French media explained why the protests began in Khabarovsk

After the arrest of the head of the Khabarovsk Territory Sergey Furgal, thousands of discontented people took to the streets of the region. Russian political scientist Fyodor Krasheninnikov, in an interview with the French newspaper Liberation, explained why mass protests began in Khabarovsk.

It cannot be ruled out that Furgal is really guilty - the party of Zhirinovsky is often associated with dubious entrepreneurs and local economic the elites. But why should he be transported to the capital, because the official was arrested in the Far East, and he will be charged with crimes committed in this region? Perhaps they want to remove him from the political system.

Moscow is preparing for the upcoming elections at various levels, and now there is a sweep of those who were previously elected against the will of the Kremlin. According to Krasheninnikov, Sergey Furgal believed in the ability to act on behalf of his voters - after all, in the 2017 elections, about 70 percent of local residents voted for him, preferring him to Vyacheslav Shport, the nominee from United Russia.

During a vote on amendments to the Russian Constitution, the Khabarovsk governor again refused to act on the orders of the Kremlin, having done nothing to increase the turnout and “yes” answers in the ballots. Now they decided to punish him for obstinacy. This arrest should be a lesson to those who believe in their political the future without looking at Moscow.

Actually, people didn’t take part in the protests in Khabarovsk to support Furgal as such, but because the residents were offended by the authorities' attempt to steal their votes. After all, the federal center relied on another candidate and on other election results, so the governor is arrested, and the will of the Khabarovsk citizens depreciates

- the expert believes, the words of which are quoted by Le Figaro.
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  1. Vladimir_ Voronov (Vladimir) 15 July 2020 14: 58
    During a vote on amendments to the Russian Constitution, the Khabarovsk governor again refused to act on the orders of the Kremlin, having done nothing to increase the turnout and “yes” answers in the ballots.

    Printing such nonsense, the author claims that most of those who came and voted, they were forced to do so. Or maybe the author is trying to justify his infantility, or to work out the registered money received for writing such articles? Author, subscribe at least with a pseudonym.
    And the governor was sent to Moscow so that the investigators and judges were not local - this is a common practice in the investigation of such cases.
    1. Kristallovich Offline Kristallovich
      Kristallovich (Ruslan) 15 July 2020 15: 30
      Author, subscribe at least with a pseudonym.

      You have read the text inattentively. Try again.
      1. Vladimir_ Voronov (Vladimir) 15 July 2020 16: 57
        The author refers to this person - Fedor Krasheninnikov:

        In 1994-1998, he was a member of the LDPR [12], headed the Yekaterinburg city organization of the LDPR [13].
        Member of the campaign headquarters of candidates for governors of the region Eduard Rossel (United Russia).
        In 2011, he participated in the creation of the People’s Freedom Party [23] [24].
        Active participant in the protest movement in Russia in 2011-2013
        In 2014, during the Crimean Crisis, he condemned the official policy of the Russian Federation on these issues

        He is, in the words of Lenin, a "political prostitute" who is trying to make money on the hype. Can his opinion be seriously considered ???
        1. Kristallovich Offline Kristallovich
          Kristallovich (Ruslan) 15 July 2020 17: 12
          Do not consider. Nobody demands this from you. However, the author is indicated.
    2. Amba Came Offline Amba Came
      Amba Came (Laurent Romanovskaya) 22 May 2021 04: 56
      Naive Chukchi resident ??! YES, they MAKE IT !!! Have you heard anything about the administrative resource ??! And after the elections in Primorye of Koshchei and wearing him on the ports, absolutely everyone in the Far East was convinced that the elections in Russia can simply be DRAWED! Presidential methods have been launched into the regions and are no longer chosen by people, but by Pamfilova's hemp and her entire Ussuri fleet under the control of Korzha!
  2. Alexey Maksimov Offline Alexey Maksimov
    Alexey Maksimov (Alexey Maximov) 15 July 2020 16: 02
    The French would be silent - what year are the protests going on !!
  3. Monster_Fat Offline Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat (What's the difference) 16 July 2020 01: 16
    The French media did not explain, but quoted the words of a "Russian expert":

    Russian political scientist Fedor Krasheninnikov explained in an interview to the French newspaper Liberation

