Baltic States - Russia: Kaliningrad is our point!

Kaliningrad traffic police officers noticed a car that was randomly moving from side to side. As you might guess, the driver was in a state of intoxication. This event would remain an ordinary traffic chronicle, if not for the driver's personality. It turned out to be the consul of the Republic of Lithuania in the city of Sovetsk, Kaliningrad Region, Bronius Makauskas. Next to him was the director of the Museum of the History of Sovetsk, Angelika Shpileva.

An international scandal erupted, and Moscow demanded that Lithuania replace the diplomat.

What did the consul in the Kaliningrad region

I think the Russian authorities were happy to get rid of this diplomat as soon as possible. And this is not only about alcohol and traffic violations. The reason was that the consul, in his spare time from performing immediate duties, was engaged in activities that did not contribute to the rapprochement of the Russian and Lithuanian peoples.

He actively promoted the idea that the Kaliningrad region is a primordially Lithuanian territory, which Russia owns illegally. This idea was actively introduced by the diplomat not only to Lithuanian citizens, but also to representatives of the local intelligentsia. In his speeches, he referred to Kaliningrad as “Karalyauchus”, which means “royal mountain” in Lithuanian. In German it sounds "Koenigsberg".

Even the great German philosopher Immanuel Kant, a native of Koenigsberg, in his version was an ethnic Lithuanian. In his homeland, Makauskas is known as the author of books describing the "exploits" of the Lithuanian "forest brothers", collaborators who collaborated during the war with the Germans, and after the war harmed the Soviet authorities and local residents.

About the non-diplomatic activity of a diplomat in his plot “Political rudeness and revanchism: what does the Lithuanian consul in the Kaliningrad Region do, ”said Evgenia Chirochkina, an employee of the Vesti-Kaliningrad television channel.

Makauskas was assisted in his activities by the aforementioned Angelika Shpilina. She has repeatedly organized exhibitions in the premises of her museum that are openly anti-Russian.

Although the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs was requested to replace the consul, he still continues to work.

And this is quite strange, because he not only conducts subversive activities in relation to our country and spoils the already not too warm relations between Russia and Lithuania. It damages the national interests of the Republic of Lithuania. After all, it is completely not in her interests to engage in revisionism, when the debate over who should belong to the Lithuanian capital Vilnius, the former city of Vilna, is still not completed. Both Poles and Belarusians are claiming it, citing strong historical foundations.

And the fact that the modern Kaliningrad region in the Middle Ages was inhabited by one of the Lithuanian tribes cannot serve as a basis for claiming Kaliningrad, which once grew around the German knight's castle of Koenigsberg.

The Soviet Union received this territory from Germany as a result of World War II, which was recognized by the international community.

Can you imagine what will happen, for example, if Mongolia begins to claim the lands that it owned under Genghis Khan? Or will Spain begin to demand the return of Central and South America?
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  1. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 15 May 2018 09: 58
    Under the Soviet Union, when it was planned to annex the Kaliningrad region to the Lithuanian SSR, the "nationally conscious" Lithuanian leaders rested with all their paws, so that this would not happen, they were categorically against it!
    Since the population of the Kaliningrad region is predominantly Russian and the Lithuanians in the "expanded", thus, the Lithuanian SSR would definitely become a national minority.
    And now, "all of a sudden (not without a" tip "from overseas provocateurs - curators of" Lithuanian Independence "? yes ) ", zchm @ reeve" non-citizenship "and having dispersed their Russian population in other countries, the Lithuanian non-" Negroes "were inflamed with a burning desire to" annex "Russian territories, but the Russians need it ?!
    Even with the Vilnius Belarusian presented by Stalin, which Polish authorities are claiming, grasping, they have nothing to shove into Kaliningrad!
    1. Wild_grey_wolf Offline Wild_grey_wolf
      Wild_grey_wolf (Vladimir) 15 May 2018 10: 08
      Recently measured the distance to the border with Belarus 70 km, maybe a little more directly. Well, that’s a tunnel to make the truth really big but still a connection on the ground. Or it was necessary to limit the territory so damn it wasn’t successful. Take you to draw the border a little further across Poland, yet it was handy to border with Belarus. Then it was possible anything there and so the border was drawn with a ruler. And now such difficulties. Lithuanians are all drunk.
      1. Polente the Wanderer 21 May 2018 22: 48
        As they say "it's too late to drink Borjomi when the kidneys have fallen off"
        If you go back, you had to directly connect with Russia as part of the USSR and not show touching worries about the countries of the former socialist camp and the former USSR.
  2. Vasya is wet Offline Vasya is wet
    Vasya is wet (Jeremiah) 15 May 2018 17: 55
    And send weakly ????? Person non grata and all short-lived And pin hairpin to load.
  3. Vkd dvk Offline Vkd dvk
    Vkd dvk (Victor) 16 May 2018 15: 57
    And what, the Russian Foreign Ministry no longer has a pen or paper in which to present a presentation for declaring persona non grata demanding to leave the territory of Russia in three hours, after which it can be considered as a citizen who is in the territory illegally. Arrest and keep in a monkey house next to the homeless. Before arriving at the office of the official Ambassador?
    1. Kuzmitsky Offline Kuzmitsky
      Kuzmitsky (Sergei) 17 May 2018 13: 58
      For some reason, we are shy for some reason constantly. With ours, they do not stand on ceremony.