“Taken for a cruise missile”: IRGC claimed responsibility for the downed liner

The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), whose rocket hit a passenger airliner of Ukraine’s International Airlines, took full responsibility for the disaster.

This was announced at a specially assembled press conference by the commander of the space forces of the IRGC Amir Ali Hajizade.
According to him, the Corps will obey any decision of the Iranian authorities, whatever it may be.

Earlier, the republic’s Armed Forces General Staff recognized that the Ukrainian Boeing was inadvertently shot down by an Iranian missile in anticipation of an attack, including by air, from the United States.

The passenger plane, taking off from Tehran's international airport and heading to Kiev, ran near one of the Iranian military facilities, and in the absence of communications, the air defense operator mistook Boeing for an American cruise missile.

After Iran pleaded guilty to the death of a passenger plane, President Hassan Rouhani apologized and condolences to the families of those killed in the crash and assured that the republic would pay material compensation.

Recall that the tragedy occurred against the backdrop of tensions between Tehran and Washington, which arose as a result of the killing by Americans of the head of Al-Quds, General Kassem Suleimani near Baghdad.
  • Photos used: Office of the President of Ukraine
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  1. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 11 January 2020 17: 34
    Although many ambiguities remained, the Iranians nevertheless quickly sorted it out and found the courage to confess to the unintentional downing of the Ukrainian Boeing.
    Probably, the Iranians are sincerely truthful in their involvement in the crash of the Ukrainian airliner also because Tehran is completely independent in its politics and does NOT depend at all on the deceitful and hypocritical "world hegemon (how pathologically amero-dependent is the treacherous" Ukraine "....)" ?!
    1. cmonman Offline cmonman
      cmonman (Garik Mokin) 11 January 2020 18: 11
      And yourself, dear beloved, why did you miss? After all, he himself is the same “pathoamer dependent”, like all the inhabitants of the earth! Electricity, TV, phone, washing powder, popcorn ..., computers ... C'mon man !!!
      1. beeper Offline beeper
        beeper 11 January 2020 18: 57
        You have obvious gaps with the history of technology and physics, of course, cmonman, but, in principle, I completely agree on the significant contribution of multinational citizens of the USA and the USA to these spheres of human life!
        I always considered American engineering to be one of the most advanced (and, as, in essence, to documents, the Soviet industrial engineer, I still study and creatively adopt the approaches and methods of prominent American engineers and industry organizers. yes )! good

        But, after all, in this case, our Baltimore colleague, you have clearly beguiled, "lost your way" - we are not talking about electrical engineering and your favorite popcorn (I don’t eat it - I love our seeds, but I do not blame you for addiction to popcorn ! wink ), but about the pathological (harmful to the body, literally and figuratively), anti-national and anti-state, total amerodependence of "Ukraine" from the deceitful and hypocritical aggressive POLICY of Washington, which in the post-Soviet decades turned into a kind of global "elephant in a china shop", even irrational - blindly "shooting himself in the foot" and ready to light the fire of the Third World War! request

        I am no less than yours, cmonman, saddened by the fact that American "partners" behave in such a non-businesslike manner and so (not in a partnership !!!) openly hostile towards the working majority of the multinational Ukrainian population of the current post-Maidan American colony "Ukraine", betting on an aggressive parasitic minority of farmers' marginals, outright degenerates and misanthropists! negative

        Honestly, I’m terribly disappointed - I used to believe that the US is ruled by more intelligent and far-sighted people who sincerely care about prosperity (in the long run a priori impossible without mutually beneficial international cooperation!) and the international image of their country, politicians-statesmen, and not temporary politicians with the same miserable small-town thinking that the destructive anti-statesmen Gorby, EBN, absolutely ALL ukropreziks (including openly anti-constitutional "Maidan" proteges of the State Department) demonstrated and are demonstrating! , Shushkevich and the present, perniciously "neolitvinistic", Belarusian "father"!
        1. cmonman Offline cmonman
          cmonman (Garik Mokin) 11 January 2020 20: 15
          And I, dear Pishchak, don’t eat popcorn, I can’t even stand it!
          We won’t discuss the history of physics / chemistry (and I don’t like to argue either). Let's talk about Ukraine (within the moderator) and, if time remains (grandchildren, another day off), then about the USA.
          As the Americans say, stay in my shoes. Have you tried to put yourself in the place of Ukraine? Yes, they drove off their president, but there was nothing! The main slogan of the Maidan was the word "Tired!". Not Tired, Not Tired, but Tired. Tired of everything - corrupt power, corrupt courts, police. And they did the right thing to take to the streets. And then there’s the loss of Crimea and Donbass. Who will help? USA, Europe. In the United States and Europe, they even very much welcome the people’s speech against their objectionable rights, although in the USA itself these speeches have been severely suppressed for many decades (separate conversation). Now tell me - where in Ukraine will competent politicians / economists / managers of the demo-community, which was formed recently, come from? The West and the USA studied this for about 200 years, the Baltic states were able to almost immediately (experience was), and Ukraine and Russia did not. It takes several generations to grow their managers. And as in any young country where the national was suppressed, after freedom this healthy nationalism (nationalism is a normal feeling) turned into national extremism. And this is bad, but understandable. Now the state itself, Ukraine, must bring this extremism to reasonable boundaries. How? I don’t know, but what have the Americans to do with it?
          Sorry, you have to run - the grandchildren have come.
          Have a nice day, let's continue ....
          1. 123 Offline 123
            123 (123) 11 January 2020 23: 01
            Excuse for troubling, hi I didn’t want to interfere in your conversation, but the phrase -

