Expert: The outbreak of coronavirus infection in the Russian Federation will last until June

The COVID-19 outbreak in Russia may end in early June 2020. Such an assumption was made by a microbiologist, doctor of medical sciences, 79-year-old academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Viktor Maleev - adviser to the director of the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor.

The scientist emphasized that this forecast can come true only if the events develop according to the most favorable scenario.

Maleev believes that improving the situation with COVID-19 in Russia directly depends on the discipline of people, subject to the self-isolation regime and other recommendations of the authorities. Citizens should reduce contacts and only when absolutely necessary go out. The academician told about this in an interview "The Parliamentary Newspaper".

But the final victory can be discussed only when we develop a vaccine against coronavirus and vaccinate everyone. But the vaccine will be ready only by the end of the year. Well, if you get it earlier

- specified the academician.

It should be added that there are no accurate and scientifically based forecasts when the COVID-19 epidemic will decline in Russia. Recall that as of April 11, 2020, 13584 confirmed cases of COVID-19 infection were registered in Russia. 106 people died, 1045 recovered.
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  1. gorenina91 Offline
    gorenina91 (Irina) April 11 2020 12: 39
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    - It is natural that mosquitoes, flies, midges and all kinds of other insects will appear soon ... - after all, the summer is approaching ... - And according to forecasts, it will be very warm, even hot ... - it means that the insects have “summer colds” "will not act negatively ... - and for them the optimum temperature environment will come ...
    - And will this abundance of insects contribute to the spread of the coronavirus epidemic ??? - If yes ... - then it's time to start producing various "anti-insect repellents" ...
    1. Rus Offline
      Rus April 11 2020 13: 10
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      I also thought about this, I need to find out from the Chinese, they are there with mosquitoes now.
      1. cmonman Offline
        cmonman (Garik Mokin) April 12 2020 04: 50
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        ... they are there with mosquitoes now.

        So mosquitoes are less than bats, they are uncomfortable to eat ...!
  2. 69 Offline
    69 April 12 2020 06: 11
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    This is some new method of genocide and extermination of the population, more people will die from abuse, stress, heart attacks and nervous breakdowns, they will be attributed to coronavirus, which, apparently, is already happening.