New blades can help accelerate the Mi-28N to 400 km / h

Russian Helicopters holding will show new saber-shaped blades for helicopter propellers at the Army-2020 forum. This was announced yesterday by the press service of the Rostec corporation. The latter, according to the developers, will significantly increase the speed of combat vehicles. At the moment, the know-how is undergoing factory flight tests on the Mi-28N "Night Hunter" helicopter.

The fact that TsAGI and the Mil Design Bureau have developed a number of solutions to increase the speed of domestic combat vehicles to 400 km / h became known back in 2018. At the same time, the engineers called the blades with a saber tip mounted on the main rotor the main breakthrough in this area.

According to the designers, the new development, installed on helicopters of the classical design, will significantly reduce the negative aerodynamic effects at high speeds. At the same time, innovative saber-shaped blades can be used on all Mi machines without making any changes to their design.

It is worth recalling that the Mi-28N, on which the know-how is being tested, is a Russian attack helicopter designed to destroy armored equipment and enemy manpower in conditions of active fire resistance. The machine is capable of performing aerobatics, and its maximum speed today is 280 km / h.
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  1. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 20 August 2020 16: 05
    Theoretically, it looks promising - the saber-shaped tips of the blades will allow to achieve high rotor speed without disrupting the air flow and, as a result, it becomes possible to increase the ground speed of the helicopter (without fear of loss of bearing properties on the "runaway" blades and tipping the machine to one side).
    Eh, I have long wanted to build a motor model of a helicopter and experiment with longitudinal schemes - "main rotor + tail rotor" and "main rotor + main rotor". It is just interesting to design and make light gearboxes of various schemes and combined propulsion systems for them (I like that they have strict requirements for weight and reliability), see how they will behave in the air ...
    And this idea with saber-shaped rotor blades is just a bomb, although similar pulling propfans with saber blades (which came from shipbuilders working with a denser medium and cavitation in water) have long been used on aircraft, even O. Antonov on his first An-2 put propellers with arched blades.
    I love such technical and technological news on Reporter.Ru! good
    1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 20 August 2020 18: 11
      Today, the schemes have already been promoted to "Main rotor + pusher rotor of variable thrust vector", or "Main rotor + main rotor + push rotor", etc., that is, hybridization with wings and other additions ... The classic helicopter will leave, there is a replacement for combining into hybrid schemes, some for takeoff and landing, others for cruise ... What schemes will become dominant - the next five-year plans will show ... Converters, as extreme alterations, do not quite justify themselves in terms of price and other things, cheaper and more reliable is required. ..