The Pentagon recognized the lag behind Russia in the weapons of the future

The advantage of Russia in the development and creation of existing models of “weapons of the future” is so great that even the US military recognizes it.

The Pentagon spokesman, US Air Force Lt. Col. Robert Carver, said in an interview with the weekly Newsweek that Russia created hypersonic weapons, thereby creating asymmetries in combat capabilities and forcing Washington to work to eliminate them.

According to the American lieutenant colonel, the United States "for decades have been leaders in the study of supersonic systems", but at the same time "did not aim to use supersonic of technologies as a weapon. "

It is clear that the Pentagon representative avoided the “uncomfortable” question of journalists and made a good face with a bad game.

Another thing is surprising: no one asked Carver to explain how it so happened that the United States for decades has been a leader in the study of hypersonic systems, but in fact it turned out that they did not even have a test model of such weapons at a time when Russia was already adopting them?

Regarding the statement "The US never aimed to use technology as a weapon," the Pentagon representative should probably recall the atomic bombs dropped by the Americans on Hiroshima and Nagasaki at a time when no one on the planet had such a monstrous weapons.
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  1. Upmost Offline Upmost
    Upmost (Innocent) 9 November 2019 01: 39
    This lag is not due to the lack of folly of the Amers, but to the fact that until now they did not focus on this, paying more attention to the number of ships, submarines, aircraft, and at the same time underestimating Russia.

    But now they will unfold at full capacity, and I'm afraid they will quickly catch up.

    I would not want it to be that way, but given the diverse potentials of the Russian Federation and the USA, this option is more than possible.
  2. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 10 November 2019 01: 36
    The "official representative of the Pentagon," even in the function of his position, only voices the "official point of view of the American military department" that misinforms the enemy, and if he gives the press "leaks of secret information", then only those agreed with the higher authorities!
    Therefore, I would not believe too much of his "sentimental grievances" about the alleged "lack of presence" of hypersonic weapons in the United States (or their "asymmetric response" to them, even the same unmanned spaceplane "X-37B") (well, I would not did not believe! smile )!

    In combat planning and forecasting the likely actions of such a powerful "partner", IMHO, one should proceed from the fact that he ALREADY possesses equal or superior weapons and methods of effective counteraction to our weapons! And think over all your actions, taking into account such a probability, so as not to get a "surprise" later, which gives an operational-tactical (or even strategic ?!) advantage to the enemy!

    Indeed, in contrast to the economically and politically weakened Russian Federation, which peacefully does not think about any, even the most immediate "border goals (the special case of the" reunification of Crimea and Sevastopol with Russia "in 2014 was an obvious" desperately forced measure "for the Russian authorities, otherwise, the emerging issue of internal political stability in the Russian Federation itself would have stood squarely!) ", the United States (regardless of Trump's" isolationist "inclinations) is still aggressively pursuing its" hegemonic goals "and it is beneficial for them in every possible way to" lull vigilance "the intended victims of their alleged" weakness and incompleteness ", and not try to scare them from attack by their" wunder-waffe "or" cartoons "about him ?!

    It is not for nothing that the modern neo-colonial wars, enslaving our post-Soviet space, were called "hybrid" in Washington, conducted, for the most part, without the use of the US army, mainly by bribery of local political and military "elites" (who are only happy about this, beneficial for themselves, American dominance, because the neo-colonialists leave them in their feeding places, and even, sometimes, significantly raise the status, legalize the "overworked work" and encourage wider access to "material benefits" in the "patronized" territory)!

    And only for Russia and China, in the event of the categorical intransigence of the key "elites", in support of already sold out local officials-compradors, open armed suppression of part of the armed forces (and supply bases), still resisting the "Maidan" coup d'etat, may be required.
    It is precisely for such "point-like (totally suppressive" decision-making centers "and" hotbeds of resistance ")" actions that the United States needs its "wunder-waffe", for the time being classified, "nonexistent."

    "Nakhvalki (threats)" is the lot of the weak, not only the Chinese "Sun Tzu", even my beloved granny, a Novorossiysk peasant woman with 2 classes of TsPSh, knew this very well from her (more than 90 years) life experience. She warned not to be afraid of "noisy menacers" who usually do not fulfill their "praises", but to be afraid of "harmless quiet men" who suddenly hit you in the back!

    In my opinion, this American lieutenant colonel "officially" fulfills Sun Tzu's unfading behest:

    Look weak to your adversary, let him check his superiority!