The new "iron curtain": why does the West spin Navalny and Tikhanovskaya?

There is a strong impression that the West is preparing to lower a new "iron curtain" before Russia. First, this will be done in the field of economic cooperation, and then in policy... What gives us reason to believe so?

Since 2014, the Kremlin's relationship with the collective West has steadily deteriorated. Our only official ally and "window to Europe" was Belarus, which until recently tried to remain neutral, pursuing the so-called "multi-vector" course. Almost simultaneously, two significant events took place for Moscow and Minsk: the well-known opposition leader Aleksey Navalny was poisoned in Russia, and in Belarus following the controversial elections there appeared its own “alternative president” Svetlana Tikhanovskaya. Probably, historians will subsequently begin to count from this the official start of the Cold War-2.

In Germany, where the oppositionist who suffered from the poisoning was hastily redirected, Angela Merkel paid a secret visit to him the other day. After that, Frau Chancellor made a tough statement:

It is obvious that Alexei Navalny is a victim of a crime. They wanted to silence him. And I strongly condemn this on behalf of the entire federal government.

She was echoed by French President Emmanuel Macron, who demanded clarification from the Kremlin about the circumstances of the assassination attempt on Navalny. According to the head of the Fifth Republic, the fact of poisoning with a chemical warfare agent is confirmed by the results of an examination of a military laboratory. Note that this statement was made after Macron's meeting in Lithuania with Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, who calls herself "the president elected by the Belarusian people." It is very difficult not to notice a certain coordination of actions of the two leading powers of the European Union. But what do they want?

At first, The USA is finally defeating Gazprom in the fight for the European energy market. Apparently, Berlin is no longer ready to continue to defend Nord Stream 2, and the pipeline will not be completed. In any case, in the medium term. It is clear that the FRG itself is not profitable, but no economic there is no expediency in such a solution. Where is the objective connection between the assassination attempt on the oppositionist from Russia and the bypass pipeline around Ukraine? It just doesn't exist. One policy with the smell of American LPG. After the freeze on the construction of Nord Stream-2, Moscow will be firmly tied to Kiev in transit, and Gazprom will be forced to repair and maintain the Ukrainian GTS at its own expense.

SecondlyBy their visits to Navalny and Tikhanovskaya at the highest level, Western leaders are actually bringing them to the forefront of the political struggle for power in Russia and Belarus simultaneously. Now she is no longer a simple opposition blogger, over whose anti-corruption investigations it is customary to be ironic, and not a “mother of two”. The world media will create from them certain values ​​that will be positioned as the "correct" alternative for Moscow and Minsk.

Himself Alexei and Svetlana, if you think about it, too, you will not envy. On the one hand, they can be used to make “banners” for the “liberation of Russia and Belarus from the“ bloody regimes ”of Putin and Lukashenka and elevate them to the very top. On the other hand, it is possible that they are destined for the fate of "sacred victims", who will again be hanged, it is clear to whom. After all, the "symbol" does not have to be alive, rather, on the contrary, right? Whatever happens to them, the West will still benefit.
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  1. Sergey Tokarev Offline Sergey Tokarev
    Sergey Tokarev (Sergey Tokarev) 30 September 2020 10: 55
    Well, now everything is gone))) Poor Finns ... now they will have a share of an ally and a window to Europe ... before that, they simply observed neutrality. The population of Russia will not admire the Belarusian nature but Finland. So maybe the Finnish technology will also replace the Belarusian one?))
  2. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 30 September 2020 11: 29
    After the freeze on the construction of Nord Stream-2, Moscow will be firmly tied to Kiev in transit, and Gazprom will be forced to repair and maintain the Ukrainian GTS at its own expense.

    - It is not at all necessary to repair at your own expense. Natsik Muscovites will not be allowed into their territory for repairs. And if the Russians allocate money for repairs, the Ukrainians will plunder them and the repair will end there!
    And it is generally unprofitable for the United States to extract gas at the established low price! So LNG promises to be Russian, and already more expensive than from North. flow - 2.
    1. Marzhecki Offline Marzhecki
      Marzhecki (Sergei) 30 September 2020 12: 46
      Quote: Bulanov
      - It is not at all necessary to repair at your own expense. Natsik Muscovites will not be allowed into their territory for repairs. And if the Russians allocate money for repairs, the Ukrainians will plunder them and the repair will end there!

      This is the idea
  3. King3214 Offline King3214
    King3214 (Sergius) 30 September 2020 12: 42
    Tikhanovskaya does not fire at all.

  4. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 30 September 2020 14: 19
    The neo-colonial policy of the EU was officially adopted around the year 2007 and included two new programs - "Mediterranean Union" and "Eastern Partnership".
    The implementation of the Mediterranean Union program turned into color revolutions, coups, separatism and wars throughout North Africa, from Algeria to Egypt and Syria.
    The Eastern Partnership program included the neocolonization of the European states that were part of the Socialist camp and the republics of the USSR - Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and today this program is practically fully implemented with the exception of a small one - Belarus, and this is the answer to the question - "why is the West spinning Navalny and Tikhanovskaya?"
    The main goal of the United States was and remains the Russian Federation, and it is, as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton put it, to “defragment” the Russian Federation. To this end, according to this hysterical woman, the United States will find options for financing internal separatists and protestors in the Russian Federation. Putin pressed the options and the entire Western pack in anticipation and hope for 2024. This is to the question of bulk, the swindler has nowhere to put a test since the time of his swindle with Kirovles. The algorithm of all post-Soviet swindlers who came into the field of view of Themis is standard - persecution for political reasons, the resonance and support of Western democrats is guaranteed, and this, whatever one may say, but ties the hands of the judiciary and law enforcement agencies is not the right reason not only to butt. So you have to constantly make excuses either for the struggle of Nemtsov, who did not get a place either in the boyar duma or at the state trough, unlike other co-chairmen of the Union of Right Forces, then for the skippers, then for the bulk. Noneshnye "democrats" will be forgotten, other guardians for the people's happiness will appear, like the "new people" party, and there is no end in sight for these goodwill.
  5. Sergey A_2 Offline Sergey A_2
    Sergey A_2 (Siberian Yuzhanin) 30 September 2020 14: 58
    They do not mind that they are being promoted. Although Che is already here to twist ... Everything is clear to everyone, the "famous blogger and palist" and the prisdensha of Belarus is already a junk.
  6. bratchanin3 Offline bratchanin3
    bratchanin3 (Gennady) 1 October 2020 06: 22
    I think the Iron Curtain will be beneficial for Russia. Partnership with the West is not good for Russia. At one time, the USSR flourished, being at a distance from the West, until the Anglo-Saxons bought up the Soviet establishment and elite.
  7. g1washntwn Offline g1washntwn
    g1washntwn (George Washington) 1 October 2020 06: 33
    Anaconda's strategy never ended at all, so it's the same Cold War without any "2" numbers. Only narrow-minded idealists like Gorbachev believed in its end. The nuts will tighten - it does not seem, all their actions are on the surface because, as they say, it does not sink.
    But in order to put up a new fence they need Belarus. Without it, the fence is crooked and not in Feng Shui. They and Kaliningrad as a splinter, will try to bite off here, brazenly, cynically and without "sorry."
    In 2024, there will be nothing serious in the Russian Federation. Small dirty tricks. To mess up people need more difficult arguments than the absence of jamon and foie gras. Without turmoil in the army and special services, they have practically nothing to do here.
  8. Sergey A_2 Offline Sergey A_2
    Sergey A_2 (Siberian Yuzhanin) 4 October 2020 04: 43
    And on what did they not specify?