-round intensification of their actions on our borders, the intensified deployment of tactical nuclear weapons as close as possible to the alleged points of destruction on Russian territory - these are the actions and are being undertaken today, and quite openly. Nevertheless, the emphasis in the now unprecedented (at least since the USSR) attack on our country is focused on its "overstrain", that is, on creating around it the maximum number of hotbeds of instability, local conflicts and unfriendly states. It is beyond the power of any state to neutralize every single threat that arises as a result, and attempts, excuse the rough calm, to “plug all the holes” at once, will inevitably lead to scattering of attention, dispersion of forces and resources, and excessive waste of resources. Moreover, by focusing on the so-called "post-Soviet space", Russia will inevitably have to curtail all its own efforts on more distant geopolitical "fronts". Mired in attempts to “put out the fire” in Belarus or Nagorno-Karabakh, Moscow will definitely have no time for Venezuela, Iran or Syria.

These are only the most obvious, literally lying on the surface goals of the anti-Russian strategy being implemented now. However, they too, like everything that is being done and planned by the Anglo-Saxons, probably have a "double bottom", under which even more far-reaching intentions are hidden - as if not more vile and dangerous for us than the initial ones. It is unlikely that, having achieved success in “overstraining” our country and “turning it off” from global geopolitical discussions, our eternal enemies will calm down on their laurels and will not try to complete the matter, removing forever the very source of their own problems, as such.

What am I talking about? About the destruction of Russia as a state ... Here recently some readers deigned to joke very caustically about my article about the very specific military preparations of the United States aimed at carrying out an armed aggression against our country. Well, it's your will - laugh, if it's funny. It just looks like the jokes with us are over. Everything is happening very seriously ...
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  1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 7 October 2020 09: 54
    About the destruction of Russia as a state ...

    If the current government did not have this goal, then the family and business would be in Russia. As one fan of Putin said to me here: "Do you want the 90s to repeat itself? No one dies of hunger. So sit straight."
    1. Oyo Sarkazmi Offline Oyo Sarkazmi
      Oyo Sarkazmi (Oyo Sarkazmi) 7 October 2020 18: 36
      Quote: steel maker
      "Do you want the 90s to repeat itself?

      Do you think it's difficult to repeat? Is Ukraine long overseas? In two years the country was turned into ruins by fictitious managers. Ksyusha Sobchak will come, he will distribute all the Kemsky volosts, BlackWater will bring them into the country - and both the UN and Dzh8 will smile at her, while we wash our faces with bloody tears. All the cannibals of the world will praise democracy in Russia. And come to have fun in Abu Ghraib, arranged in every regional center.
      1. Tatyana Offline Tatyana
        Tatyana 8 October 2020 13: 02
        A very good article - relevant and correct!
        I do not see in it any internal logical contradictions in the author's geopolitical analytics.
        Therefore, such conclusions of the author are not only quite reliable, but may well serve as a guide for Russia to act in the field of projects to ensure the national security of the Russian Federation.
  2. Hodor Offline Hodor
    Hodor 7 October 2020 10: 27
    Author, you contradict yourself. A blow to foreign policy ambitions and unleashing a thermonuclear war are 2 big differences. The United States does not consider the Russian Federation a power and builds its policy accordingly. No one will fight, it is simply not necessary, because the Russian Federation can be strangled economically. Yes, and the nuclear weapons of the Russian Federation has not been canceled.
  3. g1washntwn Offline g1washntwn
    g1washntwn (George Washington) 7 October 2020 10: 51
    Push-Defragment-Suck into yourself ... Anaconda has not gone anywhere, everything works. Historical retrospective and analogy with current events are not noticed only by the blind and the one who only pretends not to notice while waiting for crumbs from the table.
    Strategy of Permanent Supremacy - Read, keeping your city glowing on the hill by blackouting neighbors. Know throw stones into someone else's garden, but praise yours. "The Englishwoman crap" has become the geopolitical core of American politics. Political rudeness, cynical juggling with lies and the good old "Colt" - this is the whole historical experience of the "neo-Anglo-Saxon empire".
    Bombs and missiles from the main way to hammer competitors into the Stone Age faded into the background as a means of psychological pressure. For weak opponents, they are redundant, they are shown to satellites for training obedience, but against more toothy ones other "soft", "hybrid", etc. have been and will be used. ways.
  4. Woland Offline Woland
    Woland (woland) 7 October 2020 10: 52
    ... (the parties of the current head of state Sooronbai Jeenbekov and ex-president Almazbek Atambayev) are considered seemingly "pro-Russian" politicians

    Almazbek Atambaev has never been a pro-Russian politician, but rather a pro-Chinese one, moreover, oriented towards the “Komsomol” part of the Chinese establishment opposing Xi
    1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 7 October 2020 11: 50
      The undercurrents of the Kyrgyz unrest are deeper, hidden threads not only of the United States converge here ... Therefore, a deeper analysis of the internal alignment of forces and phenomena is needed, then it will be possible to understand what is happening, now in the article a glance and superficial conclusions ...
  5. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 7 October 2020 11: 41
    Ha. And what, someone thought that they would feed the pies with caviar?

