Proposals for Putin to amend the Constitution were voiced

The co-chairs of the group to prepare proposals for amending the Constitution prepared a letter addressed to Vladimir Putin, in which they outlined the initiatives developed by the group.

According to the authors of the letter, the definition of the role and status of the State Council are one of the key issues when amending the Constitution.

The co-chairs believe that the State Council should have independent significance and be effectively integrated into the state mechanism.

The working group proposes to determine the place of this state institution in the system of power and to develop key principles by which the State Council will interact with other state bodies.

The letter also noted that the amendment of Article 125 of the fundamental law will expand the competence of the Constitutional Court in the field of verification of constitutionality of laws adopted by parliament.

The object of special attention of the group was article 75 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation: it is proposed to amend it in order to develop guarantees for the fulfillment by the state of social obligations: the minimum wage is not lower than the subsistence level and decent retirement benefits.

The working group has developed a number of amendments related to political structure and development of checks and balances.
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  1. steelmaker Online
    steelmaker 20 January 2020 20: 36
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    This is all wrong. For the sake of this Constitution EBN the Parliament shot from tanks! Time has shown that this Constitution was definitely needed not by the people of Russia. Therefore, I repeat.
    Art.15,17,18, XNUMX, XNUMX, of the Constitution says that Russian power comes from outside. (Read carefully). Our president only coordinates the actions.
    In the 90s, EBN and Yavlinsky adopted the law "Production Sharing Agreement". Under this law, 264 properties are not owned by Russia, but are directly controlled by the United States.
    Article 13, part 1-2 of the Constitution prohibits ideology. All ideology can be supported only by foreign states. Remember our films about the Second World War. Where is always the evil NKVD-Schnick and mountains of corpses. We are offered the ideology of the golden calf, debauchery. The ideology that the inhabitants of Russia alone can not solve the problem, manage. NO foreigners!
    The Department of Education is supplying "tribute" to the US - scientists, gifted children, valuable professionals, etc. Remember the Levada poll, where 50% of young people want to leave the country. Therefore, probably, for all the negative, the exam is flourishing. The United States banned the production of Russian textbooks. All history textbooks, with more than 600 registered, were written on American grants.
    All our ministries are registered in the USA, England, Switzerland. Yes that the ministry. Ask "ALICE" about the state of the Russian Federation?
    What to do?
    1. The entire current Constitution is completely thrown away! Do not supplement, but DISCARD.
    2. Nationalization! "A thief should sit in jail!"
  2. GRF Offline
    GRF 21 January 2020 09: 43
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    If there is a living wage, then there should be a living wage ...
  3. Potapov Offline
    Potapov (Valery) 21 January 2020 10: 01
    • 4
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    He was the master of his word, now he is a constituent for himself ...