A group of combat aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces as close as possible to the US borders

On the morning of June 10, 2020, the US Air Force intercepted two groups of combat aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces off the coast of Alaska, which came as close to the US borders as possible. This was informed by the American media command of the aerospace defense of North America (NORAD).

The report notes that the Alaskan Air Defense Identification Zone is US-defined airspace that extends 200 miles (almost 322 km) from the coastline and is monitored in the interests of national security.

It is clarified that the first Russian air group included two Tu-95MS strategic turboprop strategic bomber missiles, a pair of Su-35 multipurpose super-maneuverable fighters and an A-50 long-range radar detection and control aircraft. This group came closest to US airspace — 8 miles (13 km, less than 1 minute flight).

The second group of Russian aircraft included two Tu-95 and one A-50. They flew in international airspace at a distance of 34 miles (63 km) from US airspace.

F-22 Raptor fighter jets were sent to intercept Russian aircraft, to which the Boeing E-3 Sentry early warning radar (AWACS) aircraft and several Boeing KC-135 Stratotankers refueling aircraft were targeted.

It is emphasized that the Russian aerospace forces did not cross US airspace. The Russian Ministry of Defense has not yet commented on this information.
  • Photos used: https://twitter.com/NORADCommand
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  1. Observer2014 Offline Observer2014
    Observer2014 12 June 2020 07: 13
    Give them a medal. lol Well this is probably a feat! laughing

    A group of combat aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces as close as possible to the US borders

    And didn’t they fly so close to the USA before? Give medals which of the flyers quietly visited there. And he will be able to go there in an invisible environment. Complete your combat mission. feel And it is better to fly quietly over the United States.
  2. T. Hanks Offline T. Hanks
    T. Hanks (Igor) 12 June 2020 09: 50
    Somewhere in the Military Review, citizens suggested that their B1 be drowned in the Black Sea so that they would not fly near the Crimea. Hysteria?