“Last warning”: Lukashenko threatens Russia with the loss of an ally

President Lukashenko made a landmark statement. According to him, Belarus is “Russia's last ally,” and the loss of Minsk will be a “nightmare” for Moscow. How is it worth considering: Alexander Grigoryevich decided to play the role of “Captain Evidence”, or is this “the last Belarusian warning”?

Lukashenko stated the following:

I often say this to Putin: I understand you, you cannot lose Belarus. I understand that you can’t fight either to save Belarus.

He also added that Minsk is the second largest consumer of Russian gas after Berlin and one of the largest buyers of oil. According to the Belarusian president, his country is the last “window to Europe” for the Kremlin, which in Riga, Tallinn, Vilnius, Warsaw and Kiev is considered the worst enemy. Russia itself, as Alexander Grigoryevich notes, is experiencing serious problems in the economy due to falling hydrocarbon prices and is also in a state political transformations due to amendments to the Constitution, aiming to legalize "zeroing Putin." This will allow the permanent president and his loyal team to rule the country for many more years, which, we note, will not be received with enthusiasm by the whole population.

About the possible “divorce” of Minsk and Moscow, President Lukashenko said the following:

In a terrible dream, Russia cannot imagine that they have no more this ally.

Well, in general, everything is so, Alexander Grigorievich pointed out the main bottlenecks. It remains to figure out why he did this, and why now?

Let's face it, you don’t have to go far for explanations. Regular presidential elections will be held in Belarus in August, but for the first time in more than a quarter of a century, Lukashenko’s chances of being re-elected do not look very convincing. Due to the worsening socio-economic situation, its ratings are rapidly falling, alternative candidate Viktor Barabiko is languishing in prison, there are a lot of pro-Western oriented NGOs in the country. Under a certain set of circumstances, Belarus may have its own version of the Maidan, about which we detail told earlier.

The only question is where after this the political vector of Minsk will unfold, and how Moscow will act. Alexander Grigoryevich’s appeal is essentially “two in one”: a request and a threat at the same time. If the results of the elections are not recognized in the West, and Lukashenko will try to demolish the “onihedet” with the passivity of local security forces, as was the case in Ukraine, the president may need the help and support of the Kremlin so that he does not sit back in Rostov. But also his words can be considered a hint of a hypothetical attempt by Moscow to intervene in the internal political process in Belarus itself.

The Kremlin is not too happy with Alexander Grigoryevich for his sabotage of the implementation of integration agreements within the Union State. Under certain circumstances, it may be tempting not to recognize the election results and bet on an alternative candidate, a protege of oligarchic clans. The words of Lukashenko about Putin’s impossibility to “fight for Belarus” are noteworthy. In this context, they gain a new meaning, and they can be considered a warning against trying to intervene.

If the pro-Western Maidan succeeds or the Kremlin’s theoretical attempt to put its own man in Minsk fails, Russia will lose its last ally, and with it the hydrocarbon market, replacing another “worst enemy” at its border. In order to avoid such scenarios, Moscow should support exactly Alexander Grigoryevich - something like this can be interpreted in his words.
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  1. King3214 Offline King3214
    King3214 (Sergius) 30 June 2020 12: 50
    Russia does not need allies! (Maximum - in situational partners, to achieve their (!) Goals)
    And Sasha's delirium about the "ally" has long been rotten, years ago.
    1. Gennady1959 Offline Gennady1959
      Gennady1959 (Gennady) 1 July 2020 00: 27
      Quote: King3214
      Russia does not need allies!

      Do you want to have NATO missiles on the border of the Bryansk and Smolensk regions?
      1. igor.igorev Offline igor.igorev
        igor.igorev (Igor) 2 July 2020 07: 49
        Since when did the Bryansk and Smolensk regions become part of Belarus? Or have you already drawn a globe of Belarus there?
  2. 123 Offline 123
    123 (123) 30 June 2020 13: 44
    An ally for money sounds like a wife from "Leningrad".
  3. Dima Dima_2 Offline Dima Dima_2
    Dima Dima_2 (Dima Dima) 30 June 2020 13: 50
    Wangyu, if the EU survives, in 50 years all Europe will be there, except Russia. Therefore, the gap between Russia and Belarus is inevitable.
    1. 123 Offline 123
      123 (123) 30 June 2020 14: 26
      Wangyu, if the EU survives, in 50 years all Europe will be there, except Russia. Therefore, the gap between Russia and Belarus is inevitable.

