Russian pilots filmed the Su-35 driving the Swedish Gripen off the Tu-160

Two Russian supersonic strategic bombers Tu-160 made a planned eight-hour flight over the neutral waters of the Baltic. At the same time, the pilots of one of the missile carriers filmed on video how the Su-35 fighters of the Russian Aerospace Forces, covering them, drive away the Swedish "Gripen", which decided to get closer to the flying "strategist" in front.

On September 17, 2020, the Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed that on certain sections of the missile carrier's route over the Baltic Sea, they were accompanied by aircraft of foreign states, both members of the NATO bloc and "neutral" ones. The F-16 of the Danish Air Force, the Eurofighter Typhoon of the Italian and German Air Forces, the MiG-29 of the Polish Air Force and the Saab JAS 39 Gripen of the Swedish Air Force were involved. It is noted that the flight of Russian aviation took place in strict accordance with international standards for the use of airspace.

The published footage shows that it was the Saab JAS 39 Gripen of the Swedish Air Force that showed the greatest "agility and importunity". He literally "stuck" to the Russian "White Swan", so one of the covering Su-35 had to "explain" to the Swede that he was wrong and force him to leave.

It should be noted that Russian fighters do not just drive away uninvited guests from strategic bombers. Flying in close proximity to a heavy aircraft, a nimble fighter can cause turbulence with its dangerous maneuvering at high speed. This, in turn, can lead to emergency situations in the sky and even disaster.
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  1. Oleg Salov_2 Offline Oleg Salov_2
    Oleg Salov_2 (Oleg Salov) 17 September 2020 19: 18
    Well, the Swedes have revealed their essence, so we have the right to no longer consider Sweden as a neutral state, and act against Sweden, as an ally of NATO and the United States, as a result, the Swedes, in comparison with the Finns, lose a lot, finam, the status of a neutral state, makes it possible, during hostilities, to preserve their country.
    1. jekasimf Offline jekasimf
      jekasimf (jekasimf) 17 September 2020 19: 25
      Ummm, what's wrong? A combat plane is flying near the borders, and they can't be escorted? Or did he want to take off the wheels?
      1. Yuri Rybiyakov Offline Yuri Rybiyakov
        Yuri Rybiyakov (Grandfather) 18 September 2020 06: 19
        like in childhood I asked my dad (dad is a military pilot) and what is it about the teachings of the Americans .. well, the us troops on the border? .. the answer struck and I remember to this day! Imagine son. That at the door of your apartment there is a man with an ax .. he does nothing .. well, he just stands, but with an ax. How would you feel?
        1. Herman 4223 Offline Herman 4223
          Herman 4223 (Alexander) 18 September 2020 14: 55
          It's okay, but what if he waves actively? But does it bother anyone?
          1. Johann Klassen Offline Johann Klassen
            Johann Klassen (Johann Klassen) 19 September 2020 21: 25
            Herman, what if the "man with the ax" has already entered your "home"?
            And wants to "take" you and your loved ones hostage?
            1. Herman 4223 Offline Herman 4223
              Herman 4223 (Alexander) 6 October 2020 13: 27
              Then it's an attack and I can get my ax.
    2. detdu Offline detdu
      detdu (Kalle) 13 March 2021 06: 58
      LOL ASG !! wassat u fouling around trying to be fun right? Do you know about Hungary? Hungary is a part of NATO.
  2. PROmt Offline PROmt
    PROmt (Alexey) 21 September 2020 08: 26
    And what prevents the TU from causing turbulence in front of the fighter, especially since the 160 has all the possibilities ?!
  3. detdu Offline detdu
    detdu (Kalle) 13 March 2021 07: 16
    Hungary own 14 Swedish made Gripen and have Hungarian pilots ... Hungary have been flying Gripen for only 14years for NATO ... But i guess it take some extra time to figure that out when your military news network even can't ... if you cant get the simplest thing right what is?