Lukashenko: Belarus will never join even fraternal Russia

On December 7, 2019, Sochi should host a meeting between President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko and Russian President Vladimir Putin, which coincided with the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty on the Establishment of a Union State (December 8, 1999 in Moscow). The pages of the “Belarusian patriots” in social networks are already full of indignation and indignation. They threaten the “father” with the Maidan, since, in their opinion, Lukashenko “definitely sold” Belarus to Putin.

At the same time, Belarusian media reported that on December 5, 2019, Lukashenko, in his address to the deputies of the House of Representatives (lower house of parliament) and members of the Council of the Republic (upper house of parliament) of the National Assembly of the sixth and seventh convocations, respectively, said that Belarus “told someone became a bone in the throat ”and the country has to go through a difficult period in the next six months.

It will be very difficult. And not because we have chosen the wrong model, and not because we are not “branding” in the wrong language (we say - ed.), And not because our House of Representatives is not the same or the parliament as a whole. And because Belarus has become, “like a Narodz people, bone in the throat” (as they say, a bone in the throat - ed.) To someone. It’s really hard for someone, because, you see, without resources, without any large material reserves, they (Belarusians - ed.) Somehow live

- said Lukashenko.

Moreover, you see: turbulence in international relations. You see which policy. Yesterday, you watched the footage of the NATO session, saw the “byazgluzditsu” (recklessness - ed.) And the attacks of some leaders, powerful people of this world. And we need to build relationships with them in order to pass this difficult period.

Lukashenko added, advising Belarusians to cleverly go through this difficult period.

