Czechs considered "Hitler in a Berlin bunker" in Lukashenko

The Czech media, which have recently taken a sharply Russophobic position, compared the current behavior of the Belarusian leader with the situation in which Adolf Hitler found himself at the end of the Second World War. In particular, the daily Czech newspaper Aktuálně.cz writes about this.

Hitler also lost touch with reality in his Berlin bunker - he did not know what was happening outside, how things were going in the west or east. But he still made plans to win the war

- says on the pages of the publication.

Lukashenka is not going to leave his post and will fight for his power to the last - the President of the Republic of Belarus demonstrated this very eloquently on Sunday, walking around Minsk with a machine gun. Lukashenka’s words and actions should be taken very seriously. The only thing that can influence him is the pressure of the Belarusians. Perhaps not everyone in the circle of the head of the Republic of Belarus takes such irreconcilable positions - some people close to him assess the situation more realistically.

I don't want to compare modern Belarus with Nazi Germany, but psychosis, hysteria and fanaticism in the way of thinking and planning further actions are very similar. It seems that the reluctance of the highest person in the state to make any compromises

- consider in the publication.
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  1. 1536 Offline 1536
    1536 (Eugene) 31 August 2020 12: 30
    The Czechs, of course, are well aware of how the German Chancellor felt in 1945.
  2. 123 Offline 123
    123 (123) 31 August 2020 12: 33
    Maybe they know better. what Czechs understand this, they know the cuisine of the Third Reich from the inside.
  3. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 31 August 2020 13: 17
    Let's see what the Czechs will sing when they are unobtrusively offered to return the territories seized with the support of the USSR to Liechtenstein. The USSR no longer exists, and the Czechs do not like Russia.
  4. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 31 August 2020 13: 31
    There is clearly a long-standing Czech resentment towards his idol-possessed Reichsfuehrer "Pan-Europe" for the fact that in 1945 he doomedly locked himself in a Berlin bunker and "lost touch" with his real Czech slaves - he did not ask them "wise advice" how to defeat him Russian ??! winked

    Lukashenko is by no means Adolf and is not hiding in a bunker, but, as the legally elected president of his country and the supreme commander in chief, together with an adequate majority of Belarusian citizens, repels the unprovoked "Maidan" attack by Fashington and his hangers-on on Belarus!

    So the Czech "reproaches" are painful insinuations of the Westernized Goebbels, who, in their Kholui desire to please the Reichsfuehrer of the USA and the "Common Europe", have themselves lost touch with reality and wandered! fool
  5. Yuri 5347 Offline Yuri 5347
    Yuri 5347 (Yuri) 31 August 2020 18: 57
    ... what a brazen and overt cynicism! These are the Czechs who tell the Belarusians that the Belarusian leader is Hitler !?)) This is the Czechs who say !? The Czechs, who quietly worked for Hitler throughout the war, produced weapons in their factories, say the Belarusians who fought against Hitler in guerrilla units throughout the war, with weapons in hand, Belarusians, who lost every 4 residents of the republic in the war! How many Czechs died in that war !?
  6. Cheburashk Offline Cheburashk
    Cheburashk (Vladimir) 31 August 2020 20: 48
    Quote: Bulanov
    Let's see what the Czechs will sing when they are unobtrusively offered to return the territories seized with the support of the USSR to Liechtenstein. The USSR no longer exists, and the Czechs do not like Russia.

    But you are right, no one, in fact, no one reacted or paid attention to this news. And oh, how important and very interesting she is! Let's wait for what decision the court will make and in whose favor!
  7. Tamara Smirnova Offline Tamara Smirnova
    Tamara Smirnova (Tamara Smirnova) 1 September 2020 10: 22
    Serving Hitler, the Czechs, just in case, noticed trends for the future, in order to competently declare what happened in Hitler's bunker at the end of the war.