Media: Russia entered into a conspiracy with the United States over Syria

The Turkish daily Hürriyet ("Freedom") "suddenly" suspected the leadership of Russia and the United States in collusion on Syria. The publication claims that the actions of Moscow and Washington are so calibrated (synchrotron) that this indicates the existence of a "secret conspiracy."

It should be noted that Doğan Yayın Holding A.Ş. acquired a 70% stake in the newspaper in 1994. and governs them to this day. The company also owns: Posta, Fanatik, Radikal newspapers, Kanal D and CNN Türk television channels, as well as other assets.

The author of the publication clarifies that Russia and the United States act on the principle of "free - fill." It is justified simply - American troops leave - Russian fill the vacant seat. This process has already been called “changing of the guard.” It is also said that in January 2018, a meeting of representatives of U.S. and Russian intelligence on Syria allegedly took place. At the same time, however, it is not specified why Moscow and Washington waited 1,5 years for the beginning of the Turkish army's invasion of Syria.

But the material describes in detail how on October 15, 2019, the American military left Manbij, and armored cars with the flags of Russia and the "Syrian regime" drove into this city. Then, on October 16, 2019, military bases left by the United States came under the control of the Syrian Arab Army (CAA) and the Russian military police (VP), and on October 19, 2019, the Americans left the city of Kobani.

It must be added that not only the liberal and "patriotic" media of Turkey write this. A similar point of view is shared by similar media in other countries. For example, the Polish Catholic portal Forsal resented this at the end of October 2019, indicating that Russia was taking away influence from the United States in the Middle East.
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  1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 10 November 2019 14: 28
    - Yes, Erdogan will not be denied Asian cunning and cunning ...
    - This is necessary ...
    1. On the one hand ... Erdogan took and very easily and simply dragged the unreasonable Russia into a showdown with the Kurds ... -That's so simple !!!!
    It is necessary to be so able !!!
    - And Russia is now forced (at its own expense) to deal exclusively with Turkish problems ... -Yes, ... even then Russia will remain "extreme" ...
    - Then just all the arrows will be transferred to Russia and accuse it of all sins (both Turkish and American sins .., and Turkey and the United States will remain "white and fluffy" ... -And this has already begun to happen ...
    2. And on the other hand ...- Turkey and the United States are playing an undercover game with each other ... against Russia ... -It's as clear as day ...- two NATO members staged ostentatious disagreements in order to "create an appearance." .. Both of these NATO members remained in their own interests ... and with their unused positions ... -they were two allies, so they remained so ...
    - And with what was left the scattered Russia ??? -With the poor state defeated by the war, in which all its oil remained in the wrong hands, and the problem of supplying fresh water ...- also depends on the foreign state ...
    - Yes, still, shameless Turkey has the audacity to accuse Russia of "its own sins" ... - a secret conspiracy with the United States ...