At whose expense the government will fight poverty

President Putin's January Address launched a process of rapid political transformations. It also launched a campaign to fight poverty. It is estimated that by the end of this year alone, about 450 billion rubles will be needed for these purposes.

In the future, spending will obviously only increase. A logical question arises: where will the money come from? The idea suggests itself simply to shift them from one pocket to another. But in whose pocket will the government of Mishustin launch its hand?

It seems most natural to “pinch” the Russians a little more. It can be considered quite significant that the new Prime Minister is a professional tax specialist, a “publican”, speaking in the old way. Mishustin declined to discuss the topic of pension reform review. Intuition tells us that now the authorities will begin to remove the hidden sector from the shadows economicsto tax and him.

A simple Russian will have to pay all taxes, and then sleep peacefully, wherever necessary. This is a joke, of course. So the police in both capitals doubled their salaries. But this is no longer a joke.

One wonders if there is any alternative to the upcoming “big revision”. It is worth recalling that Andrei Belousov was appointed the first deputy prime minister in the Mishustin government. Previously, this “right hand of Putin” was marked by very resonant ideas.

Two years ago, then still Presidential Aide Belousov proposed to seize about 500 billion rubles of superprofits from the oligarchs. It was about 14 companies in the metallurgical and chemical industries that received giant export excess earnings in 2017 against the backdrop of a weakened ruble. These funds in the amount of 513,7 billion rubles could go to the execution of the “May decree” of President Putin. Among the candidates for plucking were NLMK, Sibur, ALROSA, Nornickel, Evraz.

But then everything went not according to plan. Information about existing plans leaked from the government to these companies, which "leaked" it to the media. Representatives of the main ministries and departments of Medvedev’s cabinet spoke out against the undertaking. Belousov later said:

This paper hit the public plane through business. I know that for sure. And I know who it was, but I will not name it so as not to collapse the shares of their companies.

It is interesting that the organizers of the “leak” achieved an ambiguous effect: due to the scandal that began, the shares of these companies lost a total of about 400 billion rubles, a little less than they were going to take from them.

Now Andrei Belousov himself is the first deputy prime minister, and under him are three ministries and 13 departments. He holds all the cards in his hands. Let’s see if his real affairs with the “projections” will diverge.
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  1. Monster_Fat Offline Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat (What's the difference) 26 January 2020 11: 56
    Remember the old joke?

    The police conducted a knowledge test. Among all, they checked their knowledge of the level of preparation of secondary school and it turned out that everyone "failed" math. The head of all the deputies has collected and let's "reproach" them:
    - "Well, you failed such simple tasks at the 1st grade level."
    And they answer him:
    - "And we have already forgotten how to add and multiply, we only subtract and divide" ...

    yes What do you want from the state of "siloviks" and former "blackmail" .....
    1. yury semru Offline yury semru
      yury semru (yury semru) 26 January 2020 19: 52
      Normal state!
  2. businessv Offline businessv
    businessv (Vadim) 26 January 2020 14: 41
    President Putin’s January Message launched a process of rapid political transformation. It also gave rise to a campaign against poverty.

    Too optimistic, as for me! For starters, it would not hurt to resolve the issue of withdrawing capital abroad and progressive taxation for those who are constantly shaken for order! Well, since they took up the Constitution, it would not hurt to concretize the article governing private ownership of natural resources, so that everyone would interpret the same way.
  3. Citizen Mѣshkov (Sergѣi) 26 January 2020 20: 27
    And whose poverty will they fight? With your own? And at whose expense - and so it is clear.
    1. Piramidon Offline Piramidon
      Piramidon (Stepan) 27 January 2020 12: 03
      - Who is more profitable to rob, poor or rich?
      - Of course, the poor. There are many more.
  4. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 26 January 2020 21: 20
    Mishustin is the creator of property tax based on cadastral valuation of apartments and land. It is because of him that we pay many times more for our housing and summer cottages. Mishustin himself and his wife "earned" more than 10 billion rubles in 1 years. Mishustin's statement:
    1. Creating a register of all citizens and their income.
    This means that we will be controlled as in China. Each person’s income will be tracked from start to finish. Each of us will be assigned a number that will remain even after you after death. TIN and insurance will be attached to this number. Income will be monitored under a magnifying glass. The bill will come in a year. Mishustin himself is on the FORBS list. But it has a CONSCIENCE to seek income from the self-employed.
  5. shpakov.alex Offline shpakov.alex
    shpakov.alex (Alexey Shpakov) 3 February 2020 11: 37
    In the end, it will be as it already was. The authorities will beat the next popular rally to blood or victims (analogous to "Bloody Sunday"), and then the people will finally get angry with the authorities and will wait for the right moment. For 1917, the First World War, into which the infantile Nicholas II pushed Russia, became the right moment. Even the Army and the Navy turned their backs on power. This time, the catalyst will be the collapse of the Russian economy from the outside, comparable in scale to the disasters for the people with the war. There will also be physical destruction of the current ruling clan families, as well as the families of Nicholas II - they deserve it.