            The West and the USA studied this for about 200 years, the Baltic states were able to almost immediately (experience was), and Ukraine and Russia did not.

            Could you tell me in more detail what the Baltic states could do and where did she get experience? Hello to the grandchildren. hi
          2. beeper Offline beeper
            beeper 12 January 2020 00: 53
            The funniest thing, dear Сmonman, is that in the former Ukraine, in the current Ukrainian colony, I usually wear American shoes - light and comfortable, elegant and very practical sneakers of my favorite brand, which in everyday wear fully justify their high enough (according to our Ukrainian realities - with the hyper-expensiveness of elementary food products and, disproportionately to the incomes of the majority of the population, mega-high prices for housing and communal services, post-Maidan galloping deindustrialization-unemployment and the ugly growth of wage arrears - disproportionately low for the majority of Ukrainian workers!) market price! yes

            But, speaking in American terms, stay in my "Ukrainian shoes" too.
            Your distorted view of the American man in the street on the antipopular anti-constitutional pro-American "Maidan" coup d'etat committed by the aggressive misanthropic minority (Galician people brought and "come in large numbers", and since Soviet times, settled in Kiev (a kind of multi-storey large village) farmers' marginals, together with "educated from the" grabbed upper classes "of the Seluk request ) with the most active assistance in the preparation and implementation of American and European intelligence services, "under the roof" of American and European state officials roaming on the Maidan (the Deputy Secretary of the State Department Vika Nuland even publicly played the fool - handed out cookies on the "Maidan"! negative ), not at all surprising!

            So to you, the "world community", this anti-national banderonazi sabbath - "Euromaidan" coup d'etat is perversely breachful "presented by" engaged "non-profit media"!
            American Undersecretary of State Nuland and Amero Ambassador Payette (shamelessly "fucking the EU") "chose" - they assigned us, the multinational Ukrainian population occupied by the Ameroholuyi Galician banderonazis, their "posipak" (these are "scum, aiding the notorious scoundrels" mowers "in translation! to posts in the Washington-based marionette "Maidan authorities"!
            Only - some pro-American politicians-temporary workers, thieves-corrupt officials, the Washington "democratizers" -neo-colonialists "Maidanno" were partially replaced by others, even more arrogant and more vile (already, in a bandit way, "tied with the blood" of our law enforcement officers and ours, " peresichnyh (ordinary) "fellow citizens!), pro-American politicians-temporary workers, gangsters, corrupt officials!" request

            The statehood of the Russian Civilization, even according to the "new chronology" introduced by the Western-oriented Tsar Peter the Great, is more than a thousand years old - this, you see, Cmonman, is still much more than just over three centuries of the multicolonial history of the formation of a young American state with its inextricable tradition of individual freedom and slavery (with which, pale-faced - white slaves from the Old World and red-skinned aborigines, and only then black slaves from Africa), this young state began), and the incessant struggle against racial segregation (modern videos with unmotivated and completely undemocratic shootings of unarmed niggas ("African Americans") to the teeth with armed cops the Internet is full)!
            So who will teach anyone who will teach us state-building and tolerance (the American States would learn from the Soviet Union real national politics when citizens of all nationalities had each other like brothers and sisters!) - this is a big question! wink

