Ukraine denied the right to celebrate Victory Day in Ukraine

Former Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin believes that Russia should be banned from celebrating Victory Day over Germany, as Moscow is trying to appropriate this victory to itself and “take it hostage”. At the same time, Klimkin specified that in this case it does not matter for whom in that war the inhabitants of Ukraine fought.

According to the ex-minister of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, Russia should be deprived of the right to celebrate the Victory, because the main principle in memory of the Ukrainian and European peoples is “Never Again”. However, for Moscow this principle is supposedly alien.

Russians see Victory Day as an opportunity to initiate new conflicts and build a completely new model of relations with other countries

- said Klimkin in an interview with Espresso.TV.

He also emphasized that there were different events and moments in Ukrainian history, and there is no need to focus on who the Ukrainians fought for - they say they all gave their lives for the freedom of Ukraine. It is necessary to conduct historical battles with Russia and win them, the former official is sure.

In April, in Ukraine, war veterans were awarded medals “For Military Merit. 75 years of victory over Nazism. " Moreover, the awards were noted both those who fought against the German invaders, and the Ukrainian "rebels" who fought on the side of Nazi Germany.
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  1. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 11 May 2020 17: 10
    Ukraine more and more begins to resemble a mirage country.
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. GRF Offline GRF
    GRF 11 May 2020 17: 21
    The ex-minister, this is not Ukraine, but its ordinary ... who thinks so, while others (those who honor the memory of their ancestors on this Victory Day) millions of Ukrainians do not think so ...
    Although, if Klimkin was mentioned in the headline, I would not even have opened the article ... We predict.
    1. Valentine Offline Valentine
      Valentine (Valentin) 12 May 2020 14: 00
      So explain to me, stupid, why these ....., like Klimkin, who are a minority, have put the majority, millions of Ukrainians who don’t think so, are on their knees and are creating complete fascist-Galich lawlessness there?
      1. GRF Offline GRF
        GRF 12 May 2020 16: 28
        Because the people do not approve the laws written by someone for them, they must unquestioningly comply with them, even if they are to their detriment. When the people understand that it is possible to do this, when a law written by someone (they call themselves the "elite") will not work, if the majority of the people are against it, then the elite will have to better understand the people they "rule".
        We do not differ from the Ukrainians in this regard in any way, we have raised the retirement age - we are fulfilling, they took away Rusal - we are silent, they will appoint some Vlasov member of the "elite" - we will endure and hope that this will also pass, but will atrocities - then then Pugachev will appear, but he will not solve the real problem either, history speaks about it ...
        But do not lose, as they say, hopes with informatization, then ...
  4. 69 Offline 69
    69 11 May 2020 17: 44
    Klimkin scumbag stood on the side of fascism, so let him stand there, as in a stall. Moreover, under-hegemon feeds cleanings for such a point of view.
  5. Observer2014 Offline Observer2014
    Observer2014 11 May 2020 18: 28
    And who forbids you to celebrate together? Probably ukronatsiki are pulling for Faberge.
    We decided to use boobies in 2014 against the Russian Ukrainians ukronatsikov. fool It had to be knee-deep wooden. Would surrender to the great combinator. Now we would have been much more with the loot. And people would be whole. And there would be no Natsik. And in Europe would be wound. And it would be all normal. Well, now what happened, happened. Battle is so battle.
  6. And the strangest thing is that this one bad person born in Russia!
    1. beeper Offline beeper
      beeper 11 May 2020 21: 26
      The opportunistic Russian - "Russobandera" this "radish", he is still "ugly". negative Families of the peoples of Russia, alas, there is such an ugliness, Comrade Robot VoBot-Free Thinking Machine!

      Pavlik is just as bad a Russian as the bad Jews - "w / Bandera" - these surprise me even more!
      With a Jewish, downright universal, Holocaust memory cult (and the obligatory knowledge of one's genealogy "up to the seventh generation", winked) it would seem that with their mother's milk, Jewish boys and girls should absorb this Memory of many of their relatives, brutally tortured by the Bandera murderers (although many Jewish families were completely, from babies to the very old, killed - literally destroyed by the Nazis and their "Ukrainians" henchmen - none of the direct descendants remained! request ) and fellow tribesmen ??!
      And this nationwide Jewish Memory of the Holocaust was supposed to prevent such a shameful and vile phenomenon as the "w / Banderaites" ?!
      But no - they are so opportunistic "devilThere are "enough" memorable "Judas, vile garbage," in Ukraine - even from Israel itself all sorts of scum from society (however, on a par with Nazi sadistic murderers from other countries who wished to "get exclusive sensations" in the practically unpunished "murder of "Maidan authorities) came to take part in the atrocities and murders of non-banded residents of Donbass, as well as the people who were killed (including their fellow tribesmen, on the" Euromaidan ", throughout Ukraine and in the Donbass) Ukrainian Jews -" ATO heroes "from the Banderonazi gangs quietly receive Israeli citizenship and protection of the Israeli state ?!
      And the Israeli authorities do not prosecute them, their own Banderonazi citizens, in word and deed (with their murderous crimes together with the genetic and ideological heirs of the executioners of Drobitsky and Babi Yar), who deny the Memory of the Holocaust, at least not a single case of such criminal prosecution " w / Bandera ", I do not know (maybe the residents of Israel who visit the site have heard and know about such criminal cases, although our forum Israeli aka Nathan Brook assured that he does not even know about" w / Bandera "and Israeli" ATO heroes "?! )!
  7. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 11 May 2020 19: 56
    Bah, Klimka Chugunkin once again distinguished himself with his blatant Downism, is it really "whose cow would bellow" ?! wassat
    The "European peoples", together with the "possessed" Hitler, who participated without exception in the "Drang nach Osten" - a perfidious attack on our Motherland - the Soviet Union, they are now like the cat that "knows whose fat it has eaten" smile and was caught, and received kindly by the tinsel and .ope, so that it would be disgraceful! yes
    And for many years Europe, having fastened on the chest a symbolic image of this very "opka, flushed from a kind spanking" wink , guilty swears that "never again" will not climb to rob and kill!
    And this stupid Russian, a neophyte Bandera, ex-"Maidan minister" from the despicable clique of "Maidan" instigators of a bloody civil war in Ukraine, decided to act as a lawyer for the beaten Nazi henchmen and dragged us, Ukrainian residents, to them ??! winked

