After the words "Glory to Ukraine!" On the Maidan, Poroshenko threw eggs

We recently reported how in Ukraine the “Tomosonos” Petro Poroshenko (who leads the European Solidarity Party - PES), the leader of the withering Fatherland party Yulia Tymoshenko and the relatively young “talent” Svyatoslav Vakarchuk (the Voice party named after George Soros) decided lead a protest wave of “neither surrender” directed against the young “father of the nation” Vladimir Zelensky. And so, on December 8, 2019, Poroshenko threw eggs during the Red Lines for Zelensky campaign on an organized Maidan in Kiev.

It should be noted that the “Ukrainian patriots” announced the “red lines” at this rally, for which the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky should not go over in negotiations within the framework of the “Norman format” summit with Russian leader Vladimir Putin in Paris on December 9, 2019. The egg incident happened when Poroshenko walked up to the microphone on stage and shouted “Glory to Ukraine!” After the national anthem sounded. At this moment, eggs flew from the "enthusiastic" audience.

The activist who was throwing eggs was frankly prevented by the flag of the Right Sector (an organization banned in Russia), in which he was wrapped. Therefore, the first few eggs flew very close to Poroshenko and his wife, but did not touch them. But then, when the Crimean Tatar activist, parliamentarian from PES, Ahtem Chiygoz began to catch and beat flying eggs with his own hands, then Poroshenko and his wife were splattered. After that, the former president ordered his guard to catch the egg thrower.

It should be added that other local figures also spoke at the rally held in Kiev. From PES, Nazi Andrey Parubiy, from “sucking” Inna Sovsun, from racially “right” Oleg Tyagnibok from the Freedom party, as well as other representatives of the new “European nation”. Together with party flags at the event, the posters “Red lines for Ze!”, “I do not want to join the Union”, “Return not toilets - return Crimea” and other similar ones were visible.
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  1. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 9 December 2019 12: 09
    The Moldavian "cynical w / Bandera" Valtsman "Giblets" was the "father of the nation" only for the "Ukrainian" Galitsay rogulyans - they were crazy about him (although the mention of the "mind" bandera is an obvious compliment, not confirmed by their destructive anti-state "maidans "!), as before from the same unconstitutional" prezik ", his godfather - the orange" Dioxin! winked
    And yet - by the "Maidan president" in the service of the ameroposl, "chosen (" one-round "so as not to bother too much with the time and money spent on imitating" democratic elections "while openly ignoring the" Maidan elections "by the majority of the Ukrainian population ...)" and appointed to the post, as well as the "Maidan Prime Minister" - "f / Bandera member" Bakai "Kulyavloba", at the direction of the Deputy Secretary of the US State Department Vicky Nudelman "FakES!" and Amero-ambassador Payatt "Hurry" from a very short bench of "young w / Bandera" (including the failed "prima of Euromaidan" - a German citizen, athlete Etinson "Zlatoust", a member of the radical UNA-UNSO-German "Euromaidan" creature for the post of ukropreza - including for the "constitutional presidential elections" in 2015, and the radical "svolotoveyts" Frotman "Yavorinsky" - the leader of very farmstead, Galitsai marginals) "who labored as" Fuhrer "Maidan skakuas!

    It is clear that even (a priori infantile and easily manipulated by his "idols"!) Galitsai "lohtorat" in the end ("not even six years have passed!" smile) felt a trick and, for the umpteenth time, was "disappointed" in his next "non-stealing" deceiver - "Fuhrer", began to resentfully rush at him with pig toys and chicken eggs ...

    When the comic artist Zelensky during the pre-election 2019 said that he was "ready to negotiate peace with the devil bald" - in Ukraine, ALL voters UNIVERSELY understood who this "young w / Bandera member" meant, as well as they knew well what the other meant. comic artist - Danilko "Serduchka, when (" Svidomo "swaggering - counting on the well-known anti-Russian bias of" Eurovision "?!) sang his" Lasha Tumbai! " yes
    So, now - right now, VAZ has such an opportunity - to show ITS REAL READINESS FOR PEACE and its readiness, just like the candidate Ze promised: "For the sake of peace in Donbass, even kneel before Putin!" We are waiting, sir!
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. Port Offline Port
    Port 11 December 2019 06: 56
    "Bring back the toilets - return the Crimea"

    You will interrupt the toilets, but a freebie.