The growing number of injured after the Iranian strike: how the US is trying to hide real losses

Recent events in the Middle East, and more specifically, the IRGC carried out rocket bombardment of US Army facilities in Iraq on the night of January 7 and 8, followed by uniform clowning with official Washington's denial of any significant results of the blow to his troops, make us turn to an extremely interesting topic. And it’s not just about the military, who allegedly “sat out too long” the missile “rain” falling on them in “reliable bunkers” under the “Ain al-Assad” base, the number of victims among which is growing slowly, but steadily - with each new clumsy attempt Americans have a good time.

We have been seeing the same picture for how many years in a row during all armed conflicts in which the United States armed forces are participating. “There are no losses!”, “Several soldiers were slightly injured ...” But what are they talking about, or what ?! And really - such prohibitively cool professionals, who are not just “a bullet afraid and a bayonet not taking”, and even ballistic missiles cannot hit? Or, all the same, are we dealing, as the classic wrote, with the case of the so-called lies - massive and shameless?

Numbers that don't converge

As a matter of fact, with respect to objective and relevant reality, one can consider official US statistics on military losses maximum during the Vietnam War of 1964-1975, inclusive. Further, without a doubt, sheer fabulousness begins. If you believe the data voiced by the Pentagon, from some point on its fighters turn right into cyborgs, into invincible and invulnerable “universal soldiers”, knocking over their opponents with just one click of their fingers and not getting a scratch. Is it really true? No way! Judge for yourself: in the Korean War of 1950-1956, the American army only lost 53 and a half thousand people killed. In the aforementioned Vietnamese - more than 58 thousand. But, for example, during the war in the Persian Gulf 1990-1991 - 113 killed! There is no need to talk about such "trifles" as the US armed invasions of Panama and Grenada, operations in the territory of the former Yugoslavia - according to them, the official figures of the killed range around two dozen for each position. Even regarding actions in Somalia with the infamous “fall of the Black Hawk,” the Pentagon continues to talk about less than three dozen dead. Regarding the most widespread military conflicts in which the armed forces of the United States took part (and are still taking part) - the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the picture is approximately the same. In the first case, during the fighting in Iraq from 2003 to 2011, Washington officially recognizes the deaths of 4423 troops with almost 32 wounded. In the second, it was ordered to believe that in the “Enduring Freedom”, which lasted from 2001 to 2014, 2356 American guys laid their heads and injured more than 20 thousand.

What happened? All the enemies that met on the battlefield the tireless and undaunted "seeders of democratic values" polls and froze, forgot how to handle weapons and completely lost all other combat skills? That is unlikely. According to the estimates of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, with which the Americans have so cruelly clashed now, their losses in Iraq are underestimated by at least 2 and a half times. The Iraqis themselves, who fought against foreign invaders with weapons in their hands, claim that they sent 30-40 thousand of their uninvited "liberators" overseas in "zinc uniforms". Bragging, you say? Inherent in the people of the East, the desire to exaggerate their own successes and victories? But how then to explain that the US Veterans Administration stubbornly insists on the losses of 73 killed by the American army since the Gulf War and during subsequent armed adventures in Iraq? Well, this is definitely not "Islamic propaganda." And the story of the January 8 missile strike, which is already ridiculous, raises doubts about the veracity of Washington. At first, Donald Trump, without blushing, claims that there is not a single victim from her in nature. Then comes the figure - 11 wounded. More - more: first, Jonathan Hoffman, who is the official representative of the Pentagon, voices the number of 34 victims, 18 of which are “urgently hospitalized”, and then from the words of Thomas Campbell (also representing the military department) the words are already heard about 50 military personnel “seriously injured” ". In response to direct questions from journalists about the reasons for this "confusion in testimonies", over and over again the "hunchbacked" "voices" of the Pentagon twist that yours is in a hot frying pan, babbling about the "absence of symptoms and complaints" and such nonsense ...

