A weighty argument: a new Doomsday missile will enter the Russian Strategic Missile Forces

The Russian Strategic Missile Forces, which are currently undergoing modernization in an accelerated mode, will receive the latest Sirena-M mobile complex, which they have already nicknamed the Doomsday missile. What kind of weapon and what is its purpose? Let's figure it out.

At the moment, the level of equipping Russian strategic forces with new missiles is 79%. However, by 2024, not a single Soviet-made complex would remain in the combat structure. According to preliminary estimates, in the remaining period, the domestic defense industry will produce more than 20 newest missiles (Yars, Vanguard and Sarmat) per year. In addition, as part of the modernization, 11 domestic missile divisions of the Strategic Missile Forces have already been transferred to digital telecommunication equipment.

However, if we know quite a lot about the aforementioned missile systems, then practically nothing is known about the latest Siren-M, like its Soviet predecessor. Unless, except for the most important thing - destination.

The Sirena-M complex will be part of the Perimeter system. The latter is designed to automatically strike back at the enemy in the event of a massive nuclear attack. In turn, the Siren-M is that rocket which, having ascended into the sky, “will give the order” to the remaining complexes to attack the enemy. That is why she was nicknamed the Doomsday rocket.

The modernized complex should enter service with the Russian Strategic Missile Forces by 2025. However, this can happen much earlier, as our country is in a hurry. There are good reasons for that.

The strategic offensive arms control treaty (START-3) between Russia and the United States expires as early as 2021. At the same time, Washington is not in a hurry to discuss its extension, as it wants to include here also China. In turn, the Celestial Empire is not going to sign anything, which could cause the disruption of a future agreement.

Russia, clearly realizing that the world is on the verge of starting a nuclear race with all the ensuing consequences, advocates an extension of the treaty and calls for the United States to do so.

However, as has already happened more than once, at the last moment the “American partners” may put forward conditions that are unacceptable for our country. It is precisely to prevent Washington from doing this, Moscow is rapidly modernizing its nuclear forces. So to speak, not for war, but, on the contrary, for the preservation, albeit fragile, but of peace.

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  1. Upmost Offline Upmost
    Upmost (Innocent) 22 January 2020 15: 41
    Another "vigorous-loaf-scarecrow".
    Side by side, side by side to the United States need to put rockets.

    Or have an armada of modern ships and submarines, which (when equipped modern missiles), can create a "spectacle complex" in the heads of "partners", provided that all this is not far from the United States, and on an ongoing basis (on land, float on water / underwater).

    The rest is just "scarecrows".

    But no one is afraid, right.
    1. Vasil K. Offline Vasil K.
      Vasil K. (Vasil K.) 22 January 2020 21: 14
      They walk under water under the Russian flag, do not agree with fools on the course ...
  2. Port Offline Port
    Port 22 January 2020 16: 14
    Quote: UpperMost
    But no one is afraid, right.

    If you are not afraid, why are you convincing everyone here in the opposite, usually the enemies of Russia talk like that with fright.