      It could even be, with the exception of Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway, England, Turkey and Serbia. We’ll live and see from the border crossings in Izmail, Uzhgorod, Ungen and Brest. winked
    2. Yuri Nemov Offline Yuri Nemov
      Yuri Nemov (Yuri Nemov) 30 June 2020 16: 19
      Keyword - If. But by the way, what? Well, let them be grouped under LGBT flags. This is their atmosphere.
    3. military Offline military
      military (military) 30 June 2020 17: 48
      Yes, Russia to the union .... s are unlikely to join. And for the Belarusians in this case it will be a shame.
  4. General Black Offline General Black
    General Black (Gennady) 30 June 2020 14: 19
    “I’m making a mistake! I’m nireeing the last time!” The drowning man yelled.
  5. Victor Virnik Offline Victor Virnik
    Victor Virnik (Victor Virnik) 30 June 2020 17: 16
    He was not an ally, but a parasite almost always.
    1. Mona kisa Offline Mona kisa
      Mona kisa (Alla Palm) 30 June 2020 17: 42
      Lukashenko has never been an ally. He was always a cunning and ungrateful parasite-parasite.
  6. Observer1 Offline Observer1
    Observer1 (Anatoly) 30 June 2020 17: 49
    This performance is most likely the cry of a dying man in the desert.
    Why do we need such an ally, which he is for money?
    The Russian princes recruited Varangians for money in their squads and did not particularly trust them, having a princely regiment with them.
    The old man does not pull on the Varangian, and it’s less profitable to sell energy resources to him than in the EU. So Grygorich has no methods against Putin. NO!
  7. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 30 June 2020 18: 44
    The blackmailer, the charlatan and the swindler - and all this coexists in one Father.
  8. We chop off the Vitebsk, Mogilev and Gomel regions - and roll sausage, Papa Lu!
  9. Eduard Aplombov Offline Eduard Aplombov
    Eduard Aplombov (Eduard Aplombov) 30 June 2020 21: 59
    This, if I may say so, filled the edge of the pan’s argument - Russia has no friends, no allies, as if swineherds or even Jews, Poles (hyenas), etc. have them, I’m not even talking about pots from Belarus, or the last argument the mustache, that Russia can lose an ally - the tractor driver 3%, and the mustache is not afraid to lose Russia as an ally, as a partner, as a donor. And if Russia refuses this sultan in the last refuge, when he will finally ruin relations with Russia and, as a result, the last sprouts of the economy of Belarus, and will rush to save himself and his family, which, of course, has nowhere else to go to Russia. Historically, all neighboring countries of the self-preservation instinct leaderships have been drawn to Russia, fleeing under its protectorate, otherwise it would not survive. So today, in order to survive economically and physically, only the closeness to Russia, to its strength, to its character, its economy potential, these former can survive, i.e. decide for yourself, if you want to survive in this world, try to be with Russia with all your strength, help it, and not pull out of it, protect it to the best of your ability, and only then with us, Russia, you can live and exist in peace.
  10. Cheburashk Offline Cheburashk
    Cheburashk (Vladimir) 30 June 2020 21: 59
    In a terrible dream, Russia cannot imagine that they have no more this ally.

    How can he know that Russia is dreaming ??? !!!!

    The words of Lukashenko about Putin’s impossibility to “fight for Belarus” are noteworthy.

    He knows everything about the fact that Russia is dreaming, everyone or almost everything knows about what Putin can and what not. Well, some kind of predictor.
    Lukashenko is an ally of only Lukashenko himself, and he is also a good seller of air, for Russia in particular! But this is my personal position!
  11. Georgievic Offline Georgievic
    Georgievic (Georgievic) 30 June 2020 22: 51
    With such a friend, you don’t need enemies!
  12. bonifacius Offline bonifacius
    bonifacius (Alex) 1 July 2020 00: 02
    Does Luke think that he has all of Europe and America as his friends? The fact of the matter is that Russia has only friends with the Navy and the Army, while Luka has only friends with Russia. And Kolya's dad every time tries to shit in the well from which he slurps all the time. And when he gets kicked in the ass for it, he is defiantly looking for a freebie on the side, crying and crying. So who will give it to him, except Russia. This is how we live with the "only ally". And why should Russia have enemies with such relatives.
  13. Gennady1959 Offline Gennady1959
    Gennady1959 (Gennady) 1 July 2020 01: 01
    For centuries, then with the blood of Russian people, Russia has been collecting territories. Now in the comments all kinds of ... are scattered - let Belarus roll, Ukraine went to ... Kazakhstan went to .... etc. Dear Russians, with such approaches we will soon remain within the borders of Muscovy (Moscow Principality).
    The whole trouble is that the Russian elite does not work with the peoples (we are so cool), we will grind with the local godfather, and he will solve all the problems with the natives.
    Stupid. Every country has a people and every local president must take into account the opinion of the people. So, Europeans, Americans are working with peoples through NGOs, the press, and educational programs, and Russia, like a sucker, is flapping its ears.
    1. Bitter Offline Bitter
      Bitter 1 July 2020 09: 58
      So, Europeans, Americans are working with peoples through NGOs, the press, and educational programs, while Russia, like a sucker, is popping its ears.

      Already flapped, the Europeans and the Americans have a head start of 15-20 years. From the beginning of the 90s to the present day, when the television and the press quite officially, at the will and initiative of those in power, rinsed their own historical linen in tubs with shit, in more than strange history textbooks published with the money of some dubious funds. All Russian elites grew up on this, amassed their capital and maintain the necessary contacts with the secular West, and have real estate and money there. Therefore, the cries of some opponents about "wives from Leningrad" cause a bitter smile.
  14. bear040 Offline bear040
    bear040 1 July 2020 10: 22
    Sasha, in order to throw such show-offs, you really need to be an ally of the Russian Federation, rather than pouring dirt on Russia in the history books of the Republic of Belarus and ganglings with the president of Kazakhstan, saying that Russia is an occupier who imposed its wars on Belarus. Allies, and just decent people, do not do this. And you rot, just like rotting, flirting with Bandera, Yanukovych, and you end up just like him, if not worse! Rostov, Sasha, it’s not rubber!
  15. Vyacheslav Moscow 1 July 2020 20: 30
    Lukashenko is not an ally, but a saboteur, demagogue and blackmailer. The purpose of his life is power; therefore, he needs only resources from Russia. So with such allies and enemies is not necessary.
  16. MsAndreySAV Offline MsAndreySAV
    MsAndreySAV (MsAndreySAV.) 2 July 2020 00: 24
    Even the United States has a bunch of allies to rule the world. And statements like "... aa, we can do without allies" will nullify your ambitions for greatness. Your influence in the world will tend to zero .. please, just do not shout then that we are a great power, because we have nuclear weapons. Both Pakistan and North Korea can shout about this then ..
  17. igor.igorev Offline igor.igorev
    igor.igorev (Igor) 2 July 2020 07: 48
    Russia is not too interested in such an unreliable ally. He does not deserve to be supported by Russians because of speeches about friendship.