    If the amerovskie corporations fiercely compete with each other, with Europe and Asia, then no one, except the frostbitten ones, thought about pies.

    Al has not yelled at us for 30 years either: the dollar is about to fall. Al is not promised every 3 years - the Americans are about to fall apart.
    Capitalism is everywhere. Harm your neighbor and make money on it.

    It's just that the economy is stronger there, and there are more planes with ships. They have 5-6 scouts at the borders, we have 1-2. They have 1 ship every week in the World Cup, we have every 2 months off the coast of the Saxons. They have our "elita" holding 2-4 trillion bucks, we have them 500 billions ...

    Just business. Especially when Agent Trump asks a friend: "Parrot pliz, senate and allies, cartoons. Money is clamped, you bastards ..."
  6. Cudgel Offline Cudgel
    Cudgel (Dubina) 7 October 2020 12: 28
    Why should the Americans ruin the Russian Federation? China will become the beneficiary of the result of this process. The states will protect us and send humanitarian aid if Putin's economy finally collapses!
    What are some geopolitical strikes. They will ask or threaten the Saudis to lower their oil to $ 22 and tryndets
  7. Tramp1812 Offline Tramp1812
    Tramp1812 (Tramp 1812) 7 October 2020 18: 35
    Russia has two values ​​that are of great interest to the great powers: the largest territory in the world with fabulous reserves of all minerals. Therefore, the interest in Russia is understandable. The collapse of the USSR demonstrated that even a slight overheating of the economy as a result of the conflict in Afghanistan is enough to reveal all the shortcomings of the realized utopia of Marx-Lenin-Stalin. From uncompetitive agriculture to the suicidal political system of functioning of the Union republics, which are ready to leave the Union at any second. Why not try again? By slightly modifying the mechanism for overheating the economy. And it does not matter in principle whether some special structure is engaged in this overheating, or decisions on inflating new "overheating" are made with a natural aggravation of the situation in Syria, Libya, Belarus, now Bishkek, Karabakh, etc. The calculation is that the Russian Federation should and will react. That, taking into account economic opportunities, leads to overstrain. The end result is important. Such a position in chess is called zugzwang. Objectively, there is a problem, it is urgent. And the author tried to analyze it, outlining the prospects for the development of the played version for the Russian Federation. Very interesting.
    1. Dear sofa expert. 7 October 2020 19: 32
      The collapse of the USSR demonstrated that even a slight overheating of the economy as a result of the conflict in Afghanistan is enough to reveal all the shortcomings of the realized utopia of Marx-Lenin-Stalin.

      And what does this have to do with today's Russia?
  8. Yurets Offline Yurets
    Yurets (Yuri) 8 October 2020 01: 20
    Under these conditions, our policy of non-interference is incomprehensible. Why not stir up a negro fire in tan. Moreover, they also have elections soon.

    Live with wolves - howl like a wolf

    is a good Russian proverb.
  9. Anna Gromova Offline Anna Gromova
    Anna Gromova (Anna Gromova) 8 October 2020 02: 10
    Is Russia doing something in response to American geopolitical attacks?
  10. Marciz Offline Marciz
    Marciz (Stas) 8 October 2020 14: 45
    In short, the amers still have a plan that we did not expect !!! Well, yes, I met Ukrainian warriors traveling home from Europe, so the development of the necessary and modern technology is already underway ((
  11. Ferrum Offline Ferrum
    Ferrum (Den) 8 October 2020 16: 19
    Are you guys so naive? Do you really think that the Russian special services are doing nothing. Yes, ours, like the CIA and MI6 and others, are involved in all conflicts and understand everything perfectly. You and I do not have exact information, but there are concrete actions for the division of the world. What is written about in the article is quite realistic, but I just need to add that now everyone is against everyone, and I am sure that the great allies of the United States and Britain are nasty to each other if possible
  12. Constant Offline Constant
    Constant (Konstantin Kononov) 12 October 2020 22: 56
    The overall impression of the publication remains complex and contradictory, fully consistent with the paradoxical nature of the research subject. The report of an authoritative Western agency on Russia's vulnerabilities turns into a report on the vulnerabilities of the West itself and its analysts, and (to be quite frank) on our common challenges and problems with the West.

    Anton Alekseevich Krutikov