“A large-scale conflict is being prepared”: Russian General Staff assesses NATO’s actions

The intensity of NATO military exercises, their scenarios and proximity to the borders of Russia, indicate the deliberate preparation of the bloc for a large-scale armed conflict.

This was stated by the chief of the General Staff of the Armed forces of Russia Valery Gerasimov, speaking on Tuesday at a briefing in front of the military attaches of foreign states.

He reminded those present that the doctrine of the North Atlantic Alliance considered Russia as an adversary of the bloc, and at the December summit of NATO, its leadership announced a significant increase in efficiency in the transfer of additional forces to the “eastern flank”.

The Head of the General Staff noted that in addition to the rapid increase in defense spending, the countries included in the alliance decided to recognize outer space as a separate sphere of warfare along with land, air, sea and cyberspace.

Valery Gerasimov drew attention to the fact that the deployment of US missile defense components continues in Europe, and the military activity of the countries of the alliance is intensifying in the Baltic countries and Poland, the waters of the Black and Baltic Seas.

Their scenarios point to NATO’s targeted preparations for the deployment of its forces in a large-scale military conflict.

- he added.

Concluding his speech, the head of the General Staff emphasized that in order to solve the accumulated problematic issues, cooperation between Russia and NATO needs to be resumed.
  • Used photos: http://www.kremlin.ru/
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  1. Alexzn Offline Alexzn
    Alexzn (Alexander) 18 December 2019 11: 59
    There is a difference between preparing a conflict and a CONFLICT.
  2. Gerasim! Drive the tank army to Kaliningrad, this is a chance to recapture the Baltic states and the Danzig corridor!
  3. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 18 December 2019 14: 30
    In connection with the concentration of NATO forces near the borders of Russia, training and training missiles will be fired. Including Iskander!

    - this is how the chief of the General Staff should respond to the threat of Russia. And do not state the facts !!! And there let them concentrate, jump at least with pots, and until they get into a lobster, talking to them is useless!
  4. g1washntwn Offline g1washntwn
    g1washntwn (George Washington) 18 December 2019 14: 43
    These messages are not for NATO, but for those who understand why the Russian Federation is conducting strategic nuclear forces exercises in response to a bad move along its borders. In order not to have illusions before and soberly assessed the radiation situation after.
  5. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 19 December 2019 09: 36
    If you replace the words NATO with the Russian Federation, then both the essence and the meaning will remain the same. You can also replace the word "China". The result is one.
  6. filippino lippi Offline filippino lippi
    filippino lippi (filippino lippi) 8 January 2020 01: 00
    USA and NATO are preparing an invasion of RUSSIA! UNIVERSAL! But the PEOPLE OF RUSSIA KNOWS EXACTLY that Putin will not give an "ORDER" TO THE ARMY and NAVY OF RUSSIA TO PROTECT RUSSIA! Yeltsin did not make Putin his "SUCCESSOR" so that he would DEFEND RUSSIA from his US OWNERS !! How to be? Protect without ORDER? Think together with Shoigu!