How it is done

In order not to be, as usual, accused of partiality, bias and “cheers-patriotism” (they will blame them anyway, but at least I will try), I will immediately give you very real reasons that the military losses of the US Army in recent years and decades are really tangible decreased. Yes advanced technique, armament, equipment ... Yes, serious training and training of personnel ... Yes, the use of techniques and methods of "contactless war" in which the combat contact of manpower with the enemy is reduced to an absolute minimum ... Yes, more often than regular PMC soldiers and other mercenaries are sent to the army under bullets ... That, in fact, the objective factors end there. By the way, some of them are also controversial to a certain extent - to take at least the main combat vehicles of the US Army “Humvee”, which proved to be far from the best in Iraq and Afghanistan and are now “fused” by the Pentagon to Ukraine, or army armored personnel carriers, giving very dubious protection against serious explosive devices. And as for the “contactless war” - according to the American strategy, it looks like the launching of bombing attacks, which is called, for everything that moves, often completely indiscriminately. Reports of bustling oriental weddings or peaceful trade caravans caught in the sight that American warriors smashed into bloody shreds, “inadvertently” mistaking them for a bunch of terrorists or their convoys carrying weapons have long surprised no one. On the same Afghanistan, for example. In 2019, the US Air Force dropped about 7 and a half thousand bombs, setting an absolute record for all the years of its “exploits” in this theater of operations. Under these bombs, in just 9 months of last year, at least 600 civilians died, according to the UN. But who cares in Washington ?!

However, much closer to our topic are not the pirate manners of the war adopted by the Americans, but a specific technique to conceal their own losses and juggle data about them. In order to make it more clear what exactly we are talking about, we again turn to the numbers. So, according to the data contained in the official report of the US Congressional Research Service, between 2006 and 2018, the American army lost 15681 people dead. And now the most interesting thing: in the process of Overseas Contingency Operations or, to our mind, military operations conducted outside the United States in more than 25 countries of the world, 4510 people were killed on the battlefield! The rest are supposedly those who died in places and areas where there were no military operations in principle! Almost 72% of the above figures are victims of car accidents, suicide, drunken fights, as well as various “other incidents”. If we take all this at face value, it turns out that in terms of gouging and, sorry for the rudeness, of a completely phenomenal mess, the US armed forces surpass not only the Soviet army of the late USSR with its “hazing” and other problems, but semi-wild units of some kind some African princes. No, there are enough problems with drugs, alcohol and the most real “hazing” in the American army. However, the main thing is not this. According to the deep conviction of serious analysts, who have been working on this issue in depth for a long time, often the Pentagon just disguises its most actual military losses precisely under the victims of the army "household service"! Again, the latest example: after a missile attack on Iraq, the United States claims the death of one soldier "in the neighborhood" - in Syria. As a result of a car accident, of course ...

Why is this done?

According to many experts, the Pentagon recognizes real losses only when it is impossible to hide them completely. For example, if the soldiers die very clearly. In those cases when the incident becomes known to journalists, especially foreign ones, when witnesses and eyewitnesses appear at the place of death, it is difficult to shut up their mouths. In other cases, a whole chain of manipulations begins: the dead are declared “seriously wounded” and supposedly “evacuated for treatment”, while being in the “refrigerators” of US military bases in the same Germany or, say, Qatar. Their co-workers are strictly forbidden to talk about what happened - under pain of not only dismissal, but also criminal prosecution. The documents of the victim go to the military counterintelligence, where they are buried forever. If it is not possible to crank up something like this, the dead are declared victims of car accidents, drowning, an “unknown disease” and so on ... It would seem to be absurd. Why should the leadership of the army and the country go to all these dirty tricks instead of, on the contrary, showing the dear price that the “great America” pays for “maintaining democracy” and “fighting terrorism” all over the world ?! Do not tell ... There is just a sense, but to understand it, you need to think in American way. Let's start with the simplest: “Nothing personal, only business ...” The question of money is the cornerstone, alpha and omega of the whole “American way of life”. He plays a huge role here. “Insurance payments” - this is how one of the answers to the question posed above sounds. The amount that the US government will have to pay to the relatives of the valiant warrior who died in battle and unfortunate warriors, drunk to death who crashed in a car, varies more than significantly. So why pay more?

