CNN told how Ukraine is going to curry favor with trump

Ukraine can make a decision that will have a significant impact on the domestic political situation in the United States and significantly strengthen the position of the current president in anticipation of the election.

According to CNN, citing its own sources, Kiev is now looking for a solution that will help them regain Donald Trump’s location in Ukraine.

According to sources, the most likely solution may be the resumption of investigations that will be beneficial to the current head of the White House.

According to the channel, it is not clear what issues will be raised during the investigation, if it is nevertheless resumed.

Journalists believe that the Ukrainian authorities are well aware of how much Kiev is dependent on American security assistance, and therefore their actions will be aimed at expanding assistance from Washington.

At the same time, the expert community suggests that an investigation of the Ukrainian side will be conducted regarding the activities in Ukraine of the son of former US Vice President Joseph Biden, who is one of Donald Trump’s main competitors in the upcoming presidential election.

As the current Ukrainian authorities did not try to get away from participating in a showdown between the Republicans and the Democrats, they would have to choose one of the parties to get “goodies” from Washington.
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  1. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 30 November 2019 18: 52
    It is not Ukraine that wants to curry favor, but w / Bandera's "Maidan" klepto-authorities, who owe everything to Washington!
    For a long time, the Amerovassal VAZ thinks before satisfying the urgent personal request of its overlord - THE ACTING US President! smile
    These "Trufaldin fluctuations" of the "novice" ukropolitikan (or the "advice" of his incompetent "office of" farmers' "assistants" ?!) "between the" counter-wines "of the American" branches of power "only further undermine the" shaky reputation "of the current" Maidanoprez "in the eyes of rational thinking Trump!
    And it may well turn out that the "new old" ameroprez in 2020 will already be working with a completely different Washington henchman in Ukraine, more smart and enterprising than this "not Loch" ?! winked
  2. Kristallovich Offline Kristallovich
    Kristallovich (Ruslan) 1 December 2019 10: 12
    Kiev has no alternative. Have to curry favor if you want to receive virtually free help.
  3. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 2 December 2019 01: 27
    It's even worse (for Zelensky). With the start of the election campaign, Trump will demand testimony about how Ukrainian politicians and oligarchs (and ours, by the way) gave false testimonies to Manafort and about the influence of the Russian Federation on the 2016 elections. They did not prove the influence of the Russian Federation on the elections, but Trump got nervous and was not allowed to work for 2 years. Manafort, however, was imprisoned for other matters not related to Ukraine. But if there weren’t these testimonies, no one would dig so deeply. In any case, Manaforta Trump will not forgive Ukraine; this is his man, even a friend. Lost 2 years is also unlikely to forget. In this direction, the key witness is Poroshenko. He himself brought down Manafort (and the Russian Federation), and forced others. His testimony to Trump is very important and he will crush Zelensky to give him either the testimony of Poroshenko, or himself. And in the United States, for false testimony, you can take a long time to get sick, and lose everything acquired by overwork.
    But there is one more point: Poroshenko’s testimony to the Clintons is a loop. And given the ease with which dozens of corpses have been formed around the Clintons in recent years, Poroshenko’s fate is very sad. They will be reached both in the wild and in prison, like Epstein.
    Poroshenko feels it, feverishly transfers his assets to his son. And at the slightest suspicion (for example, the removal of immunity), he will begin a coup with the support of Avakov. Avakov Zelensky (obviously foolishly) made it clear that he would not sit at the Ministry of Internal Affairs for long. Therefore, Avakov will be more likely for Poroshenko. And that means his Natsik too.
    So, quietly wait for November 2020. and lie under the winner Zelensky will not succeed.
  4. The comment was deleted.