Change of model: Putin will try to save the economy with the help of IT

In his address to the nation dated June 23, 2020, Russian President Vladimir Putin paid special attention to the IT sector, promising it tax and other benefits, as well as special attention from the state. This became a small but rather expected sensation.

It has long been obvious that the agricultural and raw materials sector, for all their undeniable importance, will not become a driver of economic growth and a source of foreign exchange earnings for the state. And the industrialization of the Stalinist era is now impossible: China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan and Bangladesh still have the human resources for such a “breakthrough,” but Russia certainly does not have them. And, most likely, it will never be. But this is only part of the problem.

Amid the mass ruin of small business and a frank transition economics “On the dark side”, the problem of paying taxes and fees arises, on which, in fact, the state lives. This is not to mention the fact that there was a threat of primitivization of the economy. After the mass layoffs and the lack of proper support from the state, people remembered the survival skills of the nineties of the last century: a garden, individual crafts, tutoring, handicraft production, etc.

This is not just a step - but a whole leap back. Thus, stingy to give out money during the period of the notorious “self-isolation”, the state not only undermined its confidence in itself, but also cut down its financial branch, which it comfortably sat on.

The unofficial “people-new oil” strategy, which, according to a number of experts, has been diligently moving up to the top of the pandemic, also hit an iceberg of harsh reality, where citizens are not eager to share with the state, which, at best, they don’t see much benefit .

The immersion of the Russian Federation in economic archaism with an accelerating rest of the world threatens it with the most unpleasant consequences. First of all, on the foreign policy side, where the issue of specific ultimatums to Moscow from the side of the “partners” can very soon move from the theoretical plane to the field of practical implementation.

The only chance to avoid such a scenario is a change in the economic model.

One of the few high-tech sectors that successfully developed in the nineties, and especially in the zero years, was the IT industry. But a decade of suffocating prohibitions and thoughtless regulations (2011-2020) almost ruined her. The emigration of Pavel Durov became the most revealing, but far from the only example. In the same period, thousands of talented programmers and young specialists in other fields left the country.

Not only financial reasons push them abroad, but also political and moral principles of disagreement with the atmosphere of Russia in the late 2010s. For example, a considerable number of young professionals from the Russian Federation settled in the same Poland.

The developed IT sphere could solve many of the tasks facing the state, but it requires an extremely careful attitude to itself. Information Technology it is a creative field. Money alone is not enough. Freedom is needed: personal, public, and, where without them, political. Silicon Valley did not arise because a lot of money was invested in it, but because northern California was famous for an unprecedented level of freedom, even for a democratic, but quite conservative America of that time.

Specialists came to where it was convenient for them to create. It is for this reason that the Malaysian Cyberjaya and similar Chinese projects failed. About ten years ago the Skolkovo rattled, even somehow uncomfortable to remember.

And, of course, no “breakthrough” in this area is unthinkable in “sharashka” or in “scientific companies”. Not to mention the fact that advanced countries from around the world are now fighting for human capital, vying to offer precious cadres the best living conditions and naturalization. Actually, this important moment is recognized in the Kremlin.

[...] the field of information technology has traditionally been highly mobile. Entrepreneurs, employees prefer to live and conduct business where it is as convenient and comfortable as possible. Therefore, the tax, financial, legal conditions for work in our country should be globally competitive

- the head of state said on June 23, 2020.

These are the right words. But here it is important to recall another quote by Vladimir Putin, which sounded much earlier.

The raw material orientation of the economy remains. Budget revenues are largely dependent on the dynamics of world energy prices. We are losing in competition in a global market that is increasingly focusing on innovative sectors, on a new economy - the knowledge and technology economy

- This phrase was uttered exactly 20 years ago, on July 8, 2000, as part of the message to the Federal Assembly.

We leave the conclusions to the reader.