In addition, Lukashenko said that Belarus had never gathered, was not going to and would not be part of any state, even fraternal Russia. He emphasized that he would never sign integration documents harmful to Belarus. At the same time, Lukashenko noted strategic partnership and good neighborliness with Russia. The Belarusian leader explained that the package of roadmaps of the Union State is at the final stage of implementation.
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  1. Nick Offline Nick
    Nick (Nikolai) 5 December 2019 14: 50
    Yes, no one requires Belarus to become part of Russia. It's about creating real The Union State, I will call it RFLR, conditionally, of course.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  2. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
    Sapsan136 (Sapsan136) 5 December 2019 16: 08
    Well, after you called Russia an occupier who imposed his wars on Belarus, you won’t go anywhere at all ... If I had the will, all the conversations with you on this would have been over long ago, since talking with the Yanukovych clone is not about than.
  3. Afinogen Offline Afinogen
    Afinogen (Afinogen) 5 December 2019 16: 52
    Do not worry anyone. Lukashenko frolics, a common thing. Exactly a week later he will sing that we are with Russia and are about to unite in one state. wink And so - ad infinitum, or until our government gets tired of it.
  4. Kuramori Reika Offline Kuramori Reika
    Kuramori Reika (Kuramori Reika) 5 December 2019 17: 14
    How terribly tired all these little brother-parasites, unable to live within their means, but constantly standing with outstretched hands.
  5. 123 Offline 123
    123 (123) 5 December 2019 18: 10
    Probably, it will be right to just wait for the "epochal appeal to the nation", there is not much left, we will listen to what Alexander Grigorievich has to say and only then we will draw conclusions.
  6. OXOTHuK Sakha Offline OXOTHuK Sakha
    OXOTHuK Sakha (Blockchain Blockchainov) 5 December 2019 18: 17
    I support Lukashenko.
    The main thing is to live peacefully with everyone.
    And take care of your land.
    1. Namely - OWN, and not those donated by the Bolshevik commissars.
  7. Mogilev, Vitebsk and Gomel regions, forcibly torn away from Russia - we will pick up, and the rest - are free like Africa!
  8. OXOTHuK Sakha Offline OXOTHuK Sakha
    OXOTHuK Sakha (Blockchain Blockchainov) 6 December 2019 07: 29
    Create a friendly background. But the Kremlin does not know how.
  9. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 6 December 2019 07: 38
    And what, for so many years to build your butt in the Belarusian chair, and now abandon it? You will interrupt, the Russians, with your obsessive fraternity, but we, your brothers, will not refuse from gratuitous supplies of oil and gas, and the latest weapons developments, otherwise we will not be brothers at all.
  10. zenitovets Offline zenitovets
    zenitovets (Ivan) 6 December 2019 09: 06
    We do not need parasites, even fraternal ones! And Belarus is definitely a parasite!
  11. Gennady1959 Offline Gennady1959
    Gennady1959 (Gennady) 6 December 2019 15: 34
    The Belarusian authorities do not give a damn about Belarus, Russia, the EU, the USA, democracy, human rights and other nonsense. Old Man is interested only in personal, unlimited power with the right to inherit his children. European version of North Korea. About any entry somewhere, submission to someone, there can be no question. More precisely, there may be talk for discounts and preferences. But not more. If there are (we even know their names) that give / give billions of dollars for beautiful words, why not say these beautiful words.
    1. Vyacheslav Moscow 6 December 2019 18: 02
      No, uncle, I did not guess. Lukashenko is not only “beautiful” words, or rather blackmail and demagogy, it is also the production of strategic products for Russia, which, when the Union collapsed, remained on the territory of the collective farm under the name “Belarus”. This is the main trump card of Kolya’s dad.
      1. Gennady1959 Offline Gennady1959
        Gennady1959 (Gennady) 6 December 2019 18: 07
        What are the strategic products in Belarus? Wheel tractors? So the Bryansk plant and KAMAZ produce similar ones. Everything Else is stolen, outdated and no one needs. It is easier to build new plants than to restore frozen plants for 30 years.
        What else? Potato, beaten by a wireworm, sour cream, Belarusian crabs, oysters, jamon, parmesan?
        1. Vyacheslav Moscow 7 December 2019 16: 08
          Yes, now they have begun to produce themselves, including the “centipede”, so as not to depend on a collective farm called “Belarus”. But it took years and a lot of money.
  12. Gennady1959 Offline Gennady1959
    Gennady1959 (Gennady) 6 December 2019 15: 51
    Speaking seriously about the union of Russia and Belarus, the time when this could happen automatically (the Soviet generation was at the levers of power) was ineptly missed by Russia. Now the PEPSI generation has grown up, which is being blown into their ears about independence, about the battle of Orsha, etc. But for some reason they forget to talk about Polish concentration camps for Belarusians (Birch Kartuzkaya, etc.).
    If a country is not indifferent to you and you want to have it as your ally, you need to work with young people and form an elite with the right views. Poles in this direction are very successful. Pole map, various non-governmental organizations, Free European University, etc. etc.
    And what about Russia? She held the 80-year-old grandfather as ambassador, who ruined Altai Territory, but did not fall out of the cage. So he was sent to feed in Belarus. How many years has he ruined relations between countries? We know the names of those who appointed him - Lavrov and Putin. So, they were satisfied with this level of relationship.
    The fallacy of this approach we see from the events in Ukraine. What should and in Belarus should thunder strike so that the Russian peasant (Putin) crosses himself?
    1. Vyacheslav Moscow 6 December 2019 18: 07
      On a collective farm called “Belarus,” thunder can break out only if it is organized by Colin's dad.
  13. Gennady1959 Offline Gennady1959
    Gennady1959 (Gennady) 6 December 2019 17: 10
    Russians, I understand that the whole world is scolding Russia, nobody loves Russia and you, as patriots of your homeland, are terribly worried, right up to the development of some kind of painful complexes. Here is A.G. Lukashenko and treats you. 1 praise for $ 100. Now praise, then scold. With one hand heals, with the other cripples.
    I want to compete with him in this business. Let me personally praise you every day for 100 d per month. If you send information about yourself, I will admire your personal achievements, send beautiful cards with flowers, be interested in your health, offer to come to sanatoriums and other medical institutions in Belarus, spread rot for the shame of your personal enemies, praise Russia as a whole, and in particular your region, send curses on the enemies of Russia.
    For 1000 days, I am ready to come and tell you right in the eye how I treat you well, what brothers and sisters you are to me, how I hate your enemies fiercely. If I can’t come myself, I’ll hire charming young men and women from, and they will come to you, they will tell you everything, tell the whole truth, hug you, kiss on the cheek.
    If 10% of the population of Russia subscribes to my offer, then by the year it will be approximately as much as Gazprom gives to R. Belarus (A.G. Lukashenko). But if 3-4 people get pleasure from flattery and hugs, then I guarantee the pleasure to 15 million people in Russia
    With collective order discounts are possible.
  14. OXOTHuK Sakha Offline OXOTHuK Sakha
    OXOTHuK Sakha (Blockchain Blockchainov) 6 December 2019 17: 49
    Why enter Russia if you have your own state?
    If you are forced to, then show them a cookie.
  15. OXOTHuK Sakha Offline OXOTHuK Sakha
    OXOTHuK Sakha (Blockchain Blockchainov) 6 December 2019 17: 53
    Lukashenko is right.
    Why does he need a poor Russia with super-rich oligarchs?
    After falling into the trap of the Kremlin, Belarus will lose freedom. And then the FSB specialists will travel all over Belarus, capturing dissidents.
    Is this what Belarusians want?
  16. OXOTHuK Sakha Offline OXOTHuK Sakha
    OXOTHuK Sakha (Blockchain Blockchainov) 6 December 2019 17: 59
    Until Belarus expels under the Kremlin, they will not have Maidan.
    It is freedom that will give them a stable state.
  17. Gennady1959 Offline Gennady1959
    Gennady1959 (Gennady) 6 December 2019 18: 53
    At the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union, the BSSR was one of the most high-tech republics with the highest educational level. During the "nezalezhnastsi" (heads from brains) the republic has degraded. Enterprises are insolvent; in agriculture, the President introduced a moratorium on debt collection for 8 years. They will buy anything from you, at any price, but you will never get money.
    1-1,5 million citizens of Belarus work abroad.
    Is it a lot or a little?
    9 million people live in Belarus. About half of them are children and pensioners. Remains 4,5 million able-bodied citizens. This number includes the army, border guards, the Ministry of Internal Affairs + internal troops, the Ministry of Emergencies + military units, customs, VOKhR, education, medicine, culture, road workers, dozens of controlling organizations, a huge administrative apparatus, worshipers, and other parasites, alcoholics.
    Those. 2-2,5 million people remain working, creating surplus product and profit for the state. Of these, 1,5 million went to Russia, Poland, Lithuania.
    And when Putin in his report talks about the successes achieved by Belarus ... You begin to doubt the mental health of his speechwriters (report writers).
    Belarusians vote for the Fatherland’s economic miracle with their feet. If in Russia there will be a more or less stable situation, able-bodied Belarusians will flow smoothly into Russia. This is only a matter of time and the desire of the Russian authorities. I am sure that in Russia there will be work and a place to live 3-4-5 million Belarusians.
  18. Port Offline Port
    Port 7 December 2019 06: 22
    Quote: OXOTHuK Sakha
    And then the FSB specialists will travel all over Belarus, capturing dissidents.

    They will drive teams of psychiatrists, and treat your kind.