President Lukashenko's main mistake named

Rostislav Ishchenko, a Russian political scientist and columnist for the Rossiya Segodnya news agency, told on the air of the Solovyov LIVE YouTube channel about the main mistake made by the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.

According to Ishchenko, the Belarusian leader has not cleared his entourage of traitors. At one time, the Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych made the same oversight, who eventually had to flee his country.

The traitors, surrounded by Lukashenka, have already arranged a conflict for him with Russia, from which he can not get out well. Moscow will not surrender him, but of course it will not provide him with too outstanding support, in the style of "let us send you our army yet."

- the political scientist is sure.

Ishchenko believes that Lukashenko is in a difficult situation. Economy country regularly requires subsidies. He cut off help from Russia himself, but the West will not support him. Therefore, residents of the country, who now do not support the opposition, but whose living standards will steadily deteriorate, will begin to treat with understanding the “peaceful protesters” on the streets who demanded changes.

They will say: "Well, these guys who were beaten in the streets, they were right"

- Ishchenko predicts.

The expert is convinced that the main opponent of Lukashenka, who is in his entourage, is the head of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry Vladimir Makei. He drew attention to the fact that none of the Belarusian officials who staged a dirty provocation with the detention of Russian citizens and blocked the normal development of relations with Russia was dismissed from his post.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Belarus - ed.) Ensures the movement of oppositionists back and forth, while the people who support Lukashenka all the time experience some difficulties with this. It's written with a pitchfork on the water. Everyone knows who Lukashenka has a European integrator. And everyone perfectly understands who, where and how they appointed

- he said.

Ishchenko noted that Makei has been working as the head of the Foreign Ministry for a long time, and before that he was the head of the presidential administration. At the same time, governments in Belarus often change, but Makei remains an inviolable person. In fact, this is the second person in the country.

Under his patronage, all NGOs were created that are now jumping on the streets and propaganda for European integration was carried out

Ishchenko pointed out.

The political scientist stressed that the Belarusian officials who decided to take the Maidan in their own country are playing all-in. They have no way back, they must complete the removal of Lukashenka from power to the end. Otherwise, sooner or later, he will figure out and punish them, depriving them of positions, privileges, and possibly freedom.
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  1. Observer2014 Offline Observer2014
    Observer2014 12 August 2020 14: 18
    The traitors, surrounded by Lukashenka, have already arranged a conflict for him with Russia, from which he can not get out well. Moscow will not surrender him, but of course it will not provide him with too outstanding support, in the style of "let us send you our army yet."

    NATURALLY!!! And this shot clung to the Russian trail. The curtain fell on the benki and let's plow on. Give interviews to all Gordons. He stepped on the Faberge himself. Well, independent! fool
  2. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 12 August 2020 14: 34
    It turns out that Makei under Lukashenka is like Yakovlev under Gorbachev - a sent Cossack? Does the KGB look in the same direction as it did in the USSR?

    in 1988, Yakovlev traveled across the Soviet Baltic, where he visited mainly anti-Soviet elite, including the leaders of informal nationalist organizations and the teaching staff of institutes and universities;
    1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 13 August 2020 21: 23
      V. Makei is a Jew by roots, this also determines access to globalists, but also the danger of being destroyed by the same globalists, which is happening today ... V. Makei first of all needs to be removed, but after all, the government in Moscow is full of Jews, according to the essence of the executors of the globalists' plans ... Wherever you throw it, the Slavs in their homeland have a wedge ... the first to get rid of the Makeys, especially in Russia from the Mishustins, Kirienko-Israelites, and many others ...
  3. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 12 August 2020 15: 18
    Or maybe Rostislav Ishchenko will be appointed President of the Republic of Belarus at once?

    He already knows the traitors directly by name (without waiting for the KGB and the FSB). And officials are ready to fire straight from Russia. Especially the second person in the country - "Foreign Minister of Belarus Vladimir Makei".
    And "everyone understands perfectly" (except for the presidents ???), it's clear.
    So he will open everyone's eyes, and right there it is precisely “Belarusian officials who have decided to take the Maidan in their own country” from him instantly!

    But with Russia, the political scientist did not succeed ... Does he even work as an advisor for Putin? Such a valuable shot !!
  4. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 12 August 2020 15: 27
    In my opinion, Rostislav Ishchenko's mistake is that he does not think out (for what reasons?) His correct thoughts to their logical conclusion! winked
    He still considers AHL to be an independent figure, not a "pro-Russian" decoration, a puppet cover, a disguise of his pro-Western environment (undercover "quiet sap", for multibillion-dollar Russian subsidies, all these decades have been conducting a comprehensive "pre-sale preparation" of RB for the role of another Anti-Russia "- after all, all the actions and rhetoric of the Belarusian authorities absolutely correlate with this" algorithm of actions ") ?!
    But in the Kremlin, at the end of 2019, when the anti-Russian "body movements" of the Republic of Belarus ceased to be languid, they nevertheless realized that "something is wrong" with the "allied" Belarus and its "father" and Vladimir Putin demanded specifics from the AGL on the Union State, and that stupidly went into "sovereign" refusal and could not, with his usual hysteria about the "last ally", achieve further Russian sponsorship of the "fabulous lukanomics"!
    And without Russian "aid to the pro-Russian Lukashenko," his "shares rained down" in his own camarilla of the zapadoids - "gray cardinal" Makei, Volens-Nolens, was forced to vypout from the "chairman's shadow" in all his "neolitvinic glory"!
    So, there is the same "working scheme" that was used by the Washington puppeteers in the anti-Russian colonized Ukraine (or you can recall the collapse of the USSR with practically the same "scheme" of using recruited "agents of influence") - a slave sub-council "prezik" and with him a presenter an adviser-"overseer" State Department "authorized" (for example, the "third-year" Judeo-Mazepian Yushch and next to him, his "American wife" Plague, "pro-Russian" Judeo-Mazepa Yanyk and next to him, above him, the American "counselor" German, so to speak, "tail wagging the dog" ...., .....).
    Therefore, it is sad and funny to hear that the AHL allegedly could "cleanse its surroundings of traitors" ?!
    Besides, he himself, chaotically "fidgeting" in his Russophobic "multi-vector" nature, has long turned into a traitor to the majority of his fellow citizens ?!
    After all, he, like Yanukovych Ukraine, prudently led the Republic of Belarus into the same Russophobic amerocolonial European slavery, just not in the "Maidan" way, but "in a quiet sap", trying to avoid bloody confrontations of the civil war and bargain for some personal preferences ?!
    And just like Yanukovych, he was "lost" on this anti-popular Judeo-Mazepa "path" ??!
  5. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
    Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) 12 August 2020 16: 47
    I heard that the saying is now popular in Belarus: "Brother is at the gate."
  6. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) 13 August 2020 12: 07
    They betray only their own. But Luke, reigning for a long time, does not perceive information where there is no flattery. What traitors use. Becoming Judas - he will receive a proper fate.
  7. Yuri 17 Offline Yuri 17
    Yuri 17 (Yuri) 13 August 2020 14: 33
    The first traitor is Lukashenka himself. He wants to rule.
  8. Michael I Offline Michael I
    Michael I (Michael I) 14 August 2020 08: 23
    Or maybe Lukashenko is to blame for not creating a normal economy in 25 years, but only hoping for Russian handouts?