Google refused to develop artificial intelligence for the Pentagon

Despite the recently becoming more and more obvious bunch of large IT companies and special services of various countries, some things seem to still remain beyond their limits for them. This conclusion can be drawn from the information about Google’s refusal to participate in the Maven joint project with the Pentagon.

According to available information, Maven is a project that includes the development of artificial intelligence, the main task of which should be to identify potential targets for combat drones of the US Army in satellite images. The reason for Google’s refusal was concerns about the company's image in the public eye. By the way, the refusal is still too big a word, we are only talking about the statement by Google Cloud CEO Diane Green that the company decided not to renew the Maven contract, which expires only in 2019.

In addition, the role of Google in the project is not completely clear, however, it is widely known about serious contradictions on this issue within the company. More than four thousand employees signed a petition for refusing to participate in the project, and some even chose to completely leave Google. The American media finally added fuel to the fire, creating an extremely gloomy atmosphere around the Maven project as a whole.

Many experts fear AI development of technologies in the military sphere will lead to significant changes in military affairs in general, comparing this technology with nuclear weapons. For this reason, many are in favor of strict control over developments in the field of artificial intelligence.
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