Yle: Russia suspects Finland of genocide during the war

One of Finland’s largest publications, Yle, reports that the Russian authorities launched a criminal investigation into the crimes of the Finnish military in Karelia during World War II. The Russian Investigative Committee suspects Finland of the genocide of the Soviet population from 1941 to 1944, when Finnish troops occupied Karelia and thousands of civilians died in the camps.

The Finnish historian Antti Lane wrote in his dissertation in 1982 that these camps were not a place for targeted extermination of people, as was done in the Nazi death camps - cruelties did occur, but they were spontaneous and not universal. A statement by the Finnish Foreign Ministry indicates that after 1945 the actions of the Finnish troops were thoroughly investigated.

The Finns claim that their military did not carry out ethnic cleansing in Soviet Karelia, and no mass executions were carried out. However, people were divided according to ethnicity. So, the indigenous Finno-Ugric peoples of Karelia were allowed to maintain their former way of life, while the Slavic population was under more stringent supervision. After the war, the Finnish authorities planned mass deportations of Russians to the east.

The Russian Investigative Committee estimates that the Finnish authorities held about 50 Soviet prisoners in the camps, including women and children. The living conditions of the people were very severe, and every fifth of them died of hunger.
  • Photos used: Eyolf Knutsen /wikimedia.org
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  1. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper April 22 2020 13: 10
    About these Finnish concentration camps in memoirs and periodicals I met, by no means complimentary, miraculously surviving Karelian residents and former prisoners of war (including sailors who escaped from the sunken Finns of the Soviet submarine C-7 Hero of the Soviet Union captain lieutenant Lisina).

    Finns, just like the Poles in the 20s, walked in every possible way sadistically mocked, starved and froze women, old people and small children (not to mention young men and men of military and drafting age) who fell into their clutches, not sparing anyone! !!
    This is not mentioning what the Finns did with the wounded and partisans captured by us, especially with captive partisans and nurses!
    In Soviet times, such places of reprisals against partisans were found in the forests of Karelia .... somewhere in the archives, probably, there were photographs of those remains of our soldiers and nurses ?!

    I remember a magazine photo of a Finnish lieutenant (I don't remember the name anymore), collecting the skulls of the Red Army soldiers killed by him - this two-legged beast with a smile, in "full dress", posed against the background of his "collection" and surrounded by self-righteous subordinates!
    And now, less than a hundred years have passed, before these blatant Finnish war crimes and Finnish death camps (although the Finns did not call them that themselves, but this does not change the deadly essence!), Finally, "got the move" ??!
  2. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
    Sapsan136 (Sapsan136) April 22 2020 13: 50
    Hitler's ally, that’s ALL said!
  3. Alexzn Offline Alexzn
    Alexzn (Alexander) April 22 2020 18: 28
    Suspicions of genocide - no one is embarrassed by the absurdity of the phrase?