Kazakhstan has already gained access to the oceans

The coal industry accounts for a significant share of exports to the economy Kazakhstan, but access to markets for this country is possible only on the territory of Russia. Recently, due to the congestion of the Russian railways, the delivery of Kazakh coal to the consumer has been difficult. One of the possible solutions could be to provide part of the capacity of the Russian ports of the Baltic Sea for the needs of Kazakhstan, but the development of these ports is directly related to the interests of Russian companies.

The contradiction arising between the allied interests and national interests was nevertheless resolved. Kazakhstan gained access to Russian ports in exchange for large investments in the port infrastructure of Russia. The conclusion of this transaction, unique to Kazakhstan, occurred last week. Until now, this country has never made such large-scale investments in the Russian economy.

The first step in this direction was the approval by the Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation of the sale of the Russian port of Vysotsk in the Leningrad Region to the richest man in Kazakhstan and President-in-law Timur Kulebaev. The port is now ready to accept up to 7,5 million tons of Kazakh coal per year, which is half of the country's total exports.

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