Scandal flares up in Poland due to arrival of Ukrainian An-225

The Polish multidisciplinary company KGHM Polska Miedź SA has agreed with the Ukrainian carrier Antonov Airlines to lease the world's largest An-225 Mriya aircraft to deliver medical supplies from China to Poland. The cost of renting a one-of-a-kind transport aircraft caused a scandal in the Polish political society, the newspaper Rzeczpospolita writes.

On the arrival on April 14, 2020, the An-225 to Warsaw earlier reported "The reporter". On board were about 90 tons of medical supplies to deal with the COVID-19 epidemic. KGHM Corporation, which has 20 years of experience working with China, has purchased scarce masks, suits and other protective gear in the country, commissioned by the Prime Minister’s Office.

The reaction of the Polish opposition to this step was negative. Opposition deputies of the Sejm said that the lease of the An-225 cost 12 million zlotys ($ 2,875 million). They consider such expenses to be excessive, especially when a large number of passenger planes are idle at Polish airfields that could be used to deliver medical equipment.

Boeing 777 takes 112 tons of cargo on board. This means that the 96 tons that were delivered on April 14 could be transported by another plane and for significantly less money.

- wrote the deputy Adam Szłapka in a written request to the NIK (the regulatory authority in Poland), asking him to check for inefficient spending of state money.

Adds fuel to the fire previously published information that Chinese medical assistance arriving on a Ukrainian plane has fake quality certificates.

In turn, KGHM claims to have paid only $ 1,6 million (about 6,5 million zlotys) for delivery. The discount was granted after the Polish side promised the Ukrainians to charter a plane for eight flights from China at once.
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  1. argo44 Offline argo44
    argo44 (mac) April 30 2020 14: 56
    Piszą także, tee te 96 ton ładunku zajęło cały samolot i że był to rekord Mirji - pod względem objętości ładunku.
    1. beeper Offline beeper
      beeper 2 May 2020 13: 26
      Well, you, aka Argo44, give - not all readers of the Reporter know Polish! wink
      But yes, you write correctly - it is not a matter of weight, but of the volume of transported, a priori lightweight, rag cargo!
      Apparently, your Polish politicians, as well as "our" polished Maydauns from the iodine-deficient former "Kres Vskhudnykh", who in 2014 completely seized the Kiev "power" and "hydraulically" occupied the whole of Ukraine, are also not on friendly terms with common sense and elementary arithmetic -geometry ?! wassat
      1. argo44 Offline argo44
        argo44 (mac) 2 May 2020 16: 00
        Byłem ciekaw, czy ktoś zareaguje, bo albo przeglądarka tłumaczy, albo sobie ktoś wklei tekst do tłumacza .... ale to nic

        Chrom słabo tłumaczy z rosyjskiego szczególnie nie maistreamowe strony, więc nie do końca zrozumiałem co pan napisał ...

        I was wondering if anyone would respond because either the browser is translating or someone is pasting text into the translator .... but that’s nothing.

        Chrom translates poorly from Russian, especially there are no maistream pages, so I didn’t quite understand what you wrote ...
        1. beeper Offline beeper
          beeper 2 May 2020 16: 39
          It’s not scary, our adequate Polish comrade aka Agro44, that you didn’t understand everything from my words - after all, the language-related Bulgarian live (and not computer programs) translators, too, reproachfully told me that it’s too difficult to speak - they say , not everyone understands! request
          Yes, what is there to blame foreign Slavs, even if Russian people now do not know and do not understand many Russian words and meanings, because they don’t read books at all, and the school has degraded pro-Western!

          I wrote that I fully support your good idea about the maximum volume of lightweight cargo of 96 tons, which completely filled the An-225 cargo compartment with a gigantic volume of 1200 cubic meters!
          And, in my hearts, I drew a "lyrical parallel (from your Polish politicians to the Maidan banderlog-seluks from the former Polish" eastern outskirts ")" in the sense that they, too, "are not on friendly terms with their heads," since they absolutely do not understand the difference in specific density of various loads! wink

          Although, I'm not sure that even now the Chrome-Google translator will correctly translate my explanation into Polish into Polish, and even more so it will not be able to translate the specific meaning of the purely Lviv "French" or the Ukrainian contemptuous "iodine deficiency" in relation to the evil Western xenophobes, marginal adherents of the murderer Bandera who occupied our ex-Ukrainian SSR - "Ukraine" with the support of Ameroholuy Poland!
          I myself have forgotten the Polish language - I am still reading, but no longer writing.
          1. argo44 Offline argo44
            argo44 (mac) 3 May 2020 21: 04
            Co do trzeciej części wypowiedzi NADAL nie mam pewności, czy jestem obrażany, czy nie :)
            1. beeper Offline beeper
              beeper 3 May 2020 21: 39
              hi Don’t worry about the poor Goo gl translation, dear comrade Argo44!
              You are completely our Polish comrade, good и there is no personal insult!Since you are NOT responsible for the actions of your Polish authorities, who in fact forgot about the Volyn Massacre and in every possible way help Ukrainian Bandera-Nazis and Washington neo-colonialists to kill us, Russian residents of multinational Ukraine!

              In Ukrainian, the same thing, maybe you’ll better understand.
              hi Shannovy pan Argo44, do not be swayed by the filthy Goo gl cross!
              Schodo you especially nyako image mute!, Bo Vi, actually, є our schіri, a whole number of celebrations, friend and comrade! good
              You are not particularly aware of the Polish power, yak, in spite of our suspicious national memory about Volynska Riznya, actively helping Bandera cattle and Washington know us, the Russian population is rich in Ukrainian!
              1. argo44 Offline argo44
                argo44 (mac) 4 May 2020 03: 35
                Aha :). Co do władz polskich - albo ktoś gra na ich ignorancji w kwestii - kto jest kim na Ukraine Pamiętajmy, J.e J. Kaczyńskiemu zabito brata i prawie na pewno jest poddany szantażowi ....
  2. bobba94 Offline bobba94
    bobba94 (Vladimir) April 30 2020 19: 40
    The specifics of the transported cargo is such that for its transportation the important factor is not the cargo capacity of the aircraft, but the volume of the cargo compartment (in aviation they say - the cargo compartment). The cargo volume of the An-225 is 1 cubic meters. m, the cargo compartment of the An-200 Ruslan, S-124 Galaxy is approximately 5 cubic meters. m, that is, the difference in volumes is minimal, but the cost of an An-1 rental hour is much higher.