    But the majority of the multinational Ukrainian population (by no means the "people", the stoned Maydaun Klim Chugunkin did not understand that in the conditions of the monstrous deriban, torn off in a lively way, the former republic of the USSR, who seized the "feed", the ruling klepto "Judeo-Mazepa" and misanthropic xenophobic "ambushes" - the "foundations" of cannibalistic cave nationalism, such as Banderopitex, it is impossible to form a people, at least 30, even 100 years you lead people across the desert, arranged by a kleptobanderl on the site of a highly developed! , devastation and death, deliberate decline and kapets to everything !!!) - these are the descendants of Soviet soldiers-liberators (and not the descendants of Hitler's mercenaries-murderers, as in the Ragul Galicia-purulent hotbed of Banderla!)!
    So why should we, the descendants of the victorious warriors, be equal to the evil handful of "Svidomo" - "deliberately" Nazi descendants of Hitler's lackeys, and all sorts of, in Bandera-style, Judeo-Mazepa people
    such as the eternal "zabrody" Chugunkin (he is perhaps a descendant of the Nazis, traitors, an apple from an apple tree ... ???), an epic "nikchema" - a stupid parasite, nothing useful for the country and the working Ukrainian population, who did not distinguish themselves (from the general "brown masses of "the same, opportunistic" Ukrainians ", malicious drones-kleptoderibans, instigators of the civil war in Ukraine, real ghouls who are up to their throats in the blood of our fellow citizens and still will not get drunk with human blood, grief and suffering!) ??!

    Victory Day on May 9 is also our Ukrainian Life-affirming Holiday, which we joyfully celebrate together with Russia and other post-Soviet republics, because our fathers and grandfathers in the same battle formation, like all our Soviet people, in an uncompromising cruel confrontation overcame the bloodthirsty Hitler Invasion " pan-European "Scum and all its henchmen, and for a very long time discouraged from European" civilizers "the hunt to meddle, with their murderous colonial-slaveholding" New Order ", into our borders!
    I do not mind and even insist that the descendants of the beaten Hitler's henchmen on this Red-Significant Day of the calendar continue to humbly repent and swear to death that "Never again" will not dare to stick their sword at us in a new attempt to enslave us!
    But we are all Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Kazakhs, Uzbeks, Moldovans, Tatars, Jews, Soviet Serbs, Bulgarians, Germans (all of them are ours, South Ukrainian and Volga!), and people of many, many nationalities of our Soviet Union, all descendants of the Soviet People - the Winner, we will be satisfied, with the Dignity of Winners and the legitimate (Potsdam 1945 !!!) Inheritance Right, listen to these humble repentances of the descendants of Hitler's "common Europeans" and heartily Rejoice at the Peace conquered for us and the Clear Sky above our heads (as always forgot to say and write in a letter or postcard this wish our parents, who personally survived the war and the fierce bombing, they knew the true Price of the clear sky overhead!)!

    That is why all this neo-Nazi scum, spurred on by the Fashington followers of the bloody "Hitler cause", is so up in arms on our Uniting Victory Day, our malicious enemies know that when we are all united around Russia, they will not defeat us !!!
  8. alexandrmakedo Offline alexandrmakedo
    alexandrmakedo (Dubovitsky Victor Kuzmich) 11 May 2020 21: 56
    Quote: Valentine
    Ukraine more and more begins to resemble a mirage country.

    The painting by the Spanish artist Francisco Goya is called "The Sleep of Reason gives birth to monsters." This is about Ukrainian politicians.
  9. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
    Sapsan136 (Alexander) 11 May 2020 22: 30
    Victory Day should be prohibited to celebrate Ukraine, since it was an ally of Hitler and their Bandera lost that war !!!
  10. Alexander Nazarov (Alexander Nazarov) 11 May 2020 23: 38
    That's why he and Chugunkin, that instead of brains cast iron! Some Ukrainians will indicate Russia!
  11. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 12 May 2020 10: 13
    What an unusual country Ukraine! In the West, retired politicians immediately wake up with common sense, previously buried by the expectation of a salary (which they do not pay for common sense) and hopes for a further career. But when the career is over, and a stable and independent pension falls into your pocket, you want to show that you’re not completely moronic and not the final bastard.
    Klimkin’s statements are not marked by such good trends. Either he is still completely ... and final ... or else he hopes for something.
    Although the look and statements - like stoned or pricked.
  12. 69 Offline 69
    69 12 May 2020 14: 10
    Quote: Valentine
    like Klimkin, who are a minority, put the majority, millions of Ukrainians who do not think so.

    At first there was an illusion that this was so, but it turned out that Klimkin was the diagnosis of the majority.
  13. Egor 7b7 Offline Egor 7b7
    Egor 7b7 12 May 2020 16: 30
    Lord Jesus! Chugunkin is not yet boarded up?