Gazprom began dismantling pipes for gas transit in Ukraine

Gazprom has begun dismantling pipes designed for gas transit in Ukraine. This was announced in an interview with OilPoint by the director of the Ukrainian company GTS Operator of Ukraine Sergey Makogon.

The head of the OGTSU noted that in Kiev they are ready for the worst turn of events. He expressed confidence that the transit of Russian gas to Europe through Ukrainian territory would cease in the future. Consequently, a significant part of the income of the Ukrainian budget will disappear.

Here is the fact that Gazprom began to dismantle pipes in its (Russian - ed.) Territory, through which gas is supplied to the border with Ukraine - this is a problem, but we cannot particularly influence it

- complained Makogon.

Answering questions, Makogon explained that if Gazprom did not want to renew the contract, then the OGTSU would have to “shrink” and start working on the domestic market of Ukraine. The company will actively offer its UGS facilities for gas storage and develop its own gas production.

He added that the Ukrainian side did not refuse, does not refuse and is not going to refuse the transit of Russian gas through its territory. But, in his opinion, everything indicates that it is precisely the Russian side that is striving for such a development of events. Makogon suspects that the Russians want to destroy even the theoretical possibility of gas transit through Ukraine in the future.

Makogon emphasized that it all depended on Gazprom’s position whether gas transit through Ukraine would continue or not. But in any case, the OGTSU will be able to carry out small volumes of transit after that. For example, pumping gas from Poland, Hungary, Slovakia or Romania. However, this will not help much with filling the budget.
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  1. Observer2014 Offline Observer2014
    Observer2014 16 June 2020 18: 03
    Well, clear and understandable actions. Gas transit on a previous scale will be impossible. I wrote about this on a parallel VO site from a couple of years ago. There remains no possibility of speculation and some kind of dictatorship of what and how to do. From no one's hotel there will be no physical opportunity to pump gas on a transit scale through Ukraine. Amen.
  2. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 16 June 2020 19: 46
    Here is the fact that Gazprom began to dismantle pipes in its (Russian - ed.) Territory, through which gas is supplied to the border with Ukraine - this is a problem, but we cannot particularly influence it

    - complained Makogon.

    Yes, Pan Makogon is absolutely right to complain, because after the "Euromaidan" coup d'etat-2014, the former "nezalezhna Ukraine" finally (partially, ~ 90% already after the "orange" -2004, under the "third-year" State Department protege Dioxin, with his "gas wars "!) has lost all state subjectivity and turned into a puppet amerocolony" Ukraine "- for us all these issues are now" solved "by Washington, in its own American (usually anti-Ukrainian and anti-Russian!) interests! request
    But even before this sad event all the ukrovlast authorities behaved inadequately with regard to Russian gas transit (although, perhaps, only the "multi-vector" Kuchma, the builder of "Ukraine-AntiRussia", had "good luck" in this regard - he and his with engaged Russian accomplices, it was possible to milk out from Russia huge "gas subsidies" and the possibilities of "re-export" for their "team" of kleptoligarchs, close speculators and hucksters - "gas princes and princesses", but ordinary Ukrainians, these "brotherly" Russian "buns" are not felt, because for the Ukrainian population, gas tariffs only grew exorbitantly, even for gas of their own Ukrainian production, which a priori should have been cheaper!).
    Now, with the anti-Russian presumptuous profane - "Euromaidowns" in the leadership of the Ukrainian "Naftogaz", what kind of cooperation can Gazprom have if the exorbitantly paid clinical degenerates, with their mega-mercantile redneck stupidity and desire to please the insidious Washington puppeteers, weaving among the anti-people Banderopithecus and "zh / bander" in the "Maidan authorities", anti-state and anti-commercial, they themselves "especially influenced" - destroyed all the foundations of such cooperation even in the future ?! winked
  3. alexandrmakedo Offline alexandrmakedo
    alexandrmakedo (Dubovitsky Victor Kuzmich) 16 June 2020 23: 39
    Why have parallel pipelines work, since the amount of transit is reduced. In the direction of Pshekia, pipes are no longer needed at all, they decided to buy overseas liquid. Towards the Baltic side, pipes can also be removed. Why should they? They forgot how to speak Russian, let them learn Penguin. We’ll leave a couple in a hundred diameter .... So as not to attack us and not to blame for heartlessness.
  4. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 17 June 2020 03: 30
    Gazprom began dismantling pipes for gas transit in Ukraine

    - And why is it suddenly ???
    - What kind of demonstration ??? - And a demonstration of what ??? - Another demonstration of Gazprom’s stupidity ??? - Pipes are laid on the money of the Russian taxpayer, and why is Gazprom so easily managing public money ???
    - But by the way ... - everything unfolds exactly like this ... as I personally have already described ... - about all these gas pipeline "dismantling" a year and a half ago ... - and it is starting to come true ...
    - Only all of this, personally, doesn’t please me at all ...
    1. Division Offline Division
      Division (Division) 17 June 2020 07: 14
      They broadcast again "on behalf of the people." You don't live in S. Korea. Which sideways demonstration to an empty pipe?
      1. The comment was deleted.
  5. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 17 June 2020 11: 28
    Well, ladies and gentlemen, you are alarmed. There is nothing personal in this, it’s just that these pipes will be needed to lay the water supply from mainland Russia to the Crimea. Since Ukraine does not want to supply water to Crimea, Russia will supply. And he will take pipes for this from the Russian section of the gas pipeline to Ukraine. Am I clearly explaining?