One thing is clear: 2020, obviously, became a milestone in the perception by our large nation of the new reality and its responsibility for it, to which the authorities are forced to respond. The most active and active part of the population of the Russian Federation, by all indications, is looking for immediate and tangible changes for the better and is definitely not going to wait for the next 10, 20 or 30 years, when real words will follow beautiful words.
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  1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 25 June 2020 14: 00
    Competent article. On the "fingers" for stupid and fans explained everything. But now some will explain: "If you are so smart, then why not rich!"
  2. Oleg Rambover Offline Oleg Rambover
    Oleg Rambover (Oleg Pitersky) 25 June 2020 14: 33
    If 20 years ago, young and fervent Vladimir Vladimirovich did not carry out reforms, but made the country a raw materials appendage of the West, then it is difficult to expect this from him, an old one. Over his long term, he promised a lot.
  3. Bakht Offline Bakht
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 25 June 2020 15: 04
    I absolutely disagree with the main message of the article. IT technologies will not become a driver of the country's economic development.
    These are all common words.

    Developed IT-sphere could solve many problems facing the state

    Which ones?
    Stalin's industrialization to the extent that it used to be is not needed now. We need the industrialization of the country. We need production. Real production of real goods, not "flying in the sky".
    Recent crises (dot-com crisis, mortgage crisis, and the current one) have shown that IT companies are blown away in the first place.
    IT technology is a good thing. For the well-fed and the rich. And now there is the elementary task of human survival.
  4. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 25 June 2020 15: 52
    The article is good. Conclusions - not a fig.
    Has Putin talked about IT before? Spoke. Nanotechnology, innovation, computer technology? Yes. Sense? Not.
    Chubais, as an example of success, leads strangers !!! nanotubes, where I accidentally managed to invest. The rest failed. Rastrat is the sea. Responsibility is zero.
    Why do something when you can steal and kill less Arshukov (half a billion bucks), and live happily ever after.

    And now all the real news - oil-gas-gas-oil .... And then it will be so ...
  5. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 25 June 2020 16: 55
    And why are all these games with IT-technologies, and their state support, if he, Chubais, bluntly said that "We (NANO) have money, a lot of money ....", and there is nothing to show the people - yes he is dark and will not understand anything ..... It's like the Liberal Democratic Party, A Just Russia, the Communist Party and the United Russia. in the State Duma, they live and live on our money, and they don't do anything, so these "technologies" that no one saw, and as a result - money laundering, and therefore - "And the king is naked"
  6. camo ridges Offline camo ridges
    camo ridges (Michael) 25 June 2020 19: 17
    Somehow I can’t believe that everything that Putin said about IT prospects will indeed find its embodiment. To do this, he will have to go through the business of his loyal friends with fire and sword, who have captured the best pieces of this pie and zealously hinder the emergence of any competition in this area. I recall the words of Chichvarkin about “bandits from management“ K ”, and other people who were forced to leave this business in favor of“ loyal Putinites. ”And since our president relies on them in running the state, he will have to cut the branch on which he sits. I don’t presume to say that Putin is not capable of this even for the glory of the Russian economy (after all, he sent Medvedev away from real affairs), but he will face a serious level of resistance, so here you really have to choose between the future of Russia and his current goodness some companions ...
  7. RedproSet78 Offline RedproSet78
    RedproSet78 (Red Ivanov) 25 June 2020 20: 12
    Looking at the photo, this is visible with the naked eye.
  8. Citizen Mѣshkov (Sergѣi) 26 June 2020 00: 31
    Expel all Chubais and others like them, thereby saving the economy.
    1. Potapov Offline Potapov
      Potapov (Valery) 26 June 2020 09: 21
      Only the healthy work of demshiza at the logging will save us.
  9. Potapov Offline Potapov
    Potapov (Valery) 26 June 2020 09: 20
    Either artificial intelligence, or IT breakthrough ... Anything, just not the real sector ... With disgust for the USSR, the economy of normal and normal people - and can not be treated ...
  10. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) 30 June 2020 12: 55
    If the Chubais of various kinds are entrusted with solving the problems of entering new technological systems, then we will see the results quickly: a report on the difficulties and the money that is unknown.