The future is canceled: Tesla is almost bankrupt

Big business can be compared to a rocket, where fuel is money: the more you invested it, the faster and further your rocket will fly away. If the fuel-money runs out, the rocket will crash.

With regard to the project of electric vehicles under the Tesla brand, Ilona Mask, the analogy with a rocket is more than successful. Yes, as a brilliant marketer, he managed to “pack” and sell to the world a project of an environmentally friendly, technological and relative affordable electric car of the 21st century. And many chased a beautiful dream.

The future is canceled: Tesla is almost bankrupt

But in the pursuit of a dream, people prefer not to listen to reasonable criticism. No emissions from the car’s tailpipe is good, critics say. But where does the electricity come from, from which electric cars should be charged? Do not forget that the electricity in the network is taken from burning every day a huge amount of diverse fossil fuels, or from reactors of nuclear power plants. The damage to the environment from these sources of electricity can be greater than from all cars combined.

What will happen if electric cars replace cars with ICE? Imagine millions of electric vehicles that will be charged daily from the network. Are networks ready for such a new load? How much will the load on them increase? How much will the cost of electricity increase for all consumers? How much more do you have to burn fossil fuels and open new nuclear power plants?

Skeptics quite reasonably assume that until sources of renewable, safe and cheap energy are created, electric cars can remain a narrowly segmented toy for the bored rich and upper middle class. There are no such sources yet.

In the meantime, electric cars are a tribute to fashion. And most likely, there is a kind of pyramid that could collapse if the influx of new investments ends. Financial performance may add further thought: electric car maker Tesla Motors suffered a record loss in 2017, and Ilon Mask's net losses exceeded $ XNUMX billion.

Bloomberg agency, which published an alarming forecast for investors and customers of the Mask company, did not add optimism, according to which Tesla could go broke by August 2018, since it was spending its money at a space speed of almost half a million dollars per hour.

It is alarming that, in order to attract additional financial resources, Tesla offers consumers to pre-order electric cars, which will go on sale in a few years. The serial production of the Rodster sports car, which was creatively launched into space on February 6, 2018, is generally planned to start only in 2020.

A skeptical observer, Tesla Motors may be reminded of a rocket that started to run out of fuel. With this approach, launching a Tesla car into space may seem like a gesture of Mask despair.

Will this PR action be the swan song of the car project of Ilon Mask?
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