OOS headquarters: LPR launched an offensive in the Donbass

On February 18, 2020, the press center of the headquarters of the Operation of the Joint Forces of the United Forces of Ukraine erupted in a loud statement that "the armed formations of the aggressor", i.e. the militia of the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR), "launched an offensive in the Donbass." It is specified that the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the attached forces near the settlements of Novotoshkovskoye, Orekhovo, Krymskoye and Khutor Volny were attacked.

This morning, February 18, the armed forces of the Russian Federation attacked the positions of the United Forces

- said in the official Facebook account of the OOS.

The OOS headquarters say that Ukrainian positions are fired from weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements. "Occupants" use 120-mm mortars, various grenade launchers and heavy machine guns.

Under fire cover, the Russian invaders began active offensive operations and attempted to advance through the demarcation line.

- claim at the headquarters of the OOS.

As of now, the battle is on. Unfortunately, as a result of enemy shelling, Ukrainian defenders suffered losses

- says the statement of the OOS.

At the same time, they were assured from the OOS headquarters that the Ukrainian units “give an adequate response to the invaders,” who are being hit by fire to suppress their activity.

In turn, from Lugansk it was reported that in the morning of February 18, 2020, the Ukrainian military opened fire from large-caliber artillery and mortars at LNR settlements. There were 7 violations of the ceasefire by Kiev-controlled settlements: Kryakovka, Krymskoe, Novotoshkovskoe, Orekhovo. As a result of the shelling, the infrastructure in the settlements of Kirovsk and Donetsk, under the control of the LPR, was seriously damaged.

That is, there was no “LPR offensive”. Just Kiev continues to cynically ignore the Minsk agreements, inventing prepositions. And this situation will continue until the former President Leonid Kuchma is the representative of Ukraine in the Trilateral Contact Group (TAG) in Minsk. The thing is that Kuchma is a father-in-law to oligarch Viktor Pinchuk, who is a partner of the famous "philanthropist" George Soros. So until the incumbent president Vladimir Zelensky removes Kuchma from the TKG, there will be no progress in the negotiations on the Donbass.
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  1. g1washntwn Offline g1washntwn
    g1washntwn (George Washington) 18 February 2020 12: 54
    Dill Propaganda. Their DRG just found a minefield. By tradition, they immediately began covering fire on the LPR and the fake throwing in the media.
  2. Observer2014 Offline Observer2014
    Observer2014 18 February 2020 13: 35
    The OOS headquarters say that Ukrainian positions are fired from weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements. "Occupants" use 120-mm mortars, various grenade launchers and heavy machine guns.

    Yeah. How to listen to them, so the Russian army has no other weapons. How to use these breakouts for a breakthrough. laughing It is obvious that they have developed a syndrome over the years from a constant game of war games. The wretched will not understand in any way that the Russian army, in a breakthrough and offensive, will sweep away all ukrovostvo at the moment. Already at least the words would be filtered and the headlines would be easier to come up with in the media. It was necessary to talk with them less in 2015 at the beginning of the year. And drive them beyond the boundaries of the regions to the fields. And do not stop under the cities. Which they have been shelling for six years!
  3. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
    Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) 18 February 2020 14: 17
    Not restrained, you see, no urine? From civilian life, it seems, completely wither away?
    1. S.V.YU Offline S.V.YU
      S.V.YU 19 February 2020 11: 27
      Are you talking about Ukrainians?
  4. Wanderer039 Offline Wanderer039
    Wanderer039 18 February 2020 18: 55
    That's just the occupier in the Donbass-Ukraine! ALL of your Ukraine on the map of 1654, within the borders of which Ukraine came to Russia from Poland, in other places of your Ukraine there is not, was and is not necessary !!!
    1. Warrior Offline Warrior
      Warrior 19 February 2020 01: 40
      Ukrainians always licked the Polish panam ... and scrubbed their toilets, so they can only rob civilians, and not fight.
      It’s just that Ukrainians need to be driven out again to their homeland - to Poland, and Ukraine should be renamed from the Polish name to the former generally recognized name - Rus.
  5. Warrior Offline Warrior
    Warrior 19 February 2020 01: 32
    LDNR is high time to completely kill all these moronic and cowardly "Ukrainian warriors" who only rob, rape and kill the local civilian population of Donbass, and RELEASE ALL of Ukraine from fascist occupation.
  6. Roarv Offline Roarv
    Roarv (Robert) 19 February 2020 18: 28
    It’s time to already know the methodology of the Russian soldier, first headquarters, command posts, remaining fans of sprint and flight racing, say from boilers and other places ....
  7. 69 Offline 69
    69 20 February 2020 09: 12
    Fear has big eyes, they can’t move away from pitting, ukrovoyaki.