Scenarios of Germany's refusal to complete the construction of Nord Stream 2 are named

The Americans do not cease to “worry” about the energy “security” of the Germans and continue to do everything possible to get Berlin to abandon the implementation of the Nord Stream 2 gas transmission project. For example, the US media organization Politico has found six ways in which Germany can do this by "passing the dirty work onto others."

According to the first scenario, the German government should "put pressure" on its own Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency, as well as the Office of Mining Supervision of the city of Stralsund, located on the Baltic coast in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The goal is for these departments to revoke the previously issued permits for the construction of the gas pipeline. After that, the completion of the Nord Stream-2 will become impossible. At the same time, the pipeline operator, Nord Stream 2 AG, may sue Germany. But the loss of 9,5 billion euros for the Germans, according to the Americans, is not so much money for the sake of gaining "independence" in the energy sector.

According to the second scenario, the Americans offer the Germans to pay attention to the lawsuit of the "environmental" NGO Deutsche Umwelthilfe, which wants to stop the completion of the gas pipeline, considering it incompatible with Germany's climate goals. In fact, the Americans are hinting to Berlin about the need to influence the judicial branch of government.

The third scenario provides for the imposition by Germany of restrictions on the import of Russian gas. That is, the Germans should forbid themselves to buy raw materials from Russia.

The fourth scenario involves the introduction of EU sanctions. Moreover, Berlin itself must offer them, insist on their approval by all members of the organization and monitor their implementation.

According to the fifth scenario, Berlin is offered to trust Washington and "do the necessary work." It turns out that the Germans will have to approve and do whatever the Americans deem necessary.

The sixth scenario provides for the creation by Germany of bureaucratic problems with the licensing of the gas pipeline and the procurement of raw materials supplied through it. This option is necessary in case Nord Stream 2 is completed.

Thus, the Americans, with their characteristic "exclusivity", did not offer the Germans a single legal way to stop construction.
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  1. Wanderer039 Offline Wanderer039
    Wanderer039 13 September 2020 14: 23
    Painlessly for itself, Germany will be able to abandon the SP-2 only in the event of a serious drop in production in the FRG, but this in itself is terrible for Berlin.
    1. 123 Offline 123
      123 (123) 13 September 2020 16: 56
      Painlessly for itself, Germany will be able to abandon the SP-2 only in the event of a serious drop in production in the FRG, but this in itself is terrible for Berlin.

      This is exactly what is being sought from them. The Germans do not need industry in the Baltics and Bulgaria, the USA does not need industry in Germany. We will observe with interest whether the Germans outdid the Bulgarians in discipline, who unconditionally fulfill all the requirements of the owner.
  2. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 13 September 2020 14: 28
    - Ha ... but the "seventh scenario"; or rather, the reason, about which for some reason no one ever speaks ... is Merkel's pathological hatred of Russia ... - And who is Merkel here (or rather the Germans) ??? - That's it ... - she is the very ... - And the reason and the scenario ... - this is ... - all the very "that" that ... that is always ready to speak on either side. .. - if only this side would be against Russia (a whole crowd of Navalny just nervously smoke on the sidelines) ... - Well, since the Germans chose this ... - there's nothing you can do about it ...
    - As for Germany (not Merkel, but Germany); then Germany (under a different leader) could have easily and simply ignored all these "Trump freaks" directed against SP-2 (and against Russia as a whole) for a long time ... - After all, this illiterate attempt of Gazprom to flood the whole Zap. Europe with cheap Russian gas ... - And Germany itself, in this situation, becomes simply a "monopoly on manipulations" with Russian gas ... - Well, you can only dream of that: Germany would easily build hubs throughout Europe (on profitable shares with blunt Gazprom); build a whole network of plants for the production of its LNG; I would quickly create my own enterprises for the production of containers for the storage and transportation of LNG (of any capacity) ... - and would trade Russian gas (LNG) throughout Europe ... - at least wholesale, but at least retail ... - And how much Germany would also get additional jobs ... -It's just a dream !!!
    - Stupid Europe constantly insists that they say ... - that insidious Russia will put everyone on Russian gas and everyone will become dependent on supplies ... -Ha ... - yes this ... - Russia would become forever dependent and attached to Europe ... - became the eternal "slave of the lamp" (or rather the slave of the pipe) ... - and Russia would pump and pump its gas to Europe from generation to generation ... - And I would even be afraid to raise the price; then all sorts of "southern gas competitors" would be in "this business" ... - to help Germany ... - Actually, Russia is already becoming such ...
    - But this "seventh scenario" ... earnest obedience and Merkel's fulfillment of all Trump's demands (or whoever will come after him); based on the personal hostility of Merkel herself to Russia (to spite the whole of Russia ... - I will frostbite to all Germans) ... - and inhibits this whole epic with Russian gas ... - And all the other reasons ... are just the intrigues of Merkel herself ; which is ready to use any excuse; to annoy Russia ...
    1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
      Bulanov (Vladimir) 14 September 2020 09: 46
      It turns out that Trump is rooting for Russia in his soul, trying to delay or close Russia's gas valve for the EU? Then Russia should offer Germany to start producing goods on its territory, as it was before in China.
  3. g1washntwn Offline g1washntwn
    g1washntwn (George Washington) 14 September 2020 07: 13
    "The Englishwoman crap" - this is not even hidden by the West. But they will be able to stop the gas flows if only Musk draws a perpetual motion machine for the German economy or Trump starts sprinkling the tankers with fairy pollen, so that American LNG suddenly becomes cheaper for the final European consumer than pipe.
    The European nuclear industry is being stifled by all sorts of Greta Thunberg, alternative sources without state subsidies are unprofitable, almost all of the EU coal has been scraped out ... so it turns out that if the EU chemical industry lives on the old streams, then there will be no replacement for the above, except gas, on the technological horizon.