Tu-160 bomber was able to break away from the pair of F-35

The fantastic capabilities of the Russian supersonic strategic bomber Tu-160 became an excitement for the Chinese media.

According to Sina, in early November, during a scheduled flight over the Sea of ​​Japan, the Russian "strategist" turned on the afterburner and left two American fifth-generation F-35A Lightning II fighters who tried to accompany him.

According to the Chinese portal, the Russian missile carrier hit the radar screens of American fighters, and they made an attempt to get closer.

However, changing the angle of sweep of the wings, the Tu-160 turned on the afterburner and did not give the pursuers the opportunity to catch up with themselves.

The editors compare two cars, according to which the 110-ton Tu-160 is capable of speeds up to 2,1 Mach numbers, while the 13-ton F-35A is only 1,8 Mach numbers.

In conclusion, the authors make the obvious conclusion that a bomber flying faster than a fighter is a technical advantage.

Recall that in the near future the modernization of the Tu-160 will begin, during which the aircraft will receive new NK-32 engines of the second series, avionics and an airborne defense system, as well as more long-range and powerful strategic missiles.

During the operation in Syria, the Russian Tu-160 (NATO classification - Blackjack) attacked the positions of the militants with the Kh-555 cruise missiles (flight range up to 2 kilometers) and X-500 (hitting targets at a distance of up to 101 kilometers).
  • Photos used: https://www.nastol.com.ua/
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  1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
    Pishenkov (Alexey) 8 November 2019 13: 40
    Good news, nice good and it should be noted that this is a rather "old" plane ... American pilots were probably unpleasantly surprised ... I am sure that after the modernization of these "Tushek" and, moreover, when our 5th generation aircraft appeared in the troops, in the West they will be really upset again ... lol Well, nothing, it’s good for them ... laughing
  2. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
    Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) 8 November 2019 14: 10
    And they just tried to catch up, also turned on the afterburner, etc.? Where does this information come from, Chinese media? This is all incorrect somehow, and does not mean anything, although the dynamics of the TU-160 are, of course, good.
  3. marciz Offline marciz
    marciz (Stas) 9 November 2019 19: 45
    The USSR will hiccup for the West for a long time !!! Our parents nevertheless gave heat to the capitalists, it is only a pity that the authorities had cowards, the whole country was preparing for war and lost.