In the US, on the interception of the B-1B Lancer: Friendly Su-27 changed to hostile

Two supersonic heavy bombers B-1B Lancer US Air Force May 29 flew over the Black Sea region, accompanied by Allied aircraft. The American edition of Military Watch drew attention to the fact that Americans were escorted for planes.

First, the B-1B bombers were escorted by Polish F-16s, as well as Romanian F-16s and MiG-21s.

After crossing the border of Ukraine, the Su-27 flew towards the American planes. According to Military Watch experts, Ukraine’s use of these once-elite Soviet jet fighters, which were never exported during the Cold War, shows how the balance of power in Europe has shifted in favor of the Western bloc - the Alliance now enjoys great influence not only in the countries of the former Warsaw agreement, but also in territories that once belonged to the USSR.

However, the quality of Ukrainian fighters leaves much to be desired. Their combat potential remains very limited due to the lack of modern modernization packages, both in electronics and various on-board systems, and in the armament line.

Later, over the Black Sea, the "friendly" Ukrainian Su-27s were replaced by Russian Su-27s hostile to the United States. Although by ear it is one and the same thing, a Russian aircraft poses a much greater danger than the Ukrainian Air Force.

Russian fighter jets were substantially modernized, having received new N035 Irbis radars, electronic warfare systems, as well as medium-range missiles with an active R-77 homing radar.
  • Photos used: Ukrainian Air Force / Polish Air Force
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  1. Observer2014 Offline Observer2014
    Observer2014 1 June 2020 20: 47
    In the US, on the interception of the B-1B Lancer: Friendly Su-27 changed to hostile

    In general, people control technology. And it is people who are the carriers of one flag or another and ideas. But not a specific product.
  2. Michal Offline Michal
    Michal (Michal) 2 June 2020 09: 06
    The author, and what does the F-16 fighter of the Polish Air Force have to do with it ??? !!! In the first photo they are exactly ... Responsible for authenticity!