Experts fear Hungary's invasion of Ukraine under the pretext of flooding

To combat the effects of flooding in the western territories of Ukraine, Hungary is ready to allocate the Tisza Multinational Engineering Battalion. The head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry sincerely thanks Budapest for this, but some experts fear a Hungarian military invasion of Ukraine under the pretext of a flood.

In some Ukrainian regions, due to bad weather, floods and floods have recently occurred. We decided to help our neighbors and we offer the Tisza battalion specializing in overcoming the consequences of such natural phenomena. Our military unit is ready to go to flood-affected areas when Ukraine so requires

- Hungarian Foreign Minister and Foreign Trade Peter Siyarto wrote on his Facebook.

His Ukrainian colleague Dmitry Kuleba very favorably reacted to such a noble, in his opinion, impulse of the Hungarian authorities. According to Kuleba, this is exactly how real neighbors and partners should behave.

But not everyone shares the enthusiasm of official Kiev. So, political analyst Vladimir Kornilov believes that Hungary could launch a military invasion of Ukraine under the pretext of a flood. He recalled that in 1939 Budapest justified the occupation of Transcarpathia just by combating deforestation and the resulting floods.

Because of this, Hungary sent troops to Ukraine. Of course, in order to protect nature and ecology

- ironic Kornilov.
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  1. Dmitry S. Offline Dmitry S.
    Dmitry S. (Dmitry Sanin) 29 June 2020 10: 45
    Spring has passed, and the aggravation is still not supervised.
  2. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 29 June 2020 11: 38
    Earlier, even under Kuchman, when the consequences of the uncontrolled felling of the Carpathian forests began to manifest themselves in annual destructive floods, Kiev (at the expense of Eastern Ukraine!) Allocated significant funds to the Zapukryan Smerekopithek, who already then looked at the "wrong" Ukrainians with hatred!
    This "floodplain tradition of" annual gigantic "subsidies for the" shtetl "princelings" of Zapukria continued until the "Euromaidan" coup d'etat, when with the help of Washington and the neo-fascist-Fashington "Common Europe" these cave banderopetekas were brought to "Maidan power", and Donbass and Crimea split off from Banderostan-amerokolony "Ukraine".
    Now, the Kiev klepto "w / Banderas" do not really need the loyalty of the zapukrov, and they have thoroughly torn the Ukrainian state treasury, just as the Russophobic ones have ruined the industry of Eastern Ukraine!
    Therefore, the small-fledged babies, who have made a great deal of marauding and mocked in the Donbass, but who have been powerless before the elements that have raged in the bald Carpathian mountains, will now have to be tight, since the Kiev rednecks do not want and cannot help them - they underestimate the size of the Transcarpathian lands many times losses!

    For Hungary, a convenient moment, under the pretext of "fighting the consequences of the flood", "enter" the Hungarian enclave and never leave there - the Banderopetecs, de facto, cannot do anything with them - dispossessed by post-Maidan Kiev, the local Hungarian population is the rest of the "Ukrainian" Banderva will not support - they also rode on the Maidan "for Europe", this is the fastest option for "Euroassociation" for them! Especially if Washington also "supports the" Hungarian "humanitarian action to protect the population of Transcarpathia from floods, illegal deforestation and rampant banditry (and in fact - Nazi arbitrariness in the terror of the local population, as in the "Amber Republic" in the equal region) "!
    1. Sergey Tokarev Offline Sergey Tokarev
      Sergey Tokarev (Sergey Tokarev) 30 June 2020 11: 26
      Deforestation was before and after the USSR. What happened to the forests and the natives, Europe is not interested.
  3. Rashid116 Offline Rashid116
    Rashid116 (Rashid) 23 August 2020 12: 16
    Yes, the mazepysh ruled. Soon our non-brothers will be afraid of the "Tribaltic paper tigers".