Black Sea Fleet meets US destroyer with missile launch training

In the Black Sea, military exercises of the Russian Navy took place. According to the scenario of the exercises, the ship of the conditional enemy was fired by Caliber rockets. Electronic launches were carried out by the teams of the small rocket ship Orekhovo-Zuevo, as well as the frigate Admiral Essen. The progress of the maneuvers was announced by the representative of the Russian fleet Alexei Rulev.

According to the plan, the squadron of enemy ships moved towards the Crimea without identification marks and flags and did not respond to callsigns. In response, the Navy ships approached the enemy and forced him to change course.

One of the enemy ships “launched” a rocket, which was reflected by the Admiral Essen air defense missile system “Shtil-1”. Then both Russian ships destroyed enemy ships in one gulp of the Caliber-NK high-precision missile system. Rulev explained that there was no use of missiles as such - launches were carried out electronically.

The exercise on the use of weapons in the Black Sea region was held in accordance with the combat training plans of the Russian Navy

- added Alexey Rulev.

Earlier, the American destroyer USS Porter entered the Black Sea area - Russian ships took it to escort. The ship moved to the area from the Mediterranean to "ensure security."

In November last year, this US ship already entered the southern part of the Black Sea - it was also accompanied by vessels of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.
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  1. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) April 17 2020 15: 50
    Readers are kept for idiots.
    They are met with shots either in war - not the case, or with respect.
    It turns out that the BSF respects amers?

    In vain. The Americans of "electronic launches", that is, imaginary, did not even notice .... and did not greet the Black Sea Championship in response ...
    1. Igor Aviator Offline Igor Aviator
      Igor Aviator (Igor Aviator) April 17 2020 17: 56
      I wouldn’t giggle in your place ... For the ignorant, the probable adversary kindly provided his destroyer as a target, which our naval forces did not fail to take advantage of. Training firing is of the highest efficiency if missile strike skills are practiced not on a training, but on a REAL purpose. I think the crew of the American destroyer was not enthusiastic about being “escorted”, and hardly “did not notice” the electronic launch by itself. The fact that they had been taken for escort by weapons, against which there is nothing to oppose, did not add health to their crew.
      1. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
        Sergey Latyshev (Serge) April 17 2020 22: 47
        Alas, this is all a fictitious hat-making crap for ......

        Here is what (allegedly) said in the BSF release:

        “The crews of the Su-24M front-line bombers of naval aviation and air defense and the Kolpino submarine from the Black Sea Fleet’s submarine formation conducted joint exercises to launch missile and bomb strikes on the contingent enemy’s ships in the Black Sea,” the press service of the Black Sea said. fleet.

        A detachment of conditional enemy ships was portrayed by the frigate Admiral Essen and the small missile ship Orekhovo-Zuevo. Their location was discovered with the help of the Forpost and Orlan drones, which transmitted target designation to the bombers and the Kolpino submarine.

        In addition to delivering a conditional missile-bomb strike, the crews of bombers and submarines worked out maneuvers for evading naval air defense systems and anti-submarine weapons.

        Urya-zhurnalyugi combined and distorted 2 different news.
        By the way, this destroyer is not the first time that Urya lies.
        Here is how it is described now:

        Recall that in 2017, three Russian front-line Su-24M bombers frightened the sailors of the USS Porter, seriously, making low flights near the ship. After one of these overflights, the American media reported that part of the crew of the American ship quit, motivating its decision with the insecurity of such incidents.

        Already not one plane, but 3, and not the European, but the American media, did not rush to write teary letters in pure Russian, and then broke into the very first port, but simply quit.
      2. Bitter Offline Bitter
        Bitter (Gleb) April 17 2020 23: 25
        ... the health of their crew the fact that they had been taken for escort by weapons, against which there is nothing to oppose, certainly did not add. So your "bunch" ...

        It can be understood that no one, never, anywhere, under any circumstances "escorts" Russian ships, and even if this is not the case, are they not even able to recognize this fact from an excess of health? Why should they oppose something? They showed the flag and all the NATE allies immediately pulled themselves up, and the Ukrainians probably also rejoiced. It is done.
        That's how Russian specialists, diplomats and everyone else, together, Ukraine as a friendly state "farted", yes. A significant diplomatic victory, here - "I would not chuckle in your place ..."
  2. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) April 17 2020 23: 15
    By the way, not Potter, but Donald Cook, haha.
  3. Cat Offline Cat
    Cat (Sergei) April 18 2020 14: 01
    It turns out that all their visits to the Black Sea are just BS for them ... Of course, they are not afraid of anyone. There will be an order and everything that flies will be knocked down, and even to the sound anti-ship missile 3M54, which only the last 10 miles go on 3-fly, which is available on our RTOs and frigates, there is no great danger for them, as, in fact, super-sound DBKs "Onyx" .... no one will fly. Like the Su-24-30 MA with iron, it will not even fly up, who will send them to certain death, and, strangely enough, there are still no long-range RCCs on them. Do not send them to his air defense zone. For him, danger is only a volley launch of all of our Onyx anti-ship missiles, so there will be 16 of them on the whole Black Sea Fleet ... Aegis can even “choke” if a full salvo of DBK Bal is still connected, and this is 32 Uran anti-ship missiles, so there’s a range of 130, or 260 km, not at all like Onyx’s. Of course, we can laugh at them, especially in the media, but adult uncles in Moscow are not so complacent. Since each Arly Burke type EM is a mobile missile defense base ... designed to intercept our ICBMs on takeoff. At least they hope so and really want ... BUT?