Daily Sabah: Turkey changes the course of the civil war in Libya

Ankara changed the course of the civil war in Libya, writes the Turkish newspaper Daily Sabah, describing the current balance of power in the North African country.

As Turkey entered into two major agreements with the Government of National Accord (NCP) of Libya on November 27, 2019, competition for resources in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Libyan crisis entered a new phase.

The Sea Border Treaty provides Turkey with significant advantages in the region, and the agreement on military cooperation and security allowed Ankara to become one of the key participants in the civil war in Libya. The unsuccessful offensive of the Libyan National Army, led by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, is also directly related to Turkey’s participation in the conflict.

The ceasefire negotiations between the head of the PNS Faiz Saraj and Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar took place in Moscow with the participation of Turkey. However, Haftar quickly left the Russian capital without signing an agreement, and hopes for an agreement were postponed until the Berlin Conference. Haftar’s constant violations of the agreements testify to his desire to rule Libya alone.

The second civil war in Libya lasts from 2014. It is associated not only with the struggle of countries for oil, but also with the Syrian crisis and control over the Eastern Mediterranean. Turkey’s direct intervention in the conflict on the side of the PNS against the LNA turned the balance of power in the country on its head and the course of the civil war changed.

Since March 25, 2020, the PNS and allied forces have been crowded with LNA. Currently, units are moving to the strategically important city of Sirte. The retreating Haftar is trying to agree, but the PNS has already announced that hostilities will continue until the legitimate government takes control of the entire country.

Under the control of the PNS was the border with Tunisia, al-Vatiya airbase and a significant part of the coastline. This result was achieved thanks to 4 thousand mercenaries from Syria, who held the front near Tripoli and forced the enemy to retreat.

Shaken by the achievements of the PNS, Haftar supporters — the United Arab Emirates and Egypt — called for a political settlement from hopelessness.

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  1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 13 June 2020 13: 18
    Daily Sabah: Turkey changes the course of the civil war in Libya

    - Yes, if things go on like this, then ... then ... then Turkey will actually change the entire "course of the civil war in Libya" ... - And then calmly start hydrocarbon production near Libya ... - that's all "according to the law" there will be ... - And in Syria, the impudent and strengthened Turkey will cease to reckon with anyone at all ... - And when will America get rid of its elderly indecisive Trump; mired in local negro wars ...
    -And Turkey does not waste time in vain ...- it acts and acts very quickly ...- uses the "favorable moment" ... -takes advantage of the confusion in the United States .... -And all countries that are under the influence of the United States .. .-they also do nothing ...-wait for "signals" from the Americans ... -And Israel is also waiting for "signals" from the United States ... -And no one knows what to do ...
    -And when will this go-ahead ??? -And will it be at all ???
    -And Turkey does not expect any "go-ahead" ...- it acts ...
  2. Sultan Tayyip Erdogan 1 13 June 2020 23: 05
    We will be wherever we wish ...
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      Bitter 14 June 2020 01: 32
      Who bites off too much chunk may choke. ... wink