Another mega-bridge will appear in the Far East

Vladivostok has every chance to become an all-Russian champion in the number of giant bridges built in the city.

Not so long ago, in 2012, the Russian bridge became the decoration of the city - the longest cable-stayed bridge in the world, and the regional authorities have already swung at the construction of a new mega-bridge.

According to the preliminary plan, a new bridge will connect Cape Egersheld (one of the districts of Vladivostok) with the island of Elena. The construction of a new bridge will facilitate the unloading of transport routes of the capital of the Russian Far East - a four-lane bridge will be able to pass up to 40 thousand cars per day.

The regional government has already received a task from the Primorsky Territory Governor Oleg Kozhemyako to calculate the investments necessary for the implementation of the project.

The idea of ​​building a new bridge in Vladivostok was supported by President Vladimir Putin.

If the money for the construction of the bridge is found, then there is no doubt that the project will be implemented: Russian bridge builders have repeatedly proved their skills and ability to apply the latest Technology.

To verify this, just look at the same Russian bridge or the longest Crimean bridge in Europe, whose length is 19 kilometers.
  • Photos used: Bayakov Alexey Alexandrovich /
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  1. Observer2014 Offline Observer2014
    Observer2014 22 January 2020 18: 09
    I’ll tell you one interesting thought, but don’t be offended. In half, Russians, how many bridges there will be in the Far East. The main thing is that every Russian understands how Russia needs the Far East itself. And it's not a joke. If only the availability of cheap seafood for all Russians. Affordable. And high quality. The opened chain stores confirm this. But the prices ... No.
    1. Archon Offline Archon
      Archon (Alexey) 22 January 2020 21: 10
      In fact, the fourth bridge is, of course, very cool, and probably useful, but there is no urgent need for it. The city of Vladivostok is stuck in traffic jams not because there is not enough bridge, but because there are only two main roads in the city and the entire flow of cars falls on them. Also, the city is full of "bottlenecks", bottlenecks, parked roads, no parking lots, complex systems of traffic lights and crossings.
      And on the Russky Island, which is almost connected to the Elena Island, almost all the territories belong to the Ministry of Defense and they will not start building the city there very soon. There, besides FEFU, the Ministry of Emergencies, the aquarium and a couple of villages there is nothing more. And yet - the bridge from Elena is planned on Cape Egersheld, and this is a district that is connected to the center by one main road, which the city administration closes on holidays and the district becomes isolated for several hours. There is still an unusual holiday - the Vladivostok Marathon, when the Russian and the Golden Bridge overlap for half a day, the Russian Island is isolated and the runners run different distances along the bridges. I will add that most of the roads on Russky Island are unpaved, and the asphalt is promised for 8 years, which is why the buses that travel along the island beyond the asphalt road are grimy and very dusty.
      But we are not so bad. City buses are so scary that the city had to buy a new fleet of domestic buses, and in 2019 there was an opportunity to pay for travel with a credit card, and before that it was only cash in hand and a pocket for the driver, because the conductors in our buses disappeared back in the 90s. I hope they will buy new trams, as our production of the 70-80s, very destroyed, and in Khabarovsk I saw new ones, as from the future.
      The worst thing for Vladivostok is real estate prices. It is very difficult to buy housing, many unfinished buildings. But we have built a 40-storey residential complex in our seismically hazardous area (we have a point-like high-rise building, just to get a beautiful view of the sea and sell it soon).
      And we forgot about cheap fish ourselves, it’s all the same. Cheap fish is the slogan of Vladivostok deputies in the next election.
    2. Paranoid50 Offline Paranoid50
      Paranoid50 (Alexander) 26 January 2020 15: 17
      Quote: Observer2014
      Us in half, the Russians

      belay Truly arrogance is the second happiness. wassat
  2. Vasil K. Offline Vasil K.
    Vasil K. (Vasil K.) 22 January 2020 21: 52
    We turn any city into a fairy tale! It is enough to start free municipal transport on it ... Sales of cars will collapse, cities will clear significantly.
  3. Well done! That's what it means - to send on three unprintable "brothers in class"!
  4. The comment was deleted.