    That is, this is not the opinion of the "French media", but an explanation of one of the Russian types of "experts" published in France. The title of the title does not match the content of the article.
    1. Kristallovich Offline Kristallovich
      Kristallovich (Ruslan) 16 July 2020 11: 20
      That is, in your opinion, this is no longer the French media? Who cares whose opinion?
  4. Amba Came Offline Amba Came
    Amba Came (Laurent Romanovskaya) 22 May 2021 05: 01
    All the critics and the Kremlinites, first count your sins and re-read the case No. 2-144128 / 1999, and then throw a stone at the respected by the people Governor Furgala, the head of the only region in Russia where they learned to drive Edro out of power. Some Irremovable do not need such an example, but they didn’t find anything financial, so we decided to stupidly compose a case from those times where you cannot check! These parasitic figurants of the "Tambovskaya" organized criminal group from the bandit St. Petersburg attributed their sins to innocent Sergei Ivanovich!
  5. Amba Came Offline Amba Came
    Amba Came (Laurent Romanovskaya) 22 May 2021 05: 09
    Furgal - the head of the region larger than France, even in his one and a half years showed economic and social creation at the state level. Thousands of people who have received apartments, unfinished and long-term construction projects, houses of defrauded equity holders, emergency housing, apartments for orphans, all these people categorically support Furgal's activities and the emerging hope for a decent life.
    - Furgal in a year even began to rake things that had been dragging on since Soviet times, such as the relocation of barracks and emergency racks, as well as the completion of dams, the money for which was FULLY allocated after 2013, but the edge was still drowning.
    - Furgal began revising all sources of water supply for the population and the construction of new complexes for supplying clean water from subways.
    - And even under Furgal, they began to improve the roads and Khabkrai entered the top ten in the country for this indicator.
    - Under Furgal, the construction of social facilities became a priority. Schools and kindergartens, an Engineering School and a project for a center for gifted children of the Sirius type, numerous sports facilities, FAPs and outpatient clinics, several Central Rehabilitation Centers, maternity hospitals, infectious diseases, a tuberculosis dispensary, a rehabilitation center for children, a pilot project of the House of Social Support, Center proton beam therapy - second after Peter.
    - Plans were being implemented to start powerful reforestation, in 2020 they began to restore the forest belt of Lake Amut, transferred to specially protected areas, by 2024 it was planned to restore up to 100% of felling and fires.
    - The revival of fish stocks and fishing has begun for local residents, and not for Shport residents of Moscow, the restoration of the farm with the planned up to 80% instead of the current 15% self-sufficiency, the revival of small aircraft for transport, forestry and agricultural work ..
    - There was a modernization of boiler houses along the edge, followed by a decrease in housing and communal services tariffs, an improvement in supply for the Northern Delivery.
    - They began to believe in the region and gradually began to receive investments for the largest oil and gas processing facilities, even for the scale of the whole of Russia, developments from the RMK, a superlogistic center from the Russian Post, we had to defend orders for aircraft and shipbuilding companies, such as crab catchers, Su-57 and Superjets.
    And by the way, the Amurstal plant, which has been revived since 2017 with the help of Furgal, employs more than three thousand people and is one of the city-forming enterprises of Komsomolsk, and the same Grudinin has only a few hundred hard workers. For whom is this not enough?
    - Furgal's honesty made public life healthier, people felt their involvement in state affairs, actively criticized and suggested, and all elected analysts began to take voting in the Khabarovsk Territory as a standard of a real and transparent example.
    - At Furgal even edrossi began to work, and not to sit out pants.
    Furgal is a creator and rescuer, as a doctor, an employee of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and during the last powerful flood, and everything that lies and distorts the assistants from the TFR, political scientists, various newly-minted bloggers and commentators overtaken by a specialist on Khabarovsk websites and everywhere in the internet are incredible innuendo and shameless slander to return the edge back to Edru and the flow of suitcases with dough to Moscow ...
    There is no "Furgal case", he is not guilty of anything, and the real perpetrators of those crimes did not bear the deserved punishment, remained with money and connections, the same "Crab" rode with the FSB generals in a helicopter through the borrowings, and the son of the then head of the Khabarovsk FSB raped the firms of murdered merchants from among the cashiers of Obshchak, like Evgeny Zori, Alexander Adamov, Vladislav Babiy and those who are smaller