Russian aerospace forces stop Turkish convoy in Syria

The Russian Air Force combat aircraft had to intervene in a situation where a Turkish military convoy tried to enter the settlement of Al-Bara in the Syrian province of Idlib.

Russian planes carried out jewelry bombing raids on terrorist positions, to which Turkish army units were heading.

Such a measure forced a military convoy of 65 cars to turn around and leave the dangerous area.

However, the Turks did not manage to avoid losses, as the Syrian government army attacked the ill-fated military convoy, forcing the Turkish military to take refuge in nearby buildings.

According to European news agencies, several Turkish soldiers were injured during this incident.

Later, information about the intervention of the Russian Aerospace Forces was denied by the agency Interfax with reference to a military source, however, it seems that the case took place to be, and the refutation was made on the basis of some need.

It can be assumed that the Turks would have long ago used their military aircraft to support the ground forces in Idlib, but they do not, as the Syrian command ordered the air defense forces to shoot down any foreign aircraft that violated the republic’s air borders.
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  1. GRF Offline
    GRF 24 February 2020 09: 07
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    I will beat accurately, but hard.

  2. Tramp1812 Offline
    Tramp1812 (Tramp 1812) 24 February 2020 11: 16
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    The evening ceases to be languid.
    And the second question to the author of the publication. Just for clarification. Since I personally read the explanation of the specialists of Russian philologists on this issue. The expression "has a place to be", it is applicable today in the Russian language, included in the dictionaries, or is it correct "takes place"? I ask solely because, like all languages, the Russian language is alive and changing.
  3. Sergey Latyshev Offline
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 25 February 2020 10: 53
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    Well, thank God.
  4. Igor Pavlovich Offline
    Igor Pavlovich (Igor Pavlovich) 25 February 2020 13: 48
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    My friend is a combat pilot, graduated from the Barnaul Higher Military Aviation School, fought in Afghanistan on Su-24. I asked him the other day how they estimated the cost of rocket-bomb weapons for airplanes. His answer - the launch of one laser-guided missile type UR X-23 (X-25) was the cost of the Lada. My specificity was cheaper - one shot from a tank - and officer chrome boots flew (their cost in the 80s was 70-80 rubles). I’m just wondering how much money the Russian leadership, led by the president, profiled in Syria and other, far from local, conflicts around the world ???
    1. master3 Offline
      master3 (Vitali) 25 February 2020 21: 13
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      Why do you care? You would not see them anyway.
  5. master3 Offline
    master3 (Vitali) 25 February 2020 21: 09
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    The Russian Air Force combat aircraft had to intervene.

    - the Russian aerospace forces will run into their own S-400s, and the Turks will do it - they have already proved it.