            But, alas, starting with a loyal report to the amerepozu Bush Sr. of the vile Communist Party renegades-judas: EBN, Kravchuk and Shushkevich, the gangster-thieves' deriban of our public property brought up unprincipled human scum without morality and honor!
            In pursuit of their neo-colonial goals on the European continent (and on others too!), The Washington authorities are betting on the elimination of real politicians, economists and administrators, on bringing outright scum to rule the colonized countries and raising generations of thoughtless slaves, uncomplaining and lacking initiative consumers of low-grade products " for the countries of the third (fourth) world ", and not for the cultivation of generations of competent politicians / economists / managers" in the American-style "democratised" countries! request
            What the "real politicians / economists / managers" of the American "colonial model" really stand for can be seen from the anti-national and anti-state destructive "activities" in Ukraine of young broilers from the Soros incubator (and other "maidan-imposed" "Ukrainian" American citizens - "mega-corruption and deceitful politicians and managers "like a swindler -" a lawyer without a diploma "Zvarych, a thieving" financier "Jaresko and a deadly" doctor "Suprun from the nationalist American-Ukrainian diaspora and their current" chicks "), completely floating in the wake of the interests of the USA that raised them, but absolutely contrary to the interests of "their country" and the aspirations of "their fellow citizens"! negative

            And if Russia, thanks to the "Putin phenomenon", managed to stay on the edge of the abyss and even move a little away from the disastrous edge (like Belarus, thanks to the "Lukashenko phenomenon", until recently it succeeded, but now the same Lukashenko, faintly unable to withstand "the test power "and plunges" his patrimony "onto the disastrous" Ukrainian path "!).
            That, initially chose a destructive MONO-nationalist course in the a priori MULTIPLE ex-USSR, who relied on the worst version of it, the Galicia cave banderonazism, to the Ukrainian "natsvidom" klept authorities (from among those raised by the Soviet government "out of the mud" into an "elite party asset", marginal underachieved selukov-blind performers, with a complete lack of independent, critical, thinking and a limited outlook, and even without stable moral principles, and even a concept about it! request ) Throwing into the abyss-abyss of the rabid anti-people deriban and theft, "under guarantees" and leadership, in every possible way conniving at the robbery and destruction of Soviet Civilization, crafty "common people" from the USA and the Common Europe, seemed to be a step towards "awakening independence (building independence)"!
            1. beeper Offline beeper
              beeper 12 January 2020 00: 53
              So from my "Ukrainian shoes" I see and comprehensively feel hostile to the majority of our multinational population, the murderous "paw of Washington" and the Washington anti-national "posipaks" planted on our labor necks, engaged in the final razderiban, "hot" and "(x, d) cold "by the genocide of the population and the sale of everything in the slightest degree of value, still preserved from the huge Soviet Heritage (since the nationalist kleptov authorities could not create anything worthwhile and, in general, nothing good - they only destroyed and are destroying what was built before them by our Soviet People and our Soviet Power !
              Without impudent intervention and connivance - without the help of the Fascists from Fashington, the United States (and the vassal of the Common Europe), a bloody civil war in Ukraine would not have happened! And you write "what does the Americans have to do with it"?
              Not "Americans", but the American authorities - very much to do with it, without them, without the help of the Washington amero-fascists, the Galicia bandero-fascists would not have been able to prepare, carry out an anti-people-anti-state Nazi coup d'etat in Ukraine and still hold out in Kiev and at the "helm of power"!

              All the best to you, our magnanimous and blissfully naive Baltimore colleague!
              None of the sane people blame you personally or ordinary Americans for anything - you, too, cannot influence the policy of your authorities!
              After all, you even elect your president not by direct vote, but indirectly, through a collegium of some "electors", which leads to the well-known "American paradoxes" when the presidency is "democratically" by means of the American "political technology for the natives" - "color revolution", but still, everything is not too democratic in its essence ?!) "a candidate from a minority of voters comes out, alas! request
              Your American total surveillance of citizens and mass informers' in-law, the "Maidan" ameromarionettes planted on us by your authorities, are only trying to introduce them here ... got it! smile
              No offense, Mr. Cmonman, okay ?! After all, we are talking about the amerocolonial "Ukrainian shoes" and the role of the amero-fascist "democratic" Washington in this "nezalezhnitsa" amerozhachka in the middle of Europe ?! wink

              Health and well-being to you, dear Сmonman, and to your close ones!
              Your "dearly beloved" aka Pischak (cat in Farsi).
  2. cmonman Offline cmonman
    cmonman (Garik Mokin) 11 January 2020 17: 36
    Iran honestly admitted to a bitter and tragic mistake, a courageous government. About ichthamnet - I am silent.
    And anyway - why is my comment first? Hey people! What is quiet! No one to blame, or what?
  3. The comment was deleted.
  4. Alexzn Online Alexzn
    Alexzn (Alexander) 12 January 2020 08: 53
    Well, thank God, the Iranians did not declare that the Israeli fighter was hiding behind the Ukrainian side.
    1. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
      Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) 12 January 2020 09: 31
      I think it would be a pleasure to say, only at that moment it was probably one of the most controlled from all sides, by all possible means, a place on the planet. Reasonably realized that it is cheaper to confess. But, anyway, at least something is a bit, but positive.
  5. The comment was deleted.