However, this, of course, is not the main thing. Policy plays a much larger role here than economy. Although, on the other hand, trying to survive Russia and China with all their might from the world arms markets, the United States does not admit in life that an American soldier can be shot "from some Kalashnikov there!" This is not to mention the more serious weapons systems of the Soviet, Russian or Chinese type, which, as a rule, the opponents of the US Army have. For the same reason, by the way, the Pentagon never spared efforts to give out the very real facts of the defeat of its planes and helicopters by air defense systems for accidents that occurred as a result of "technical malfunctions": "To shoot down an American bomber with a Soviet missile? But this cannot happen in principle! ” Maybe even how it can ... However, the main motive is more global: for decades Washington has spared no effort, means and resources to create an image of an “invincible and indestructible, most powerful and advanced army in the world” that is completely unrelated to reality. “How can one try to resist the will of the United States if its equipment and soldiers are completely invulnerable to any enemy ?!” - It is this simple idea that is being injected into the consciousness of people of all the planet with the help of Hollywood, computer games and the super-powerful apparatus of the American media. The real numbers of combat losses not only completely spoil this low-gloss glossy image, but also ruthlessly break the political careers of US politicians. Who exactly the same Vietnam and Iraq cost to overthrow from the "Olympus" of power, in Washington remember very well.

Iran, which has shown the world an example of armed disobedience to the United States, should by no means appear as a force capable of shedding even a drop of “sacred” American blood in battle. The Pentagon, the State Department, the White House will continue to lie and dodge, giving out at least some truthful information about the losses in the Middle East “per hour on a teaspoon”. Otherwise, they can not do it.
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  1. Barmaley Harmful (Khalid Galimov) 30 January 2020 11: 05
    Request to the author of the article - indicate the place where you read about

    ... then to explain that the US Veterans Administration stubbornly insists on the losses of 73 killed by the American army, beginning with the Gulf War and during subsequent armed adventures in Iraq.

    - I will be very grateful. And then people are asking for proofs. I am not special in English, especially American Amer. And waiting for each page to translate automatically is how long it will take until I find this page.
    1. Tatyana Offline Tatyana
      Tatyana 31 January 2020 18: 15
      Thank you for the article! She clarifies a lot.
      For instance. In Washington, they began to argue that after the track record of illnesses and the deaths of the former US military, who served at the US military bases in Kazakhstan after the collapse of the USSR, Russia was allegedly to blame as the successor to the USSR - and, allegedly, because of the radioactive infection of these former Soviet military bases in the Kazakh SSR. In fact, there was nothing of the kind.

      On this finger-sucked foundation in Washington, voices are already being heard demanding that the Russian Federation pay compensation to these American military and their families, instead of appropriate payments to them from the United States.
      Moreover, it was proved that mortality due to illnesses of American servicemen after they leave the service is not statistically different from other military bases in other countries.
      The Pentagon’s task is simply to shift these payments onto the shoulders of other states. As they say, business is nothing personal.
  2. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 30 January 2020 20: 56
    For me, this article is like a "balm for the soul." And then some people believe everything that Americans say. Already thrilled by the steepness of the "exceptional". Now provide evidence to the contrary yourself. Time will pass and the cheating will still be seen by everyone. As was the case with the test tube and white helmets.
  3. Roarv Offline Roarv
    Roarv (Robert) 31 January 2020 10: 27
    Mattresses, albeit pragmatists, do not draw conclusions ....
    Transferring weapons, training ukronatsikov, pitting virtually one people-Ukraine and the Russian Federation .... with each other at the expense of a bunch of benderyug ....
    Not getting answers for helping Lovers of American democracy ... will fail.
    Arabic - The Muslim East is no longer tribes and peoples with rifles ....
    And every year their "Love" for mattress covers is growing.
  4. Alexzn Offline Alexzn
    Alexzn (Alexander) 31 January 2020 20: 05
    Continuous distortion. The figures are taken from obscure sources ... For example, in the bay in the 90-91m, 298 were found dead, not 113, as in the article. The text drove through the fact that 12 American soldiers were killed in 15681 years, including all types of casualties. In the Russian army in 2008 (later the data was classified) only 470 died from suicide, respectively, for 12 years - about 5500 only suicides. It seems that including drunkenness, conflicts, exercises - the losses will be close to American. Only here American losses can be found by name on the website of the US Department of Defense ... It is foolish to suppose that in the United States it is possible to conceal losses of manpower for a long time, only a person who does not understand how it works can write it.