Putin's proposal to not deploy missiles: Macron is ready to go against NATO

French President Emmanuel Macron responded to a proposal by Vladimir Putin to introduce a moratorium on the deployment of medium and shorter-range missiles in Europe, which was made after the US unilaterally withdrawn from the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate and Shorter-Range Missiles.

According to German media, Macron said in a letter to the Russian leader that he was ready to refuse to follow the official line of NATO and consider the proposal made by Russia.

The head of France also noted that the proposal of Vladimir Putin requires careful study and discussion in a bilateral and multilateral format.

Such a response from the French leader is in itself a break in the template, as it runs counter to the official line of the North Atlantic Alliance. And given that it was made by the head of state, which itself has nuclear weapons, its significance can hardly be overestimated.

Recall that a few days ago the Russian military department showed a group of American inspectors the Avangard missile system with a hypersonic guided unit that is capable of flying 27 times faster than the speed of sound.

Perhaps this demonstration will slightly bring the American administration to life and make us think about the need to prolong the US-Russian Strategic Offensive Arms (START) Treaty.
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  1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 28 November 2019 10: 37
    And Macron’s words mean nothing. He is not the master of Europe. Poland, Romania, the Baltic States, Sweden, Norway, etc., will be allowed and Macron will rub off in his own words! France is a member of NATO. If he is so cool, let him first leave NATO and drive the Americans out of his land. It is necessary to negotiate with the United States, the rest will only grunt!
  2. Oyo Sarkazmi Offline Oyo Sarkazmi
    Oyo Sarkazmi (Oyo Sarkazmi) 28 November 2019 15: 10
    Macron will not be asked. Like the Poles and the Baltic states. If the US does not like the actions, die and lie down calmly. Obedient leaders of the European people will come to your place.
  3. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 28 November 2019 17: 06
    - Too late, Mr. Macron, too late ... you are chasing such affordable cheap popularity: a'la "independent independent fearless politician" ... is just a march along the already beaten path ... -You are no longer a pioneer ...
    - This place has already been taken ... -He has already taken ... Erdogan ... -Now he is only a triumphant ... -And you ... just a miserable parodist .., an unfortunate understudy ... -Hahah ...
    - Voila, se la vie ...
    - It was necessary to begin heroism earlier ... -maybe ... something would have happened ...
    - Courage was not enough ???
    1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 29 November 2019 11: 37
      Here it is said brilliantly, and there is nothing to argue. At NATO level, this is exactly what it is.

      But the Europeans still have a "loophole", and in this regard, Macron may very well play against the US even more abruptly than Erdogan: the EU and NATO are nominally different things. And, as has been seen lately, it is quite possible to drag various decisions undesirable to the United States through European institutions. Within the EU, Macron has great influence, he is able to create a coalition against which the votes of the Poles, Balts and Romanians will not decide anything. That is, if the Europeans really do not want to deploy missiles on their territory, then they can simply ban it at the level of the European Union. Norway, which is a NATO member, but not the EU, and is located close to Russian territory, has already refused this, that is, it will fall out too. There remains Britain or some small Balkan "allies" - and there you will have to build almost from scratch the entire infrastructure, which is not there at all, which is wildly difficult and expensive. In addition, they all strive to join the EU, and the initial violation of the EU guidelines for them will not make it easier to get there anyway. In Britain, everything is there, if we take the infrastructure, and these missiles were already there, but it is farthest from Russia and generally quite far away, and all these things with Brexit are generally unknown how else they will end for this country ...
      If something like this happens, it will be an extremely serious contradiction between NATO and the EU, and there it’s not far from the dream of Macron - an independent pan-European army ... so, do not discount le petit De Gaulle. wink